Construction Fire Safety Precautions by DDA Dubai

Reminders for Construction Fire Safety Precautions by DDA

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June 8, 2021

The scorching summer season that is prone to fire incidents had just started. Precautionary measures have been constantly provided by the government authorities to the city’s different sectors, including the construction industry. Recently the Dubai Development Authority, in coordination with the Dubai Civil Defence or DCD, has released a circular regarding Fire Safety during Construction that reminds and intensifies Fire and Life Safety requirements during Construction.

Dubai Development Authority Circular on Fire Safety during Construction

The Circular 391 of Dubai Development Authority released on 21 May of 2021 emphasizing Fire Safety during Construction is a reminder of the requirements needed to be followed by the industry. DDA informs engineering consultants and contractors to be responsible for the effectiveness and implementation of the Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice during construction, modification, alteration, and demolition works. Along with this notice, Dubai Civil Defence also urges individuals, consultants, contractors, and organizations to commit themselves to the best possible practices in complying with the Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice in the UAE to avoid any possible fire disaster.

Important DDA Requirements for Fire Safety Compliance

Conducted and adhered to Fire Risk Assessments.
Hot work, electrical installations, equipment works, and other activities under ignition sources must be performed through work permit procedure.
The entire construction area must be indicated as a No Smoking area.
Secure safety storage and handling of flammable and combustible materials away from
ignition sources.
Ensure to obtain DCD approval for bulk storage of flammable materials.
Ensure safety Fire access road for Dubai Civil Defence approach, Means of Egress for evacuation, Fire Detection, and Alarm Systems and Fire Protection Systems.

For further reference of the Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice in the UAE, anyone can access it from the DDA service portal. Consultants and contractors that fail to follow the requirements impost by the Dubai Development Authority may lead to the charging of applicable sanctions and penalties. The Construction requirements are to ensure Fire Safety in and around buildings and structures. Buildings are designed and constructed to provide safety from structural failure during a fire, provide protection to occupants from fire. Fire in one building and structure must be contained in its area origin to stop it from spreading to other areas, and do not spread to neighboring buildings or properties.

Dubai Approvals Team helps to remind every organization, consultants, contractors, and individuals through sharing information and updates about Fire and Safety Precautions for construction projects. Dubai Development Authority or DDA, following the regulations of Dubai Civil Defence, established awareness and correct practices of the Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice in the UAE and ensuring compliance in every construction project in the city.


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