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Reminders before Acquiring Dubai Civil Defence Approvals

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September 24, 2020

United Arab Emirates is known as one of the safest places in the world. In fact, UAE was classified as the third safest country in the whole world and second in the Gulf Region. The safety and security are evidently visible in the eyes of the local and ex-pat residents, and especially the tourists that clearly stating their safe stay in the country. This is a still-standing proof of the effective rules and regulations of the UAE government and a vision from one of its authorities, the Dubai Civil Defence or DCD. 

Dubai Civil Defence is a government authority that is responsible for securing, at any cost in any harmful situation, the safety of every single individual including every property within the jurisdiction of Dubai. The country is undoubtedly in a state of economic progress that is very perceptible through the blooming businesses and establishments of any kind. And to secure these business properties into safety together with its possible consumers by strictly implementing their standards in acquiring permits through the Dubai Civil Defence approval procedure prior to the start of the business processing phase. Keeping up with the vast economic development and engineering technology, the authority pursues to provide the highest quality of services by innovative e-services and electronic services system that is accessible for DCD approval application. DCD e-services simplifies the approach for the Dubai Civil Defence approval procedure for the public applicants of varied services and save time and effort of the government employees to process and automate all the requests and applications, as well. 

Dubai Civil Defence provides Drawings & Projects approval to new and modified businesses such as offices, restaurants, or any other business establishments in Dubai. The Drawings & Projects approval section is one of the divisions of the authority that works with the architectural and engineering growth and enhancement of the city. This particular division of Dubai Civil Defence facilitates the approval procedures by undergoing a feasibility study of the projects and applications to layout an effective solution for complex projects. 

Here are some of the important reminders to ponder before acquiring approvals through the Dubai Civil Defence approval procedure on the e-service portal.

If a project is accomplished by more than one Contractor, payment of drawing approval fee shall be substantial only once.
The project shall include fire alarm, fire fighting systems, and voice of the evacuation system, and the area of the floor levels must also be included in the drawings.
The method of payment for every single project and drawing fees must be made once by the registered Engineering Consultant companies in Dubai, not the company Contractors.
All Engineering Consultant companies in Dubai must include the built area in an official undertaking letter addressed to Dubai Civil Defence in which they will be held responsible for the accuracy of the data submitted. 


The Dubai Civil Defence approval procedure must be acquired prior to any revision or addition. Click on the link for more Tips in acquiring Dubai Civil Defence approvals


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