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August 18, 2020

Essential Architectural Requirements for a Restaurant Approvals in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most visited countries in the Middle East, especially the Emirates of Dubai which has become one of the top 10 most preferred tourist destinations for travelers around the world. Behind the far-reaching success of Dubai, is the vital role of the government in implementing the rules and regulations for businesses such as in acquiring appropriate authority and Dubai Approvals to innovatively developing resorts, skyscrapers, breathtaking environment, hospitality, and other accommodating amenities like restaurants for all types of tourists. These aspects effectively influence and attracts people to visit or even migrate to the country. A lot of people migrate to the United Arab Emirates seeking the opportunities it holds for a better future, without any discrimination of whichever nationality an individual beholds. 

The multiple successful businesses in Dubai is one of the big factors why people fly from all over the world and move to the UAE. Many people seek jobs, or gamble in starting a business here, a great example is a food and restaurant which is a sector with remarkable development in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is now considered as a food hub destination because of the variety of cuisines available in the city that have contributed to the success of the restaurant business, such as foodies from Asia, Europe, Australia, and America. Starting a business in Dubai seems to be needing a long process with essential and appropriate Dubai approvals to be completed and submitted, but it will surely be worthy and may become a long-term success with the right management. We have a previous article that may help you gain more ideas in starting a business in Dubai, Getting A Helping Hand For Setting Up Your Restaurant Business In Dubai. After completing the basic documents and Dubai approvals need for DED and DHA approval in Dubai which were mentioned in our previous article, let us remind you of some of the important parts of the process that may help to easily acquire authority approvals in Dubai for a restaurant business. 

New Restaurant Business’ Architectural Requirements for Dubai Approvals

An area of at least 300 to 380 square feet if there is a tandoor in the kitchen or 40% of the total area of the restaurant.
Good ventilation facility
The chimney should be 2 meters higher than the nearest building.

Walls, Floor, and Roof 
Washable, non-absorbent, and fireproof.

Assigned Basins
A basin for washing the utensils, a separate basin for cleaning the vegetables, and a separate one for meat.
Storage facility 
Available for all types of food items is a must.
Drainage pipe 
An available distance of at least 2 inches from the wall.

3 Main Required Documents to be submitted to the authorities

Trading license
Food and safety license
Non-Objection Certificate
(NOC) from the local municipality of Dubai

Other permits include, but one can always opt like:
Ramadan permit
Liquor permit
Pork permit
Delivery permit

Dubai Approvals Team is an expert group of architectural and engineering professionals who handles authority approvals for engineering projects in Dubai including acquiring restaurant approvals. We specialize in Dubai Approvals that involve various Authorities and sectors such as Dubai Municipality, Dubai Development Authority, Dubai Civil Defense, Dubai Health Authority, Food Control Department Dubai, and many more. In partnership with top engineering consultants in Dubai and experienced interior designer in Dubai, we assure to provide the best architectural and engineering solutions to easily acquire authority approvals. Our team assures to provide a stress-free solution and a smooth approval process for our clients. Let us work together to build a strong foundation for your success in the future. 


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July 23, 2020

All you need to know about JAFZA Authority Approvals

The JAFZA Approval specified its standards and requirements initial to establishing new or develop pre-existing businesses in its area, ensuring the world-class industry in its progressive and functional state. Standing with its vision to lead sustainable industrial and logistics infrastructure solutions in the world and promise to help the country, businesses, employers, partners, and employees to be successful and benefit from the economic progress. JAFZA indeed is leading globally because of the visionary and persevering individuals who are behind this economical and business success which gives advantages to the country and its people.

What is JAFZA?

Jebel Ali Free Zone or JAFZA is the world’s largest free economic zone located in Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Within its premises of 1.58 square meters, dwells businesses, production houses, storage units, shipping lines, office units, warehouses, traders’ market, onsite residences, retail outlets, showrooms, and light industrial units from more than 7500 local and international companies. These business opportunities prompted 1,500 jobs and counting, boosted the economic industry of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, and strengthened the relationship with other foreign countries.

How to get JAFZA Approval?

