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November 22, 2020

Best Place for Shisha in Dubai Safety Standards

Dubai is named as one of the busiest cities in the world with 200 different nationalities wanting to prove their luck in working with the city’s constantly growing economy. But after a long week of hard work also needs a relaxing and quality time with families and friends. And one of the famous recreational activities in Dubai is Shisha. Shisha in Dubai are mostly served with the most exotic flavors alongside the best variety of food and beverages from all over the world, and with the choices of the most epic party or the chilliest mode in the city. The perfect sceneries of Dubai such as the beaches, skyline of skyscrapers, city lights, and long stretches of desert make it more exciting to visit the best place for Shisha in Dubai. 

Every Shisha Cafe in Dubai offers different kinds of gimmicks to attract more people, expand awareness about the business, and increase sale conversions. Many cafes and restaurant owners incorporated Shisha into their businesses resulting in many destinations to choose from. This sets the opportunity to invest and start-up a business in Dubai, know the basic insights on 2020 safety standards to consider in starting up a Shisha Cafe. These standards will help a lot prior to and during the business process. 

Adherence to these 2020 safety standards for Shisha in Dubai from Dubai Municipality Approval, especially during this pandemic will guarantee the smooth run of the business.

All staff must wear face masks at all times and keep the standard pf two-meter distance from each other and customers whenever possible.

Shisha pipes must be extensively and adequately cleaned and sterilized between uses and water content should be changed after each user or smoker.

The pipes are typically made up of five parts, including a disposable, single-use mouthpiece that must be disposed of appropriately whenever are used or tampered.

Prohibiting sharing of Shisha hoses and mouth-tip pieces with other smokers.

Strictly prohibiting the customary practice of Shisha providers to first experience smoking the shisha equipment several times before providing shisha to the smoker. However, if needed to be tested, usage of a disposable mouthpiece is necessary.

Improve the regularity of proper hygiene standards, specifically cleaning and disinfection on all human contact surfaces and sections including but not limited to: 

Smoking and Service areas
Door handles
Chairs & Table
Reception area
All equipment

Document all cleaning and disinfection operations and schedules including a list of used disinfectant products.

The ventilation area and air suction devices should be in accordance with approved requirements and standards.

Other precautionary measures including limiting of clients allowed in a certain Shisha Cafe must follow only four people to one table and encouraging the use of hand sanitizers.

The growth of businesses like Shisha in Dubai prompted the government to impose standards for Shisha Approvals, licenses, and permits through relevant authorities. The Shisha Cafe in Dubai has always been part of the Arabic culture, however, considering the public health safety, not only during the pandemic but all throughout time, it is necessary to come up with regulations. Keeping up with these safety precautions from the authorities will not only help the business to acquire certain approvals for licenses and permits, yet can improve the quality of services to be the best place for Shisha in Dubai.

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October 25, 2020

What Dubai Silicon Oasis or DSO Free Zone Offers

Dubai never fails to promote world-class innovation in many ways including setting up multiple Free Zones with the finest structures, establishments, and amenities where both local and foreign citizens can establish a business. One of the city’s several Free zones since 2004 is DSO or Dubai Silicon Oasis, known to be one of a kind technology park in UAE, holding out the latest technology by supporting industries that produce materials and equipment for Information and Communications technologies with the use of semiconductors. DSO also promotes the development of photovoltaic fields, nanotechnology, and electronics optoelectronic technology enhancing all of these remarkable technologies to provide integrated living and working communities. 

Business Setup under DSO Authority

As a global and collaborative advantage to further promote modern industries based on upgraded technology in the Middle East, DSO Authority established standards and regulations with necessary requirements for business approvals within its jurisdiction. The DSO Approval standards will effectively help to successfully achieve the government’s aim to be the world’s best business hub for electronics and technology having highly educated human resources and investors. DSO Authority provides advanced and master-planned residential environment with villas and residential high-rise buildings, commercial and industrial facilities, education facilities, and healthcare units aiming to attract individuals and investors captivated in Semiconductor Manufacturing, Microelectronics, Fabless IC Design, Electronic Manufacturing Systems, Test & Assembly, and optoelectronics related ventures to take part with the vision for world-class innovation in Dubai. Living up with its economic strategy, DSO Authority contributed to the transformation of the UAE to be a knowledge-based economy through Electronics and Information Technology giving a great impact on the engineering and economic industry such as trade and services, finance, employment, and banking, etc.  Businesses operating within the jurisdiction of DSO Free Zone benefit from a wide range of incentives.

Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone Benefits

100 Percent Ownership
100 Percent Personal and Corporate Tax exemptions
100 Percent Repatriation of Capital and Profits
No customs duty
Advanced Information Technology network and infrastructure
Stringent IP laws and support
Business-friendly environment for the technology industry
Faster processing of employee visas
Stable and clear regulation laws
Plug and play offices
Subsidized top-end EDA tools
Conference facilities and Business support that offers tenants fast and efficient services with just a touch of a button through an online E-business system
Access to consumer market with tourists from the Middle East, North Africa, and Indian Subcontinent

Therefore, a business setup in Dubai Silicon Oasis is mutually beneficial, the companies’ presence in DSO results in an easy global business popularity. Multiple globally acclaimed companies present in DSO include AMD, Fujitsu, Henkel, Nortel Networks, Philips, Schneider Electric, Synopsys, Wavetec and Western Digital, and many more. It may seem like a huge process to be included on the company list under DSO, however, several Engineering companies in Dubai offer services in acquiring DSO Approval and other Dubai Approvals. Getting professional assistance from reliable business partners, consultants, and approval teams from Engineering companies in Dubai elevates the possibility of acquiring business setup approval from the DSO Authority. Contact us for more details about DSO Approval and other Dubai Approvals.

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September 24, 2020

Reminders before Acquiring Dubai Civil Defence Approvals

United Arab Emirates is known as one of the safest places in the world. In fact, UAE was classified as the third safest country in the whole world and second in the Gulf Region. The safety and security are evidently visible in the eyes of the local and ex-pat residents, and especially the tourists that clearly stating their safe stay in the country. This is a still-standing proof of the effective rules and regulations of the UAE government and a vision from one of its authorities, the Dubai Civil Defence or DCD. 

Dubai Civil Defence is a government authority that is responsible for securing, at any cost in any harmful situation, the safety of every single individual including every property within the jurisdiction of Dubai. The country is undoubtedly in a state of economic progress that is very perceptible through the blooming businesses and establishments of any kind. And to secure these business properties into safety together with its possible consumers by strictly implementing their standards in acquiring permits through the Dubai Civil Defence approval procedure prior to the start of the business processing phase. Keeping up with the vast economic development and engineering technology, the authority pursues to provide the highest quality of services by innovative e-services and electronic services system that is accessible for DCD approval application. DCD e-services simplifies the approach for the Dubai Civil Defence approval procedure for the public applicants of varied services and save time and effort of the government employees to process and automate all the requests and applications, as well. 

Dubai Civil Defence provides Drawings & Projects approval to new and modified businesses such as offices, restaurants, or any other business establishments in Dubai. The Drawings & Projects approval section is one of the divisions of the authority that works with the architectural and engineering growth and enhancement of the city. This particular division of Dubai Civil Defence facilitates the approval procedures by undergoing a feasibility study of the projects and applications to layout an effective solution for complex projects. 

Here are some of the important reminders to ponder before acquiring approvals through the Dubai Civil Defence approval procedure on the e-service portal.

If a project is accomplished by more than one Contractor, payment of drawing approval fee shall be substantial only once.
The project shall include fire alarm, fire fighting systems, and voice of the evacuation system, and the area of the floor levels must also be included in the drawings.
The method of payment for every single project and drawing fees must be made once by the registered Engineering Consultant companies in Dubai, not the company Contractors.
All Engineering Consultant companies in Dubai must include the built area in an official undertaking letter addressed to Dubai Civil Defence in which they will be held responsible for the accuracy of the data submitted. 


The Dubai Civil Defence approval procedure must be acquired prior to any revision or addition. Click on the link for more Tips in acquiring Dubai Civil Defence approvals

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September 16, 2020

Trakhees Guidelines on Swimming Pool Approvals in Dubai

Thinking about installing a swimming pool within your property under Trakhees jurisdiction? Here’s a guideline of what’s included with the swimming pool approval Dubai process, which owners, consultants, and contractors need to follow. Swimming pool designs should always fit its purpose, economical, and easy to maintain while providing an enhanced lifestyle for the owners.

Trakhees 2021

Department of Planning and Development - Trakhees aims to fulfill its Dubai Strategic Plan 2021 vision, which is to keep pace with the escalating development in the sustainable economic development of the emirate and support the comprehensive development of Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation's overall performance.​​ The Department will provide adequate responsibility for supporting high-quality strategic plans addressing with latest updates in the global and regional innovations. Trakhees will dispense stimulating creativity and innovation with the latest smart applications to improve the quality of services provided, to please and satisfy the public, to enhance Dubai's competitiveness, and support its ability in trade and investment, and to reach the position No. 1 globally in all fields.

Swimming Pool Approval Dubai Guidelines by Trakhees

Swimming Pools in Dubai have become synonymous and trendy with world-class quality with the use of the latest technologies and equipment. High quality and cost-effective pools with an unmatched level of care and attention along with guaranteed service are all available and offered by the swimming pool contractors and the top engineering consultants in Dubai. Whether for family use, fitness, or leisure activity, exceptional design swimming pools provide an extraordinary experience. The swimming pool installation process includes 6 steps, which are Assessment, Planning, Design, Engineering, Approvals, Construction. Below are the guidelines to acquire Swimming Pool Approval under Trakhees.

