DM Preliminary Approval on New Building, Additions, or Adjustment

Dubai Municipality Preliminary Approval Prerequisites and Process

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August 30, 2021

To be able to implement the quality standards and approved specifications that assure the safety of buildings and structures, Dubai Municipality has imposed a set of procedures and steps for issuing permits and certificates. The Dubai Municipality approval services include specified standards and regulations on providing permits and licenses for new buildings, additions, and/or adjustments. Accordingly, DM approval services enable clients, contractors, and engineering consultants in Dubai to process preliminary approval requests and to properly execute their proposed construction project or modifications while ensuring the compliance of the approved preliminary drawings with the building standards and requirements prior to the completion of the final and detailed drawings.

Prerequisites of Dubai Municipality Preliminary Approval

This DM approval service, particularly Preliminary Approval on New Building, Additions, or Adjustment, applies to all types of construction projects in Dubai such as public buildings, multistorey buildings, industrial buildings, floor area ratio buildings, and private and villas. However, the preliminary approval of a new building, proposed modifications, and additions are not obligatory and do not entitle the contractor to commence any on-site construction work, hence, clients can apply directly for the building permit. The required drawings are submitted in order such as the approved ones first then the proposed ones marking the modifications as follows:

Modification location in yellow on the approved drawings.
Modification location in red on the proposed drawings. 
Requested demolition works in green on the approved drawing.

Required Documents:

Architectural drawings

Service Fees
The fees apply for every submission of application:

New Building

Private villas, investment villas, multistorey buildings up to 7 floors: AED 100
Multistorey buildings exceeding 7 floors: AED 150
Floor area ratio buildings: AED 250

Modifications or Additions for all types of buildings: 100 AED

Service Procedures and Steps

  1. Create an account or login to Dubai Building Permit System or BPS.
  2. Application for the service and upload the required documents.
  3. The payment process for the due fees.
  4. Acquisition of Dubai Municipality Approval, Rejection, or Consult for Revision response through the main website.
  5. The duration of service is within 3 working days.

Dubai Approvals Team offers services and assistance on the document completion and submission of requirements for the issuance of the Preliminary Approval on New Building, Additions, or Adjustment and other related prerequisites to acquire building permits under the Dubai Municipality approval services. Our team assures a smooth acquisition process of gaining DM approval for residential or villa projects, industrial buildings, multistorey buildings, and public buildings in Dubai.


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