The process of JAFZA Approval was made easy through the Dubai Trade Portal, which is an online application portal for JAFZA services. Any applicant can upload and download the required documents at any time and anywhere you are via the JAFZA Mobile App or online services. Application through over the counter services at service centers or are also very convenient. Here are the mandatory documents or requirements to start a business under JAFZA Approval.

Accomplished application or request form.
Letter of intent declaring the type of business.
Passport and CV copies of both the manager & shareholders.
Sponsor’s No Objection Certificate / NOC.
Shareholders’ reference letters from their bank.
Third Authority’s Approval letter, if applicable.

Advantages of Starting a Business in JAFZA 

There is no restriction for workers from other foreign countries.
Free of corporate tax for a span of 50 years with renewable rights.
Free of personal income tax.
Authorized to use foreign currencies.
No import or re-export obligations.
Granted prerequisite of onsite customs.
Entitled to hold 100% foreign ownership.

These benefits allow the business industry in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates to bloom more, which gives a continuous impact on the progress of the country’s economy. The free zones all over the United Arab Emirates also contributes a huge interest for foreign investors and manpower to be part and support the advancement of the country. 

JAFZA is dedicated to global networks and presented as a perfect location to establish businesses with a high percentage of growth along with the potent Dubai market. The JAFZA facilities are designed according to the purpose and essentials of each possible business types, designated activities, and the discrete needs of customers. This free zone also renders pre-built warehouses appropriate for storage and light manufacturing ventures, and more variety of trading facilities.

What Dubai Approvals Team can do for you?

Dubai Approvals Team is an experienced group of professionals who handles Dubai approvals including acquiring JAFZA approvals. We stand together with the vision of JAFZA, “To be the leading global provider of sustainable industrial and logistics infrastructure solutions.”, by providing assistance to clients who probes to set up a business in the JAFZA area. We specialize in warehouse project approvals and other relevant engineering projects available in JAFZA. Clients won’t even need to worry about the process for we provide a stress-free solution. Let us work together and build a strong foundation for your success in the future. 

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July 13, 2020

DEWA Approvals in Dubai

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority cover broad services, thus they provide an E-Services portal on their website for easy access to all of their services. DEWA Approval in Dubai embeds classifications of services depending on the requirements of the building and the standards of DEWA. DEWA aims to become a leading sustainable innovative global corporation, and dedicated to keeping up with the latest global industrial innovation. Hence, their innovative enhancement for effective services will supply sustainable electricity and water needs for all people in Dubai.

What is DEWA?

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority was established on January 1, 1992, by Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum. DEWA was formed from the union of the Dubai Electricity Company and Dubai Water Department, which were both state-run companies, separately providing electricity and water services for the people of Dubai. Its main purpose is to provide the people of Dubai with an adequate and reliable supply of electricity and water.

DEWA E-Services Process
The information below is based on the E-services of the DEWA for accurate and informative content.

Online DEWA Application Submission
Fill in the online application form with the required information, attach required documents, and submit the application. If the application is successful, a reference number will be provided which can be used for tracking the status of the DEWA application.

Application Status Tracking and Notifications
An e-mail and SMS notifications about the status of the application such as submission, rejection, revision, and/or approval. The status of the application can also be tracked online through the tracking page of the e-service.

DEWA Application Revision
If the application was found incomplete or incorrect, access the revision page from the e-service menu is authorized, and re-submit a revised application within 2 weeks. The application will automatically be canceled if failure of re-submission 

Service Delivery
Once the request for an application is approved, it can be downloaded from the e-service tracking page.

DEWA Approval Services and Requirements
The following are the list of the common approvals and required documents for acquiring DEWA approval in Dubai. Other DEWA approval and services are all cited at the E-Service portal.

Building NOC
Building No Objection Certificate service allows contractors and consultants to acquire Electricity or Water No Objection Certificate for issuance of building permits. The application for service is free of charge, service is chargeable. The Building NOC process takes 3 working days for each service such as electricity and water.

Required Documents:
❏    Affection Plan
❏    Setting-Out Plan
❏    24-Hour Demand
❏    Plumbing Layout/ including water storage tank capacity and location.
❏    Water demand and calculation sheet.
❏    Proposed meter location.

