Dubai Municipality Portal – How to Get a Restaurant Approval?

Dubai is counted one among the very few places on earth where you can taste every possible cuisine originating from all over the globe. That is yet another reason why tourists love visiting places like Dubai and also businessmen are setting up new restaurant chains in here. One can understand the scope of the restaurant business in Dubai by looking at some surveys conducted by DM Dubai which state that nearly 2000 restaurants were opened in Dubai during 2015 and 2016 alone. However, it is important to mention that setting up a business in Dubai is not a piece of cake especially when you are trying to open your own restaurant. Dubai has maintained some food safety standards that are in line with the food standards of USA, Australia, and Hong Kong, which shows how the authorities of Dubai are meeting the safety expectations at the global level. Now, if you are planning to start your own restaurant business, Dubai Municipality Portal has provided a full set of instructions that you need to follow in order to get a Restaurant Approval. This process is supervised by the Food Safety Department of Dubai. Let’s take a look at how you can get an approval for your restaurant and what documents do you require to produce:

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Trade License:

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing issues the trade license when you plan to set up your own business in Dubai. As in this case, you want to set up your restaurant business, so you will need to get a trade license for operating a restaurant.


Food License:

Since the restaurant business lies in the food category of Dubai Municipality Portal, the Food Safety Department will issue you the food license in Dubai. You will be required to submit following documents for getting the food license:

  • A copy of your trade license
  • Blueprint of your restaurant clearly mentioning:
  1. All the entry and exit passages of the restaurant
  2. Food processing area
  3. Food storage area
  4. Ventilation system
  5. Placement of all the food equipment to be used in the restaurant
  6. Placement of additional equipment
  • Approval from the planning department in case if the restaurant is not inside a shopping center

How to Get a Restaurant Approval from Dubai Municipality portal

Construction Of the Restaurant from DM Dubai:

Before starting any physical work on site, you must take care of certain things:

  1. Approval from Food Control Department: You must get a proposed kitchen design and equipment details from a registered engineering office and submit three copies of the same in Food Control Department.
  2. NOC from Dubai Municipality – Public Health Department.


Guidelines As Per Dubai Municipality Portal:

While in a restaurant business, you must take care of certain guidelines set by the Government of Dubai. These can be listed as:

  1. The walls, floors, and the ceiling of the restaurant should be fireproof, washable, and light colored. Also, there should not be any cracks in the structure of the restaurant.
  2. The restaurant must have enough ventilation and adequate lighting.
  3. The minimum area of the kitchen should be at least 300 sq. feet or 40{0eae52fa29939d8be95e5d87686dbae0f164db59518e7c8936993a7728ee1f75} of the total restaurant area, whichever is bigger.
  4. If the kitchen has a tandoor, in that case, the minimum kitchen area should be 380 sq. feet.
  5. A separate storage area for frozen items.
  6. Cold and hot water supply system should be installed.

It is important to follow these guidelines because any act of yours which is against the safety guidelines can cost you your restaurant license.


Additional Measures:

These are certain additional measures you have to take care of while operating a restaurant in Dubai. They can be listed as:

  1. A qualified and skilled workforce should be hired in order to operate the restaurant. A person should be in charge of the entire operations and should also be responsible to provide training to the staff. This will ensure the fulfillment of all the guidelines set by Dubai Municipality.
  2. You should have a vehicle permit if you are involved in food transportation.
  3. You must have a Pork Permit in case you serve pork in your restaurant.

These were all the procedures, guidelines and all the safety measures you need to comply with if you want to set up and operate a restaurant(s) in Dubai. Furthermore, you should be totally aware of all the aspects of getting an approval from Dubai Municipality or DM Dubai and its affiliate authorities. Being a newcomer, this whole process can be very complex for you and any mistake in the license application process can delay your approval.

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