In this initial stage of the Building Permit approval, a document that outlines the procedure to acquire Concept Design NOC is required to ensure that the Architectural drawings are set according to the minimum building design requirements specified in Building Regulations and Design Guidelines‐ Architecture, International Codes and relevant Trakhees‐CED Codes & Regulations prior proceeding for the building permit submission. 

All Clients or Business Entities operating within the jurisdiction area of Trakhees. 

The reviewing of the submitted drawings in accordance with Trakhees Codes, Regulations, and relevant codes will be handled but Trakhees‐CED Architect Engineers, in regards to the Client’s Engineering consultants being fully responsible for the design, stressing on the accuracy, stability, and safety of the design and drawings.

Building Regulation & Design Guidelines‐Architecture 
Regulation & Design Provision for People with Disability (PWD)
International Codes and relevant Trakhees‐CED Codes 
DCR related to B.U 

BP‐ Building Permit 
CED‐Civil Engineering Division 
EHS‐Environment Health & Safety Division 
NOC‐ No objection Certificate 
Arch.sec‐ Architectural Section 

The Client’s Engineering Consultant must register the project in the e‐permit portal to acquire Project ID prior to the submission of concept design. If failed to do so, the TKS‐CED Help Desk shall reject the submission.

Front desk registration & acknowledgment process 
Distribution of Documentation to Respective Sections
Feedback & Compile Summary 
Sign and save drawing in the server & Prepare Concept Design NOC 
Notify Consultant   
Issuance of Concept design NOC 
Revised submission
Building Permit Submission    

3 Types of Submission for Concept Design
New Concept Design
Revised Concept Design
Revalidation of Concept Design & Amendment of Concept Design NOC

For all submission types, TKS‐CED is committed to completing the review process within 5-10 working days. 

Delays can occur due to the following: 
Missing drawings.
Details clarification
Internal department clarification
Special approval from higher management. 

There is no Record description Retention Time

Dubai Approvals Team is dedicated to helping every client all throughout, from the Swimming Pool Approval Dubai initial stage until the completion of the project. Contact us for more details.

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September 12, 2020

Clinic Approval and Licensing in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates has outgrown many challenges in its history and is now considered one of the world leaders in many sectors. The population growth in the UAE, as many people all around the world are looking forward to the many business and career opportunities and advantages UAE offers. This population growth allowed opportunities for job and business sectors including the healthcare field in public and private hospitals and clinics. The Dubai government’s commitment towards providing its residents with the best medical facilities and healthcare service. And in order to provide quality healthcare services in the country, the Dubai government established the Dubai Health Authority that contributes to healthcare and also rules on Clinic approval and other healthcare establishments under the standards of DHA approval. This initiative emphasizes the availability of safe healthcare facilities for the multicultural population of  Dubai and the whole UAE.

Clinic Approval

To acquire a Clinic Approval in Dubai, one needs to have a medical degree or have to be a Director with a relevant profession and qualification. Requirements such as an international diploma or degree need to be subjected to attestation following the certification procedure in the UAE to open a private hospital or clinic in Dubai. Every medical personnel and professional must also be certified by all means by the Dubai Healthcare Authority or DHA. Proficiency in the English language in verbal and written is also mandatory for all the medical personnel.

DHA Approval

Dubai Healthcare Authority has 4 branches namely, Healthcare, Education & Research, Investment, and Regulatory, which all contribute to overall licensing and approvals for medical professionals and centers to maintain the best practice in healthcare delivery in the largest healthcare Freezone in the world, the Dubai Healthcare City. Dubai Health Authority approval or DHA Approval in Dubai includes services for all kinds of clinic.
6 Steps in obtaining a DHA approval and license for opening a private clinic or private hospitals in Dubai.
Reserve A Trade Name
Obtain Initial Approval From The DED
Obtain Approval From The DHA
Submit The Documents
Get Final Approval From The DED
Get A License From The DHA

The Initial approval prerequisites the following requirements for the Clinic Approval application.
Copies of Passport and Visa of the owner and partners
Emirates ID of the owner and partners
Layout or floor plan for the facility, duly approved by the municipality
Proposal letter from the owner or partners, or whoever has a power of attorney
Affection plan from Ejari or Dubai Municipality
A copy of the facility’s trade name reservation letter from the Department of Economic Development or Free zone
DHA undertaking letter, signed by the owner or partners, or whoever has a power of attorney

The owner should submit all the accomplished documents, a photocopy of the initial approval, and the registration fee, along with the following for the Final approval.
No Objection Certificate or NOC from the owner to assign Medical Director (MD)
Final trade license issued by the Department of Economic Development or Free zone Authority
Medical Director and healthcare professionals Information List
A valid building contract
Acquiring Clinic Approval from Dubai Healthcare Authority is a precise process that assures to preserve the goal to regulate and supervise the actions of all the medical professions, hospitals, clinics, and other medical service providers. Every medical professional or business investor who probes to start a private hospital or clinic in Dubai is required to obtain Dubai Health Authority approvals.