Getting Electricity Fit-out Connections
This is a free of charge service that enables customers to acquire a fit-out power connection for shops and offices. The contractor can submit for technical field inspection when the technical drawings are approved by DEWAm. Once subjected to inspection approval and upon securing the payment of Security Deposit, DEWA will arrange the installation of KWh meter and release of power connection. Notifications will be sent through the website.

There are two processes in getting Electricity Fit-out connections from DEWA such as: 
❏    The Design Approval process that takes at least one working days and,
❏    The LV Inspection process wherein an appointment will be given within two working days from the readiness date notified by the contractor.

Required Documents:
❏    Copy of DEWA approved TCL/MD, MDBs/SMDBs, Main project schedule
❏    Load distribution schedules of distribution boards.
❏    Wiring Layouts – Lighting
❏    Wiring Layouts – Power
❏    Landlord NOC (In DEWA prescribed format)
❏    Tenancy Contract
❏    Trade License
❏    Passport Copy

Electric or Water Network Modification
Contractors or Consultants can submit an online application to obtain the Electricity and Water Network Modifications Service. The application for service is free of charge, service is chargeable. A notification will be sent through SMS and/or email when the Estimate is set.

Required Documents:
❏    Latest affection plan issued from Dubai Municipality or concerned authority.
❏    Approved load scheduled that indicates total connected load / maximum demand.
❏    Owner’s passport copy / Emirates ID Copy.
❏    Latest consumption bill issued by DEWA.
❏    No Demand Certificate from DEWA – Billing Department (In Substation cancellation cases only).
❏    Setting out a plan that indicates existing connections and proposed changes.
❏    Others (Any documents that may support the application).

New Electricity or Water Connection
The Estimate or Connection charges need to be settled first before the implementation of the DEWA service. A convenient tracking of the status of the application, upload additional documents, download the approved documents, project status notification for the technical inspection, etc. are possible through the E-Services portal.

New Electricity Connection
LV Design Approval:
❏    Load from 1‐150 Kw: 1 working day
❏    Load from 151‐400 Kw: 2 working days
❏    Load from 401‐5000 Kw: 3 working days
❏    Load from 5001 and above: 3 working days

Issuance of Connection Cost:
❏    Load from 1 to 150 Kw: 1 working day
❏    Load from 151 to 400 Kw: 3 working days
❏    Load from above 400 Kw: 3 working days

LV Inspection:
❏    Load from 1-150 Kw: 1 working days from the date preferred by the authorized electrical Contractor for the project
❏    Load from above 150 Kw: 2 working days from the date preferred by the authorized electrical Contractor for the project

HV Substation Location & size Approval (If Applicable)
❏    3 working days

HV Substation Inspection (If Applicable)
❏    1 working day from the date preferred by the authorized electrical Contractor for the project

Mandatory Documents:
❏    Total Connected Load/Max. Demand schedule (.pdf Format)
❏    MDBs/SMDBs Schedules (.pdf Format only)
❏    Single Line Diagram with proposed LV distribution and tariff metering (. dwf Format)
❏    Site setting lay-out and ground floor plan indicating the location of substation, LV room (along with dimensional details of LV room, arrangements of LV Panels, MDBs, KW meters, etc.) (. dwf Format)
❏    Ground floor and/or typical floor plan indicating the location of Electrical rooms/MDBs/SMDBs etc. (. dwf Format)
❏    General arrangements of KWh meters in the ground and/or typical floor electrical rooms (. dwf Format)
❏    Typical Load distribution schedule for the final distribution board. (.pdf Format)
❏    Affection Plan (.pdf Format)
❏    Passport copy/Trade License copy (.pdf Format)

Optional Documents:
❏    Green Building Regulation implementation documents. (.pdf format only)
❏    Technical specification of Chiller/Motor loads and other documents. (.pdf Format)
❏    Premise details sheet (.xls/.doc Format)
❏    Material requirements details (.xls/.doc Format)
❏    Consultant confirmation letter (No wet area, above electrical room/DBs, Circuit breaker/circuit cables, UV relays, ELCBs, etc.) in DEWA's prescribed format (.pdf Format)
❏    DM Approved Thermal Load Calculation sheet

New Water Connection
 Types of Connections:
❏    Single:  Premises that include a single meter (i.e. villa, hotel building… etc.). 
❏    Multi: Premises containing more than one meter within the same property (i.e. building apartment). 
❏    Development: Housing communities that have more than one meter within the area (i.e. Emaar Developments, DAMAC, etc.).

