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Trakhees EHS approval in Dubai

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May 4, 2019

Since the year 2009, the Trakhees Department of Planning and Development was introduced as an authority to oversee the infrastructural progress in Dubai. It hosts 4 key departments:

  • Environment, Health and Safety Department (EHS)
  • Department of Civil Engineering
  • Department of Commercial Licensing (CLD)
  • Department of Business Excellence

With the aid of these departments, Trakhees supervises all approvals related to land, complexes, port areas, Free and Custom zone corporations, and even provides business licenses to certain development zones. Whatever your business, be it restaurant or healthcare-related, chances are you are after a Trakhees Approval. Now let us look specifically at the role of the EHS approval in Dubai.

The EHS, formerly known as the “Free Zone Industrial Operations and Control Department”, was established as a business unit to aid expansions by other units such as Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA). The main objective of the EHS Trakhees Dubai was to set the industry standards for Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental protection for businesses. Since its establishment, the EHS has sought to increase compliance, ease of administration, improve communication, forge collaborations and improve client satisfaction. It conducts training programs, provides accreditation and awareness programs to this end.

As a part of the Trakhees EHS monitoring, documentation is divided into 9 key parts namely:

  • Environmental Regulations
  • Design and Development Regulations
  • Construction Safety Regulations
  • Industrial Operations Regulations
  • Ports Operations Regulations
  • Green Building Regulations
  • Commercial and Retail Operations Regulations
  • Food and Health Regulations and
  • Fire Protection, Fire Prevention & Fire/Emergency Control Regulations

These regulations are applicable to all Business Units of Dubai World, their clients, and stakeholders operating within the jurisdiction of Trakhees-Ports, Customs & Free Zone Corporation. EHS works under a system of continuous approvals which means regular checks and certifications. Facilities cannot resume operations until the authority issues an Operation Fitness Certificate. The licensee is also responsible by law under Ministerial Decision N. (32) – 1982 and federal/state regulations, for the protection of their staff from work hazards, diseases, accidents, etc. that may result, with appropriate precautions in place.

Some general conditions for Compliance

If you are busy setting up a food or health-related service/outlet, then the EHS guidelines are a compulsory read as you cant proceed without their approval. The conditions are divided into regulatory and design/construction requirements.

Regulatory requirements encompass compliance to Dubai World Community regulations, UAE laws, EHS guidelines, Children Day Care Standards if you have a Day Care/Nursery, and other relevant licenses from Trakhees. Prior to EHS certification, there are some compliance procedures involving the Ministry of Health, Dubai Municipality, Police, and customs that require to be completed.

Design and Construction requirements include Waste disposal system, operating hour limitations, Parking space, electrical/construction work elements, and other licenses related to the type of trade or business being undertaken.

EHS appointed inspectors are authorized to visit the facilities to ensure quality. Any non-conformities found are then brought to the attention of the concerned licensee and if no corrective action is taken, then sanctions are placed to maintain standards.

For complete information on these requirements visit this blog: Requirements to Obtain Trakhees Approval


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