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September 3, 2020

Master Plan Submission & Approval Guidelines of DDA

Dubai Development Authority or DDA is a Dubai Government organization that has a broad directive on governing development control, municipal, economic, and immigration concerns over selected free zone clusters and other communities by several master developers all over Dubai. DDA focuses on Real estate planning and development control, Regulatory and licensing services governing all strategic projects and industries within its jurisdiction, and Industry development. There are DDA Dubai approvals and service categories, mainly Registration & Licencing Services and Zoning Services, which can also be accessed through the DDA E-service portal.

The Zoning Services of Dubai Development Authority regulates the master planning and construction, modification, and overall development of all engineering projects under its jurisdiction. DDA approval includes Master Planning that is under Zoning Services, where the authority provides a standardized review and approval for every master plan submission. Master Planning service has two subcategories, the Master Plan and Post-Master Plan that both have specific guidelines and requirements all available and can be downloaded through DDA E-services. 

Master Planning Services and Requirements


Preliminary Master Plan

The primary stage in a master plan review process. Assessing a document that explains the overall vision of a project, mainly its goals and objectives, including the narrative and maps. The process may take up to 10 working days granted for completed applications only. No fees apply. 

Required Documents:
The registered Engineering Consultant must submit a Master Plan Approval Request
Preliminary Master Plan in accordance with the DDA Master Planning Guidelines with a soft copy PDF, CAD & Excel
Engineering Consultant Appointment Letter
(if needed)
Preliminary Master Plan Review Checklist 

Sign Off Sheet

Fees are applicable for Sign Off Sheet initial submission of 45,000 AED, in case of re-submission, the third submission fee will be 45,000 AED. Additional fees such as ‘Knowledge Dirham’ for 10 AED and ‘Innovation Dirham’ for another 10 AED are applicable for every transaction. The process may take up to 15 working days granted for completed applications only.

Required Documents:
Master Plan Approval Request
Subdivision Plan as per CAD Standard Template with a soft copy PDF & CAD
Plot Information Excel Sheet (Land Use Budget)
SOS Master Plan Review Checklist

Final Master Plan

Fees are applicable for the Final Master Plan initial submission of 45,000 AED, in case of re-submission, the third submission fee will be 45,000 AED. Additional fees such as ‘Knowledge Dirham’ for 10 AED and ‘Innovation Dirham’ for another 10 AED are applicable for every transaction. The process may take up to 15 working days granted for completed applications only.

Required Documents:
Master Plan Approval Request
Subdivision Plan as per CAD Standard Template with a soft copy PDF & CAD
Plot Information Excel Sheet (Land Use Budget)
SOS Master Plan Review Checklist


A Site Plan is used when designing a part of a land that is essential in acquiring construction and engineering approvals from certain authorities. It is a legal document for a property plot that is issued in the Owner or Lessee’s name with a validity of five years from the date of issue unless changes on the Plot occur before the expiry of the Site Plan. The plan includes but is not limited to location, land boundary, dimensions, and zoning regulations such as land uses, limits of construction areas, setbacks, gross floor area, maximum height, driveways, green spaces, parking requirements.

New Site Plan

The Master Developer is required to submit a request to issue a Site Plan for the first time for a Plot. Fees are applicable per Site Plan of 1,000 AED. Additional fees such as ‘Knowledge Dirham’ for 10 AED and ‘Innovation Dirham’ for another 10 AED are applicable for every transaction. The process may take up to 5 working days granted for completed applications only.

Required Documents:
Site Plan Request
Valid Passport copy of sole Owner or a Valid Trade License copy of Company Owner
Copy of Title Deed 
No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Master Developer
(in case of lease only)

A copy of the Dubai Lands Department's current site plan under the name of the developer needs to be attached if the Title Deed is under the name of shared owners of classified properties initially on the ground.

Site Plan Ownership Change

A Request for an issuance of a new Site Plan for a change in ownership of a Plot, may it be under the Owner or Lessee’s name, should be submitted by the registered Master Developer. Fees are applicable per Site Plan of 1,000 AED. Additional fees such as ‘Knowledge Dirham’ for 10 AED and ‘Innovation Dirham’ for another 10 AED are applicable for every transaction. The process may take up to 5 working days granted for completed applications only.

Required Documents:
Site Plan Request
Valid Passport copy of sole Owner or a Valid Trade License copy of Company Owner
Copy of Title Deed 
No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Master Developer
(in case of lease only)

A copy of the Dubai Lands Department's current site plan under the name of the developer needs to be attached if the Title Deed is under the name of shared owners of classified properties initially on the ground.