Water Connections Categories:
❏    Temporary connection (for construction purposes)
❏    Permanent connection
❏    Upgradation (increase of water demand)
❏    Diversion (shifting pipeline /meter)

Mandatory Documents:
❏    Building Permit/NOC
❏    Proposed location of meters and sub-meters
❏    Layout Drawing (i.e. floor plan indicating plumbing system)
❏    Water storage tank details (i.e. drawing inlet level, capacity, location)
❏    Green Building Regulation Implementation Documents (.pdf format only)
❏    Premise Details Sheet (.xls/.doc format)
❏    Meters Requirements Details (.xls/.doc Format)
❏    The total calculation for water consumption, as per building code and accommodation (pdf format)
❏    Site Plan (pdf format)
❏    Trade License copy (pdf format)

In acquiring DEWA Approval in Dubai, MEP consultants in Dubai experts are essential to precisely complete all the requirements within the schedule. There are capable MEP consultants in Dubai and Electrical Engineering specialists who can assist with concerns about obtaining DEWA Approval in Dubai. Dubai Approvals Team is a group of professionals, licensed to provide a one-stop engineering solution in Dubai. We have deep experiences in DEWA approval, DEWA Application, and other Dubai Approvals for engineering-related projects.


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March 26, 2020

Remote Work Program

Due to unexpected circumstances and preventive measures for health and safety, the Dubai Approvals Team office will be closed and will not be accessible until further notice. However, our professional team will still be reachable at all times, and actively respond to all of our clients and other inquiries through the Remote Work Program (RWP). We will still be available at all means of communication for the convenience of our clients and to continue our projects in progress. Please feel free to call or email us regarding your concerns and we will assist you with all of our might. Our projects progress’ won’t be idle from our side, for we will do our best to continue working despite the current situation. 


We are responsible for doing this as a precaution due to safety reasons, and to comply with the circulars and decisions released by the authorities. During this state, we would like to prioritize the health and safety of every person around us but won’t be compromising our clients, business, and projects. Dubai Approvals Team hopes for everyone’s safety and security, stay at home as much as possible. Thank you for considerately understanding our position and please keep in touch.

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March 12, 2020

Tips on getting Dubai Civil Defence Approval (DCD Approval)

Safety and security are the most important attributes of a nation. Securing the safety of each individual in its sovereignty and implementing peace throughout the world, it will enable growth and stabilize its economy. Who would want to be in a place where chaos is all around its corners? Anyone would want to be in a safe and secure environment where they can establish a better life and can practice their own religion and culture in compliance with the regulations and laws. 

The same goes for investors and developers, they would want to build and start-up their investments in a place where the economy is booming and can provide whole security assurance for them. If proof and affirmation of safety and security are all set, businesses in the place will vastly grow and the trust of people with the government will strengthen. These traits are very important for the Dubai government, which is why they are continuously improving their system especially in terms of safety and security.


safety and security dubai approvals team

The Dubai Civil Defence, DCD Approval, is a government organization under the Ministry of Interior of Dubai. DCD is responsible for securing every individual and properties into safety at all times and from all kinds of catastrophe. Their vision is ‘To have the United Arab Emirates as one of the best countries in the world in achieving safety and security’. They were molded to protect the country and its resources at all costs. And in order to make it possible and implemented, DCD Dubai is providing approvals for the safety and security of all businesses which is one of the important approvals to be acquired. Dubai Municipality - DM approval and Dubai Development Authority - DDA approval correlates with Dubai Civil Defence in providing approvals for safety and security. 

DM and DDA require these documents in processing their approvals which are also needed for DCD approval.

  • Trade License
  • Title Deed
  • Ejari or Tenancy Contract
  • Copy of Owner’s Passport, Emirates ID and Visa
  • Site Plan
  • Copy of drawings
  • Building management

These are the plan requirements needed to obtain safety and security approval from DCD Dubai.

