A Guide to Villa Renovation Process in Dubai by Dubai Approvals Team

A Guide to Villa Renovation Process in Dubai

Dubai Approvals

January 28, 2022

The significance of having a basic understanding of the jargon of a renovation or any construction project in Dubai should be emphasized and assimilated. This will help clients to have a grasp on the process needed and considerations for the project’s successful completion. Renovation and modification work for any kind of residential and commercial structure is an exciting endeavor for clients, architects, designers, contractors, and engineering consultants in Dubai, yet beyond the exhilarating feeling, is the challenge that the project may impose all throughout the stages. Further, on top of the design and remodeling phase is the approval procedures which include the acquisition of drawing approvals, permits, licenses, inspections, and NOCs from relevant authorities and departments required prior to the commencement of the renovation works. To help clients take on board the villa renovation process here are some of the important details listed and explained.

Key details of the Villa Renovation Process in Dubai

You may have found the best design for your home improvement, however, would it be applicable to any villa renovation in Dubai? There are understated details on the approvals process of renovation or modification drawings and other requirements for submission. The owners or clients would always need to consider these details which are important to keep the projects on the right track. Dubai approval authorities that mandate the locations of the projects such as Dubai Development Authority - DDA, the Dubai Municipality - DM, and many more are responsible for the issuance of specific requirements and processes to provide effective villa renovation approval services. 

External and Structural Alterations
External and structural alteration approvals are prerequisites to carry out the work by the respective developers and DDA. The external alterations are usually not allowed above the ground floor, or for instance that the structure, villa as an example, which are in no longer keeping up with the community’s master plan. Therefore, big structural changes might be impossible. 

Extension of BUA
Any extension works, additional structural walls, or enclosures to the Built-Up Area or BUA of a villa will definitely require obtaining Dubai Development Authority approval which may cost from AED700 including the deposit.

No Objection Certificate Acquisition
It is a usual acquire NOC with a refundable deposit prior to the issuance. The deposit shall be refunded upon the completion of the project with complete compliance with the regulations of health and safety, environmental, and community. A good example is Emaar, one of the largest real estate companies in UAE requires an AED5,000 deposit. Administrative or NOC fees per application range from AED1,000 to 3,000 which depends on the project scope and documentation necessity.

Commonly, the contractor or the consultants applies for entry permits, however, note that there are cases the developers request the details of the online registration of the permit when applying for the No Objection Certificate.

Common Asked Questions about Renovation

How Long Do Remodel Projects Take?
After decision-making about the new design concept, the nest important thing to consider is the timeline of the proposed villa renovation project. This process detail may vary on the size and scope of work needed, also remember that each part of the villa requires a different remodeling timeline.

How Much Will It All Cost? 
Villa renovation cost varies on the size of the home, complexity, and range of the renovation scope in general. Any custom material, finishing options, and urgent timeline may also add to the cost of the project. If the budget is tight, financing is an easy solution, furthermore, the remedy is to do one room or phase at a time to match the budget available.

Do I Need Permits to Remodel My Home?
It is very likely to be required for permits depending on the project’s purpose, the scope of work, location, etc. Permits are usually required for structural alteration and increase of the Built-Up Area. For simpler interior modifications such as replacement or installation of floorings, bathtubs, and other simple furnishings often don’t need permits from authorities.

Dubai Approvals Team offers service in acquiring approvals for villa renovation and modifications from relevant authorities in Dubai. Our excellent services on document submission, drawing approvals, acquisition of NOCs, and inspections are the key to helping our clients achieve quality and successful projects. We are also capable of finding suitable and trustworthy contractors for villa renovation and construction in Dubai. Our team is looking forward to working with you, contact us for more details.


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