Renewal Site Plan

A Renewal Site Plan Request for either Site Plan expiry, that is valid for 5 years, or during a change on the plot exists, and should be submitted by the registered Owner or Lessee, or Authorized Person. Fees are applicable per Site Plan of 1,000 AED. Additional fees such as ‘Knowledge Dirham’ for 10 AED and ‘Innovation Dirham’ for another 10 AED are applicable for every transaction. The process may take up to 5 working days granted for completed applications only.

Required Documents:
Site Plan Request
Valid Passport copy of sole Owner or a Valid Trade License copy of Company Owner
Copy of Title Deed 
No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Master Developer
(in case of lease only)

A copy of the Dubai Lands Department's current site plan under the name of the developer needs to be attached if the Title Deed is under the name of shared owners of classified properties initially on the ground.

Notification of Land Sale/Lease Agreement Termination

This service enables Master Developers to inform the DDA Master Planning Department on terminating an agreement on land sale or lease agreement for a certain plot within DDA Dubai jurisdiction and to duly update the system. The process may take up to 3 working days granted for completed applications only. No fees apply. 

Required Documents:
Notification of Land Sale/Lease Agreement Termination 
Copy of the termination agreement or related documents

Master Plan Modification

This is a service that allows modification of an approved Master Plan and integrates changes that may or may not have a significant overall impact on the project. 

Major Master Plan Modification
This service is to modify an approved Master Plan and integrate changes that have a significant impact on the overall infrastructure system of the project.

Minor Master Plan Modification
This service is to modify an approved Master Plan and integrate changes that do not have an impact on the infrastructure system of the project.

Fee for initial submission of 1,000 AED. In the case of Minor Modification, the balance of AED 1,000 for the first 3 plots, 200 AED for the additional plot. In the case of Major Modification, 1 fils/sq. ft of GFA, a minimum of 25,000 AED, and a maximum of 500,000 AED apply. For Re-submission, the third submission fee will be 25,000 AED. Additional fees such as ‘Knowledge Dirham’ for 10 AED and ‘Innovation Dirham’ for another 10 AED are applicable for every transaction. 

Necessary conditions for Master Plan Modification is required for any of the following changes:​

Change in GFA​
Land Use Change​
Re-configuration of Plot/ROW/Utility/Landscaping​
Subdivision &  Merge of Plots​
Design Guidelines Modification​

Required Documents:
Master Plan Modification Request
Description of the proposed modification
Subdivision Plan
(before and after modification)
Land Use Budget Sheet (before and after modification) (soft copy in Excel & PDF)
No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Master Developer
Revised Plot Development Guidelines
(if needed)
Master Plan Modification Checklist

Copy of Drawing(s) Request

The process of requesting a hard or soft copy of a specific area within DDA's jurisdiction
Fees are applicable for this process of 500 AED. The process may take up to 2 working days granted for completed applications only.

Required Documents:

Copy of Drawing(s) Request

Land Demarcation

This process is needed to issue a Demarcation Certificate accordingly. It is a procedure
To fix plot boundaries and corners on the ground from pre-construction until the completion of the project. Fees are applicable for this process of 400 AED. Additional fees such as ‘Knowledge Dirham’ for 10 AED and ‘Innovation Dirham’ for another 10 AED are applicable for every transaction. The process may take up to 5 working days granted for completed applications only.

Required Documents:

Land Demarcation (to be submitted by Consultant)

-Land Demarcation Request (If applying through customer service center)
-Consultant Appointment letter from the owner


A process during the construction to ensure that plot limits, as well as construction works, are within the authorized limits. The request applies to one of the following stages:

-Prior to Shoring Completion
-Prior to casting the ground floor slab
-Prior to issuing the Structural Completion Certificate

The request must be submitted by the Contractor

-Land Demarcation Request (If applying through customer service center)

Final Land Demarcation

A process on Building Construction Completion and prior to issuing the Building Completion Certificate to ensure that plot limits and existing structures are within the authorized limits and complement the As-Built Survey Report. The request must be submitted by the Contractor.

-Land Demarcation Request (If applying through customer service center)
-As-Built Survey Drawing (A3 size hard copy and Auto CAD file)


Important Reminders in Master Plan Submission to Dubai Development Authority - DDA

These reminders are verified from the DDA E-service portal under Master Planning Services for an accurate and informative subject.

Any legal documents comprising more than one page must be sealed. 
The Power of Attorney shall clearly set out the authorized powers and needs to be accompanied by a copy of the valid passport of the Attorney-in-fact when submitted to the Authority. 
The Dubai Development Authority holds the right to request any additional documents or attestations by the UAE embassy or other embassies or government entities it may require, as and when needed. 
Board Resolution and/or Power of Attorney is a prerequisite from the Manager that should state the Manager's information such as full name, nationality, and passport number. 
The legal documents must be in Arabic and /or English.
Documents prepared in any other language other than Arabic or English must be legally and officially translated.

Before the submission of the Master Plan to DDA Dubai approval, the applicants should follow standard rules as stated in the Master Planning guidelines from the authority’s e-services portal.