  • Water Supply Layout
  • Power Layout
  • HVAC and Ventilation Layout
  • Mechanical Equipment Schedule
  • Power Layout Indicating Meter Location
  • Lighting Layout
  • Fire Alarm and Firefighting Layout
  • LPG Layout
  • Grease Interceptor for Kitchen or Restaurant
  • Coordinated Reflected Ceiling set up with Final MEP Fix Layout 
  • Load Schedule
  • Single Line Diagram 


All of these requirements should be completed and approved by the authorities. The approval process usually takes three (3) working days. In case of some faults are required to be inspected and remodeled, it should be fixed quickly and accurately to avoid disadvantages in the process and completion of the project.
To acquire approval from Civil Defence Dubai, Dubai Approvals Team layout engineering solutions for installing a fire alarm system, smoke detector system, sprinkler system, and other safety and security systems that are essential for the project.
Since there are lots of work in terms of application for DCD Approval, Engineering consultancies and approval teams are all ready to assist any client who is in need of help. Hiring a consultancy or an approval team in Dubai takes a lot of trusts because you will let them do all of the works for you. Dubai Approvals Team accepts and takes good care of the trust being handed unto us for we value every client and project we are working with. We oath to provide quality Engineering and Approval services at all times and maintain the best relationship with our clients for more future projects and to help implement the safety and security vision of DCD Dubai. 

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March 11, 2020

Tips on Getting Dubai Development Authority Approval (DDA Approval) in Dubai

Since Dubai is a fast-growing Emirate in the UAE through its stable and rising economy. Many investors and developers are getting involved with different kinds of businesses here. In order to start up a business here in Dubai, there are many kinds of approvals a business owner needs to process. And there are specific government departments for each kind of Dubai approvals


DDA which stands for Dubai Development Authorities is responsible for the establishment and registration of companies situated in the Free Zone Business Communities and Dubai Design District. The Authority’s focal points are with Real estate planning and development control, Regulatory and licensing services governing all strategic projects and industries within its jurisdiction, and Industry development. Therefore, in getting business permits, building permits, and other necessary permits to start up a business in Dubai, DDA is one of the government departments you should visit.
There are documents which will be needed to be prepared beforehand like:

  • Trade of License
  • Title Deed
  • Ejari or Tenancy Contract
  • Copy of Owner’s Passport, Emirates ID and Visa
  • Site Plan
  • Copy of drawings
  • Building management

These are the basic documents that should be completed for the DDA Approval application. 
To avoid problems with the documents and processing, there are companies in Dubai who are offering services for consultancies and approvals. Dubai Approvals Team is a one-stop solution for clients who need DDA approval for their building projects. Together with the partnership of DAT Engineering Consultancy, we can provide a complete set of quality service to our clients. 
Below is the process for DDA Approval.


  • Submission of application to a trained DDA representative, who checks and discusses the application before putting it into their system. This helps with the submission as all documents and drawings are checked carefully for explication. After submitting the application, progress and comments can be accessed online.
  • The approval process usually takes three to four working days. Once the permit is released, we then start deploying our teams into their respective work areas.
  • If the project requisites remodeling, DDA may request a first fix inspection to pinpoint any issues and be resolve quickly.
  • A final inspection will take place after completing all the work. If final approval is acquired, then the business can immediately start.


Dubai Approvals Team pledge for every project’s successful completion and to maintain the best relationship with our respected clients who wholly give their trust unto us. We are committed to every project we deal with to make sure that we can provide a solid solution to every client’s needs.

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July 28, 2019

Make the most of capable and skilled contractors in Dubai with us

Hire a Contractor Now



If you have ever thought about hiring contractors in Dubai for your construction project, then you might have come across many options. You would have heard many claims from companies that assume they are the best building contractors in Dubai. However, the choice is completely left to you, and your judgment of a contractor’s capabilities could decide the future of your construction project. Many factors go into making construction projects stand true to the value for which they were designed in the first place.

