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Want to host a great event? We got your back. We are familiar with DTCM rules and can help you get DTCM approval at soonest!

In order to ensure a high standard of experience for all visitors across every tourism touch point the department of tourism and commerce marketing (DTCM) encourages the development of Dubai’s tourism industry through appropriate regulation and oversight. Dubai Approvals Team brings you convenience and efficiency in one attractive package for gaining different permit like Hotel Classification, Holiday Homes, Delegate Cards, Dubai Tour Guide Award (DTGA), Event Permit etc. Now, you may simply relax while our experienced professionals handle the entire process of application from start to finish.

What is Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing ( DTCM )?

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) is the principal authority for tourism in Dubai. DTCM plan, supervise and develop the marketing of Dubai as a leading tourist destination. DTCM also market and promote the emirate’s commerce sector and are responsible for the licensing and classification of all tourism services such as hotels, tour operators, travel agents, and other tourism services.

DTCM Dubai Services, DTCM Permit and Required Documents?

Hosting an event in Dubai? Opening a Hotel and want to get classified? Looking for the Delegate Cards? Looking to open Holiday Homes or transfer your cottage to Holiday Home? Then you need a permit from Dubai Tourism and commerce marketing (DTCM) Dubai. Apart from this you must know the government and Dubai Municipality has a set a series of rules and regulation which every applicant has to confirm to get a license for the mentioned service.
Owing to years of experience in this field, Dubai Approvals Team are capable of this achievement in the first try. Since re-applying would only waste precious time, our staff streamlines the whole process for fast approval. Generally, it takes about 1-14 days for the Dubai Municipality or the Civil Defence to return to you with a yes or no. Our quick thinking prevents any disruption to your timeline for event planning.

Services Offered by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM Dubai) and the requirements are listed below:

DTCM Event Permit ( DTCM epermit )

For any show or performance, DTCM require the exact details of the performance, including, but not limited to the names of performers and participants.
All live performances require permits/permissions issued from the offices of the DTCM.  It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that these are in place.  The Licensee has to submit the required documentation for this application no later than fifteen (15) days prior to the first date of promotion or ticket sales of the event.  The Hotel reserves the right to cancel the Event if DTCM permissions are not in place, copies having been submitted to Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing ( DTCM Dubai) offices.

Dubai Approvals Team helps you get the DTCM permits for every kind of events in Dubai. We are one of the top approvals company in Dubai with our services you can lay your head back and relax because we are determined to simplify the processes of getting approval for any kinds of events.

Requirements for DTCM Event Permit ( DTCM epermit )

The only assistance we request of our esteemed clients is that they provide our staff with the necessary information that must be included in the application form. This compilation consists of documents as well as data. The exact requirements vary from event types which is why we clarify all the important points before commencement. The DTCM event permit application can be filled and submitted online along with the mandatory documents on the official website. The chief documents required for DTCM Dubai are 


  • NOC letter from the venue with event details and maximum capacity
  • Event owner’s passport copy, Emirates ID, and company trade license
  • Passport and photo copies of each performer if the performer is not yet registered on the system in case of entertainment events.
  • Ticket information (categories, price types and seating map) for ticketed / registration event
  • Passport number and date of birth for each speaker, photocopy of Emirates ID if a UAE resident if it is a business Event.
  • For Business events "Conference Management and Exhibitions Organizing" activity should be there in trade license.
  • In case of charity Event Copy of a form of advertising material (if required) Photo list of items being auctioned (if Applicable)

Hotel Classification

Hotel classification system provides clarity about the type and standard of hotel rooms and accommodation available across the emirate and the services provided within each property. Hotels are generally classified by their location and their styles. so as to cover all hotels, guest houses and furnished apartments in Dubai hotel classification has been created. It stipulates the minimum level of services and facilities offered to visitors/tourists in each type of accommodation to ensure a consistent customer experience across the emirate’s accommodation options.

Holiday Homes

DTCM Holiday Home Services are part of a suite of government regulations aimed at improving the offer of holiday homes as an accommodation option for Dubai’s visitors. We are experts on UAE Business setup and has hands on experience on opening corporate and individual structures in Dubai Mainland and other authority’s approval work.
Initiating from Trade Name Reservation, Initial approval from Department of Economic Development, Dubai to court notarizations and arranging Individual or Corporate Local Sponsor to safeguard your interest with all UAE laws and regulations, Dubai Approvals Team shall guide you to adequate interest. Our Steps to get Holiday Homes Licence is: 

  • Trade Name Reservations
  • Initial Approval
  • Dubai Courts
  • DTCM approval
  • Final License
  • Delegate Pass

Delegate pass gives the Visitors access of Dubai’s top tours and Attraction with exceptional savings and the convenience of not having to pay much from the visitor pocket. With the use of Delegate Pass you can create your own ternary and choose what you want to see and do in Dubai. 
Dubai Approvals Team understand that when you're travelling the last thing you want is not to be locked into a travel package that doesn't allow you to do what you want, when you want. So we have the service of providing the Delegate Pass that give you maximum flexibility and options to suit your interests and travel schedule. The best part? You can even change your plans or make decisions as you go, no fuss!


Dubai Tour Guide Award (DTGA)

The Dubai Tour Guide Award (DTGA) provides essential training and tools for aspiring tour guides, teaching them how to effectively interact with tourists and improve the standard of services offered.  To be issued with a Tour Guide licence badge, a person must successfully complete the Tour Guide Award Programme developed by the DTCM. DTCM Tour Guide licence badge will be valid for one (1) year. DTCM Tour Guide licence will be renewed annually provided that the Tour Guide attends the annual refresher course developed by the DTCM.  

Dubai Approvals Team can get swift all the approvals from DTCM Dubai. So, are you ready to get started? Contact us today!


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