Check the DDA Master Plan Approval Process 
Check Guidelines for Each Topic 
Identify the Applicable Master Plan Stage
Identify Requirements Checklist
Apply the General Requirements 


It is indeed a long process with various required documents, yet there is no need to worry because engineering consultants in Dubai are experienced in the DDA Dubai approval process and requirements. Dubai Approvals Team (DAT) is one of the expert engineering consultants in Dubai who are very familiar with the Dubai Development Authority services and Dubai approvals. DAT provides high-quality engineering solutions to every construction and development project under the jurisdiction of DDA approval and in other authority approvals in Dubai.

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August 18, 2020

Essential Architectural Requirements for a Restaurant Approvals in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most visited countries in the Middle East, especially the Emirates of Dubai which has become one of the top 10 most preferred tourist destinations for travelers around the world. Behind the far-reaching success of Dubai, is the vital role of the government in implementing the rules and regulations for businesses such as in acquiring appropriate authority and Dubai Approvals to innovatively developing resorts, skyscrapers, breathtaking environment, hospitality, and other accommodating amenities like restaurants for all types of tourists. These aspects effectively influence and attracts people to visit or even migrate to the country. A lot of people migrate to the United Arab Emirates seeking the opportunities it holds for a better future, without any discrimination of whichever nationality an individual beholds. 

The multiple successful businesses in Dubai is one of the big factors why people fly from all over the world and move to the UAE. Many people seek jobs, or gamble in starting a business here, a great example is a food and restaurant which is a sector with remarkable development in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is now considered as a food hub destination because of the variety of cuisines available in the city that have contributed to the success of the restaurant business, such as foodies from Asia, Europe, Australia, and America. Starting a business in Dubai seems to be needing a long process with essential and appropriate Dubai approvals to be completed and submitted, but it will surely be worthy and may become a long-term success with the right management. We have a previous article that may help you gain more ideas in starting a business in Dubai, Getting A Helping Hand For Setting Up Your Restaurant Business In Dubai. After completing the basic documents and Dubai approvals need for DED and DHA approval in Dubai which were mentioned in our previous article, let us remind you of some of the important parts of the process that may help to easily acquire authority approvals in Dubai for a restaurant business. 

New Restaurant Business’ Architectural Requirements for Dubai Approvals

An area of at least 300 to 380 square feet if there is a tandoor in the kitchen or 40% of the total area of the restaurant.
Good ventilation facility
The chimney should be 2 meters higher than the nearest building.

Walls, Floor, and Roof 
Washable, non-absorbent, and fireproof.

Assigned Basins
A basin for washing the utensils, a separate basin for cleaning the vegetables, and a separate one for meat.
Storage facility 
Available for all types of food items is a must.
Drainage pipe 
An available distance of at least 2 inches from the wall.

3 Main Required Documents to be submitted to the authorities

Trading license
Food and safety license
Non-Objection Certificate
(NOC) from the local municipality of Dubai

Other permits include, but one can always opt like:
Ramadan permit
Liquor permit
Pork permit
Delivery permit

Dubai Approvals Team is an expert group of architectural and engineering professionals who handles authority approvals for engineering projects in Dubai including acquiring restaurant approvals. We specialize in Dubai Approvals that involve various Authorities and sectors such as Dubai Municipality, Dubai Development Authority, Dubai Civil Defense, Dubai Health Authority, Food Control Department Dubai, and many more. In partnership with top engineering consultants in Dubai and experienced interior designer in Dubai, we assure to provide the best architectural and engineering solutions to easily acquire authority approvals. Our team assures to provide a stress-free solution and a smooth approval process for our clients. Let us work together to build a strong foundation for your success in the future. 


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July 23, 2020

All you need to know about JAFZA Authority Approvals

The JAFZA Approval specified its standards and requirements initial to establishing new or develop pre-existing businesses in its area, ensuring the world-class industry in its progressive and functional state. Standing with its vision to lead sustainable industrial and logistics infrastructure solutions in the world and promise to help the country, businesses, employers, partners, and employees to be successful and benefit from the economic progress. JAFZA indeed is leading globally because of the visionary and persevering individuals who are behind this economical and business success which gives advantages to the country and its people.

What is JAFZA?

Jebel Ali Free Zone or JAFZA is the world’s largest free economic zone located in Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Within its premises of 1.58 square meters, dwells businesses, production houses, storage units, shipping lines, office units, warehouses, traders’ market, onsite residences, retail outlets, showrooms, and light industrial units from more than 7500 local and international companies. These business opportunities prompted 1,500 jobs and counting, boosted the economic industry of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, and strengthened the relationship with other foreign countries.

How to get JAFZA Approval?

The process of JAFZA Approval was made easy through the Dubai Trade Portal, which is an online application portal for JAFZA services. Any applicant can upload and download the required documents at any time and anywhere you are via the JAFZA Mobile App or online services. Application through over the counter services at service centers or are also very convenient. Here are the mandatory documents or requirements to start a business under JAFZA Approval.