After all, what use is a swimming pool which cannot be able to drain water easily when you need to clean it? Therefore, you can rely on Dubai Approvals as your trusted source for information on competent and capable contractors in Dubai. Allow us to illustrate some of the factors which make us the best choice in Dubai for finding local and most capable individual contractors and contractor agencies.


Simplicity in our services

Before we move towards the reasons to choose us, please take a look at the simplicity we provide our clients in selecting construction contractors in Dubai.

  • First of all, you need to book with us for an initial consultation. Tell us exactly what your construction needs are and the location you have selected for the project. Our experts visit the location according to your convenience for review.
  • The next stage would involve our expert using their evaluation of your construction project to give you a cost estimate for the project. Most important of all, you would find our cost estimates to be reasonable and ideally tailored to fulfill all your needs related to the construction project.
  • Once you are convinced by the cost estimate and overall layout designed for your construction project, hire us! With that, you would also hire a contractor for working on your building project while you can sit back and relax.

Why choose us?

Now that you have a clear idea of how we provide you with the services of competent contractors let us show you the reasons to choose us.

Wide range of experience

The foremost factor which sets us apart from the rest of the companies providing services to hire a contractor for building construction is an experience. We have worked for clients belonging to various industry verticals as well as over a wide range of projects such as villa construction and swimming pool construction.

Client-centric approach

We base the focus of our services around our clients and make sure that their requirements and opinions are taken into consideration. We ensure a client-centric approach through providing scalable solutions that are suited to the different needs of customers.

Certified services

You would find certified personnel at your service by hiring us. We are connected with the most competent contractors in different building projects. Our credentials are just the mark of the trust that you can have in us.

Delivery according to deadlines

Timely delivery of projects is also another differentiating factor that separates us from the competition. You can get projects delivered within the stipulated deadline, thereby preventing any losses or overheads that you may have to incur because of the delay.

Closing words

On a closing note, we can assure you of the best-in-class services from capable contractors for various projects. Take your time to go through our services and capabilities for making the final decision! Feel free to contact us anytime with your queries. 


Hire a Contractor Now



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July 25, 2019

Getting A Helping Hand For Setting Up Your Restaurant Business In Dubai

Driven by a growing population, the United Arab Emirates has experienced an unparalleled hike in the food industry. As per the facts and figures suggested by Business Registration and Licensing (BRL), Dubai witnessed a total number of 11,813 restaurants and cafes in the year 2018.
This has made it quite easy for the business holders to do business in the city with their favorite cuisines and business strategies influenced by the taste, population, interests, infrastructure, or anything else. Opening a restaurant in Dubai isn’t that easy as it seems this is why Dubai Approvals Team is there to make the approval process easy for you.

How to open a restaurant business in Dubai?

For a rookie, setting up a restaurant business in Dubai may seem to be a quite daunting task. This is why you need professional assistance to strategize each and everything accordingly. If you don’t want to be in any legal trouble with the authorities, you should always follow the rules. Here are the steps involved in opening a restaurant in Dubai. Have a look!

1. Drafting a business plan 

A professional business plan is indispensable to make your business successful in the latter days. Along with that, you need to do the SWOT analysis, prepare a contingency plan for adverse situations and finance plan, target marketing, market survey, break-even analysis, cash flow projections, and a lot more. Every factor can be a vital force to determine the success of your business, so keep these in mind before opening a restaurant in Dubai.

2. Food and Trading License

You need to acquire the food and trading license at first, and for this, you need to approach the Department of Food and Safety whereas for the trade license you need to go to the Department of Economic Development (DED) that may cost you around ED10,000 to AED12,000. Along with this, you also need to get approval from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM Dubai) as well.

3. Location preferences

The next vital step of Opening a restaurant in Dubai is to find the ideal location for your business. If you are planning to open the restaurant in the mainland area, then the approval of the DED authorities is inevitable. In this case, the owner will have 49% of the shares, while the sponsors will hold 51% of the shares. For free zones the consent of the free zone authority is necessary. Though you may gain authority over 100% of the shares, your trade will be restricted. 

4. Getting the right documents

The documents required for starting a business in Dubai include trading license, NOC from local municipality, Food and safety license, Liquor, Ramadan, Pork and permit, and common professional licenses, as well as certifications for the trained staff, can be a cherry on the top. Once all these documents are obtained, every business can function without any interference.
But all this isn’t as easy as it appears on the surface. Get in touch with the professionals of the Dubai Approvals Team and start your business within no time as you get the approvals in the minimal possible time.