Accomplished application or request form.
Letter of intent declaring the type of business.
Passport and CV copies of both the manager & shareholders.
Sponsor’s No Objection Certificate / NOC.
Shareholders’ reference letters from their bank.
Third Authority’s Approval letter, if applicable.

Advantages of Starting a Business in JAFZA 

There is no restriction for workers from other foreign countries.
Free of corporate tax for a span of 50 years with renewable rights.
Free of personal income tax.
Authorized to use foreign currencies.
No import or re-export obligations.
Granted prerequisite of onsite customs.
Entitled to hold 100% foreign ownership.

These benefits allow the business industry in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates to bloom more, which gives a continuous impact on the progress of the country’s economy. The free zones all over the United Arab Emirates also contributes a huge interest for foreign investors and manpower to be part and support the advancement of the country. 

JAFZA is dedicated to global networks and presented as a perfect location to establish businesses with a high percentage of growth along with the potent Dubai market. The JAFZA facilities are designed according to the purpose and essentials of each possible business types, designated activities, and the discrete needs of customers. This free zone also renders pre-built warehouses appropriate for storage and light manufacturing ventures, and more variety of trading facilities.

What Dubai Approvals Team can do for you?

Dubai Approvals Team is an experienced group of professionals who handles Dubai approvals including acquiring JAFZA approvals. We stand together with the vision of JAFZA, “To be the leading global provider of sustainable industrial and logistics infrastructure solutions.”, by providing assistance to clients who probes to set up a business in the JAFZA area. We specialize in warehouse project approvals and other relevant engineering projects available in JAFZA. Clients won’t even need to worry about the process for we provide a stress-free solution. Let us work together and build a strong foundation for your success in the future. 

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July 13, 2020

DEWA Approvals in Dubai

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority cover broad services, thus they provide an E-Services portal on their website for easy access to all of their services. DEWA Approval in Dubai embeds classifications of services depending on the requirements of the building and the standards of DEWA. DEWA aims to become a leading sustainable innovative global corporation, and dedicated to keeping up with the latest global industrial innovation. Hence, their innovative enhancement for effective services will supply sustainable electricity and water needs for all people in Dubai.

What is DEWA?

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority was established on January 1, 1992, by Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum. DEWA was formed from the union of the Dubai Electricity Company and Dubai Water Department, which were both state-run companies, separately providing electricity and water services for the people of Dubai. Its main purpose is to provide the people of Dubai with an adequate and reliable supply of electricity and water.

DEWA E-Services Process
The information below is based on the E-services of the DEWA for accurate and informative content.

Online DEWA Application Submission
Fill in the online application form with the required information, attach required documents, and submit the application. If the application is successful, a reference number will be provided which can be used for tracking the status of the DEWA application.

Application Status Tracking and Notifications
An e-mail and SMS notifications about the status of the application such as submission, rejection, revision, and/or approval. The status of the application can also be tracked online through the tracking page of the e-service.

DEWA Application Revision
If the application was found incomplete or incorrect, access the revision page from the e-service menu is authorized, and re-submit a revised application within 2 weeks. The application will automatically be canceled if failure of re-submission 

Service Delivery
Once the request for an application is approved, it can be downloaded from the e-service tracking page.

DEWA Approval Services and Requirements
The following are the list of the common approvals and required documents for acquiring DEWA approval in Dubai. Other DEWA approval and services are all cited at the E-Service portal.

Building NOC
Building No Objection Certificate service allows contractors and consultants to acquire Electricity or Water No Objection Certificate for issuance of building permits. The application for service is free of charge, service is chargeable. The Building NOC process takes 3 working days for each service such as electricity and water.

Required Documents:
❏    Affection Plan
❏    Setting-Out Plan
❏    24-Hour Demand
❏    Plumbing Layout/ including water storage tank capacity and location.
❏    Water demand and calculation sheet.
❏    Proposed meter location.

Getting Electricity Fit-out Connections
This is a free of charge service that enables customers to acquire a fit-out power connection for shops and offices. The contractor can submit for technical field inspection when the technical drawings are approved by DEWAm. Once subjected to inspection approval and upon securing the payment of Security Deposit, DEWA will arrange the installation of KWh meter and release of power connection. Notifications will be sent through the website.

There are two processes in getting Electricity Fit-out connections from DEWA such as: 
❏    The Design Approval process that takes at least one working days and,
❏    The LV Inspection process wherein an appointment will be given within two working days from the readiness date notified by the contractor.

Required Documents:
❏    Copy of DEWA approved TCL/MD, MDBs/SMDBs, Main project schedule
❏    Load distribution schedules of distribution boards.
❏    Wiring Layouts – Lighting
❏    Wiring Layouts – Power
❏    Landlord NOC (In DEWA prescribed format)
❏    Tenancy Contract
❏    Trade License
❏    Passport Copy

Electric or Water Network Modification
Contractors or Consultants can submit an online application to obtain the Electricity and Water Network Modifications Service. The application for service is free of charge, service is chargeable. A notification will be sent through SMS and/or email when the Estimate is set.

Required Documents:
❏    Latest affection plan issued from Dubai Municipality or concerned authority.
❏    Approved load scheduled that indicates total connected load / maximum demand.
❏    Owner’s passport copy / Emirates ID Copy.
❏    Latest consumption bill issued by DEWA.
❏    No Demand Certificate from DEWA – Billing Department (In Substation cancellation cases only).
❏    Setting out a plan that indicates existing connections and proposed changes.
❏    Others (Any documents that may support the application).

New Electricity or Water Connection
The Estimate or Connection charges need to be settled first before the implementation of the DEWA service. A convenient tracking of the status of the application, upload additional documents, download the approved documents, project status notification for the technical inspection, etc. are possible through the E-Services portal.

New Electricity Connection
LV Design Approval:
❏    Load from 1‐150 Kw: 1 working day
❏    Load from 151‐400 Kw: 2 working days
❏    Load from 401‐5000 Kw: 3 working days
❏    Load from 5001 and above: 3 working days

Issuance of Connection Cost:
❏    Load from 1 to 150 Kw: 1 working day
❏    Load from 151 to 400 Kw: 3 working days
❏    Load from above 400 Kw: 3 working days

LV Inspection:
❏    Load from 1-150 Kw: 1 working days from the date preferred by the authorized electrical Contractor for the project
❏    Load from above 150 Kw: 2 working days from the date preferred by the authorized electrical Contractor for the project

HV Substation Location & size Approval (If Applicable)
❏    3 working days

HV Substation Inspection (If Applicable)
❏    1 working day from the date preferred by the authorized electrical Contractor for the project

Mandatory Documents:
❏    Total Connected Load/Max. Demand schedule (.pdf Format)
❏    MDBs/SMDBs Schedules (.pdf Format only)
❏    Single Line Diagram with proposed LV distribution and tariff metering (. dwf Format)
❏    Site setting lay-out and ground floor plan indicating the location of substation, LV room (along with dimensional details of LV room, arrangements of LV Panels, MDBs, KW meters, etc.) (. dwf Format)
❏    Ground floor and/or typical floor plan indicating the location of Electrical rooms/MDBs/SMDBs etc. (. dwf Format)
❏    General arrangements of KWh meters in the ground and/or typical floor electrical rooms (. dwf Format)
❏    Typical Load distribution schedule for the final distribution board. (.pdf Format)
❏    Affection Plan (.pdf Format)
❏    Passport copy/Trade License copy (.pdf Format)

Optional Documents:
❏    Green Building Regulation implementation documents. (.pdf format only)
❏    Technical specification of Chiller/Motor loads and other documents. (.pdf Format)
❏    Premise details sheet (.xls/.doc Format)
❏    Material requirements details (.xls/.doc Format)
❏    Consultant confirmation letter (No wet area, above electrical room/DBs, Circuit breaker/circuit cables, UV relays, ELCBs, etc.) in DEWA's prescribed format (.pdf Format)
❏    DM Approved Thermal Load Calculation sheet

New Water Connection
 Types of Connections:
❏    Single:  Premises that include a single meter (i.e. villa, hotel building… etc.). 
❏    Multi: Premises containing more than one meter within the same property (i.e. building apartment). 
❏    Development: Housing communities that have more than one meter within the area (i.e. Emaar Developments, DAMAC, etc.).

Water Connections Categories:
❏    Temporary connection (for construction purposes)
❏    Permanent connection
❏    Upgradation (increase of water demand)
❏    Diversion (shifting pipeline /meter)

Mandatory Documents:
❏    Building Permit/NOC
❏    Proposed location of meters and sub-meters
❏    Layout Drawing (i.e. floor plan indicating plumbing system)
❏    Water storage tank details (i.e. drawing inlet level, capacity, location)
❏    Green Building Regulation Implementation Documents (.pdf format only)
❏    Premise Details Sheet (.xls/.doc format)
❏    Meters Requirements Details (.xls/.doc Format)
❏    The total calculation for water consumption, as per building code and accommodation (pdf format)
❏    Site Plan (pdf format)
❏    Trade License copy (pdf format)

In acquiring DEWA Approval in Dubai, MEP consultants in Dubai experts are essential to precisely complete all the requirements within the schedule. There are capable MEP consultants in Dubai and Electrical Engineering specialists who can assist with concerns about obtaining DEWA Approval in Dubai. Dubai Approvals Team is a group of professionals, licensed to provide a one-stop engineering solution in Dubai. We have deep experiences in DEWA approval, DEWA Application, and other Dubai Approvals for engineering-related projects.

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