5. Food Control Department

Before opening a restaurant in Dubai, it is extremely crucial to take into consideration the exact role that the Food Control Department would play. This department is mainly responsible for making sure that the restaurants and food outlets offer safe and hygienic cuisines to the customers. 
Thus its guidelines must be strictly adhered to by the new restaurant. From the very start of food production to it is presented to the customers on their table, the focus must be paid to the hygiene factor. Following the proper food code would play a vital role and help the business to have strong and long-lasting goodwill in the market.  

In case you think that the rules and guidelines of the Food Control Department would restrict the restaurant business in Dubai, you are mistaken. The specifications that have been presented by the department would guide the new restaurant to focus on the quality of the wide variety of food. 

The food code would provide the updated guidelines relating to the food safety standards and regulations so that a win-win situation could arise for the business as well as the customers. The focal points would include the protection of the health of the consumers and obtaining a safe environment. Thus some of the main areas of business processes that would have to designed to meet the food safety requirements include the availability of adequate space for making food, the sanity of the spaces including kitchen and restroom. 

Similarly, the exact location of the kitchen equipment would play a key role to make sure that healthy food items are prepared. The entry and exit passages must be used systematically so that no unauthorized individual or party could enter the kitchen premises. Hence the Food Control Department Dubai would play a key role to influence the new restaurant business.

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July 15, 2019

How to Get the Salon Approval in Dubai?

Every person wants to look their best at all times with perfect grooming. Therefore, people want to get haircuts, manicures, pedicures, and other types of grooming services from time to time for looking beautiful. This has been one of the reasons for which beauty salons are presently in high demand. You can find many beauty salons in urban areas for this reason. Surely seems like a good chance to open a beauty salon, isn’t it? 

Dubai is known for its high standards of living and disposable income per capita. So, people in Dubai spend considerable amounts of money on maintaining their looks. These factors clearly show that a salon business would provide better returns on your investment! However, many people are not aware of how to open gents or ladies salon in Dubai. This discussion would aim at providing details about the requirements for starting a salon in Dubai. 

Choose the type of salon you want

First things first, you need to get the basics in place before getting a ladies or gents salon approvals in Dubai. The foremost aspect which you should decide is the type of salon and the business options that you prefer for the salon. Regarding the type of salon, you need to verify the different types of services that you will provide in the salon. Also, you have to specify whether you want a men’s only salon, a ladies salon, or a unisex salon. 

You should also decide clearly about whether you need to start a salon business on your own, or you want to buy an existing salon franchise. Apart from these two options, you could also choose to purchase a functioning salon. Most important of all, it is essential to decide the type of involvement in the business, i.e., as an owner or as a partner. 

Money is always important!

The next important basic which you should focus on before the salon approval is the estimation of preliminary costs to start the salon business. This estimate could help you in planning the approach to obtain the money needed for the initial stages of a salon business. Furthermore, a clear and comprehensive plan to obtain the required finances for your salon business in Dubai could also help in the expansion of the business in the long term. 

The other essential factors which you should emphasize before obtaining a salon or even spa approval in Dubai include the location and awareness of legal implications. The awareness of legal precedents regarding a salon business in Dubai could help in refraining from unnecessary worries. In addition to the need for legal compliance, you should also focus on finding out the perfect location for the salon. 

Mandatory requirements to get salon approval in Dubai

Till now, we have taken note of the basic aspects required for starting a salon business in Dubai. Let us look at the mandatory requirements from a salon to get approval. 


  • You need to get approval for the location of your salon from the planning department of Dubai Municipality.
  • The salon should have sufficient lighting alongside appropriate and clean furniture in place. 
  • The minimum dimensions of the dressing chairs in the salon should be 3.5m in length and 3.0m in width. 
  • The minimum distance between the floor and the ceiling for a beauty salon should be 2.30m.
  • The essential facilities which should be included in the salon include the use of fireproofing materials for the preparation area for the hair removing materials. A water heater, as well as cupboards and drawers for storing cosmetics and towels, are also mandatory requirements. You also need to have a washbasin near the facial treatment area.  
  • You need to have a separate area for different beauty treatments such as hair removal, manicures, and pedicures. The minimum dimensions of this area should be 2.50m x 1.50m along with a proper partition in place.

With all the information presented above in this discussion, it could be a simple task to start your salon business in Dubai!             

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July 10, 2019

Helpful Information for Obtaining an Emaar Approval Easily

The option for purchasing or renting property in Dubai could be simple now with the assistance of Emaar approval. A few years back, if you are a foreigner in Dubai, then it could have been difficult to get ownership of a property. However, times have changed, and foreigners could easily buy property in Dubai. On the other hand, there are certain concerns which you should focus on to get the job done simply.

You should have comprehensive awareness about the mandatory factors needed to apply for an Emaar approval as well as the guidelines related to it. The following discussion would illustrate information such as reasons to choose Emaar and the requirements to get approval for Emaar properties.

Dubai is gradually gaining recognition for its world-class infrastructure. Starting from skyscrapers to luxury residential properties as well as business establishments, Dubai has it all! The industrial revolution in Dubai has been a formidable driver for increasing the number of visitors.

Job seekers, tourists, and aspiring business ventures are finding their way to Dubai in large numbers. Therefore, it is most likely that the demand for real estate would increase gradually. As a foreigner, individuals should know how to apply for real estate approval with Emaar properties.

Reasons to choose Emaar

Now, you would be thinking about the exact reasons for which Emaar approval is essential for owning a property in Dubai. Emaar has been a prominent player in guiding the development of Dubai since 1997 and has been involved with various notable projects.

Some of the projects of Emaar which you could find attractive are the Dubai Mall and best of all, the Burj Khalifa! Most important of all, an understanding of the guidelines to obtain Emaar approval is crucial. After all, Emaar is the one company that has helped foreign investors to purchase or invest in properties in Dubai.

One of the prominent factors for which you would need Emaar approval is the provision of sophisticated properties for clients. You can get some of the best properties in Dubai with the help of Emaar and that too at reasonable prices! Furthermore, the easy payment plans of Emaar can also be taken into account for choosing Emaar.

How to apply?

The process to apply for Emaar approval is quite simple, and it starts with accessing the Emaar online portal. You need to create an account first on the online portal and then register your account with all the necessary credentials. The online portal is your one-stop solution to gain Emaar approvals. The Emaar online portal can be used to apply for the Title Deed through the online application, request for NOC as well as applications for approvals to modify villas or any properties of Emaar.

Understanding the mandatory requirements for Emaar approval

It is also essential to observe the basic requirements needed for getting Emaar approval. Just to make the process easy, you can use this information for preparing to get an Emaar approval. Foreigners have to submit a copy of their passport and locals are required to submit a copy of their passport as well as copies of their Emirates ID and visa. In addition to this, investors would have to give almost 10% of the property’s value as a down payment. During the registration process, investors would have to pay four percent of the property’s value as well as 3000 AED to the Dubai Land Department (DLD).

Guidelines for Emaar approval

The basic guideline to apply for Emaar approval is to follow the steps mentioned above for application carefully. Also, you need to have the right documents with you along with their copies to prevent any sort of confusion. The other guidelines that can help you get through the Emaar approval process easily can be presented as follows.

After understanding the basic requirements to apply for Emaar approval, it is reasonable to focus on the necessity of choosing an agency that could get you the approval easily. Professional agencies dealing with services for approvals from notable government authorities in Dubai can be a helpful support. Their experience in real estate, as well as the activities of Emaar, could be a source of advantage for investors.

Also, the agencies could provide clear details about the essential requirements to obtain Emaar approval. It is highly important to adhere strictly to the regulations established by the Emaar Alterations Department to get the approval. Furthermore, investors could be able to get insights into the suitable property options in different areas of Dubai. This surely seems like a way to get the best out of your investment in real estate in Dubai, doesn’t it?

On a closing note, you could be able to get an Emaar approval easily by following the information mentioned above. However, don’t forget to get the services of an expert approval agency.  


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