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March 12, 2020

Tips on getting Dubai Civil Defence Approval (DCD Approval)

Safety and security are the most important attributes of a nation. Securing the safety of each individual in its sovereignty and implementing peace throughout the world, it will enable growth and stabilize its economy. Who would want to be in a place where chaos is all around its corners? Anyone would want to be in a safe and secure environment where they can establish a better life and can practice their own religion and culture in compliance with the regulations and laws. 

The same goes for investors and developers, they would want to build and start-up their investments in a place where the economy is booming and can provide whole security assurance for them. If proof and affirmation of safety and security are all set, businesses in the place will vastly grow and the trust of people with the government will strengthen. These traits are very important for the Dubai government, which is why they are continuously improving their system especially in terms of safety and security.


safety and security dubai approvals team

The Dubai Civil Defence, DCD Approval, is a government organization under the Ministry of Interior of Dubai. DCD is responsible for securing every individual and properties into safety at all times and from all kinds of catastrophe. Their vision is ‘To have the United Arab Emirates as one of the best countries in the world in achieving safety and security’. They were molded to protect the country and its resources at all costs. And in order to make it possible and implemented, DCD Dubai is providing approvals for the safety and security of all businesses which is one of the important approvals to be acquired. Dubai Municipality - DM approval and Dubai Development Authority - DDA approval correlates with Dubai Civil Defence in providing approvals for safety and security. 

DM and DDA require these documents in processing their approvals which are also needed for DCD approval.

  • Trade License
  • Title Deed
  • Ejari or Tenancy Contract
  • Copy of Owner’s Passport, Emirates ID and Visa
  • Site Plan
  • Copy of drawings
  • Building management

These are the plan requirements needed to obtain safety and security approval from DCD Dubai.

  • Water Supply Layout
  • Power Layout
  • HVAC and Ventilation Layout
  • Mechanical Equipment Schedule
  • Power Layout Indicating Meter Location
  • Lighting Layout
  • Fire Alarm and Firefighting Layout
  • LPG Layout
  • Grease Interceptor for Kitchen or Restaurant
  • Coordinated Reflected Ceiling set up with Final MEP Fix Layout 
  • Load Schedule
  • Single Line Diagram 


All of these requirements should be completed and approved by the authorities. The approval process usually takes three (3) working days. In case of some faults are required to be inspected and remodeled, it should be fixed quickly and accurately to avoid disadvantages in the process and completion of the project.
To acquire approval from Civil Defence Dubai, Dubai Approvals Team layout engineering solutions for installing a fire alarm system, smoke detector system, sprinkler system, and other safety and security systems that are essential for the project.
Since there are lots of work in terms of application for DCD Approval, Engineering consultancies and approval teams are all ready to assist any client who is in need of help. Hiring a consultancy or an approval team in Dubai takes a lot of trusts because you will let them do all of the works for you. Dubai Approvals Team accepts and takes good care of the trust being handed unto us for we value every client and project we are working with. We oath to provide quality Engineering and Approval services at all times and maintain the best relationship with our clients for more future projects and to help implement the safety and security vision of DCD Dubai. 

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March 11, 2020

Tips on Getting Dubai Development Authority Approval (DDA Approval) in Dubai

Since Dubai is a fast-growing Emirate in the UAE through its stable and rising economy. Many investors and developers are getting involved with different kinds of businesses here. In order to start up a business here in Dubai, there are many kinds of approvals a business owner needs to process. And there are specific government departments for each kind of Dubai approvals


DDA which stands for Dubai Development Authorities is responsible for the establishment and registration of companies situated in the Free Zone Business Communities and Dubai Design District. The Authority’s focal points are with Real estate planning and development control, Regulatory and licensing services governing all strategic projects and industries within its jurisdiction, and Industry development. Therefore, in getting business permits, building permits, and other necessary permits to start up a business in Dubai, DDA is one of the government departments you should visit.
There are documents which will be needed to be prepared beforehand like:

  • Trade of License
  • Title Deed
  • Ejari or Tenancy Contract
  • Copy of Owner’s Passport, Emirates ID and Visa
  • Site Plan
  • Copy of drawings
  • Building management

These are the basic documents that should be completed for the DDA Approval application. 
To avoid problems with the documents and processing, there are companies in Dubai who are offering services for consultancies and approvals. Dubai Approvals Team is a one-stop solution for clients who need DDA approval for their building projects. Together with the partnership of DAT Engineering Consultancy, we can provide a complete set of quality service to our clients. 
Below is the process for DDA Approval.


  • Submission of application to a trained DDA representative, who checks and discusses the application before putting it into their system. This helps with the submission as all documents and drawings are checked carefully for explication. After submitting the application, progress and comments can be accessed online.
  • The approval process usually takes three to four working days. Once the permit is released, we then start deploying our teams into their respective work areas.
  • If the project requisites remodeling, DDA may request a first fix inspection to pinpoint any issues and be resolve quickly.
  • A final inspection will take place after completing all the work. If final approval is acquired, then the business can immediately start.


Dubai Approvals Team pledge for every project’s successful completion and to maintain the best relationship with our respected clients who wholly give their trust unto us. We are committed to every project we deal with to make sure that we can provide a solid solution to every client’s needs.

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July 28, 2019

Make the most of capable and skilled contractors in Dubai with us

Hire a Contractor Now



If you have ever thought about hiring contractors in Dubai for your construction project, then you might have come across many options. You would have heard many claims from companies that assume they are the best building contractors in Dubai. However, the choice is completely left to you, and your judgment of a contractor’s capabilities could decide the future of your construction project. Many factors go into making construction projects stand true to the value for which they were designed in the first place.

After all, what use is a swimming pool which cannot be able to drain water easily when you need to clean it? Therefore, you can rely on Dubai Approvals as your trusted source for information on competent and capable contractors in Dubai. Allow us to illustrate some of the factors which make us the best choice in Dubai for finding local and most capable individual contractors and contractor agencies.


Simplicity in our services

Before we move towards the reasons to choose us, please take a look at the simplicity we provide our clients in selecting construction contractors in Dubai.

  • First of all, you need to book with us for an initial consultation. Tell us exactly what your construction needs are and the location you have selected for the project. Our experts visit the location according to your convenience for review.
  • The next stage would involve our expert using their evaluation of your construction project to give you a cost estimate for the project. Most important of all, you would find our cost estimates to be reasonable and ideally tailored to fulfill all your needs related to the construction project.
  • Once you are convinced by the cost estimate and overall layout designed for your construction project, hire us! With that, you would also hire a contractor for working on your building project while you can sit back and relax.

Why choose us?

Now that you have a clear idea of how we provide you with the services of competent contractors let us show you the reasons to choose us.

Wide range of experience

The foremost factor which sets us apart from the rest of the companies providing services to hire a contractor for building construction is an experience. We have worked for clients belonging to various industry verticals as well as over a wide range of projects such as villa construction and swimming pool construction.

Client-centric approach

We base the focus of our services around our clients and make sure that their requirements and opinions are taken into consideration. We ensure a client-centric approach through providing scalable solutions that are suited to the different needs of customers.

Certified services

You would find certified personnel at your service by hiring us. We are connected with the most competent contractors in different building projects. Our credentials are just the mark of the trust that you can have in us.

Delivery according to deadlines

Timely delivery of projects is also another differentiating factor that separates us from the competition. You can get projects delivered within the stipulated deadline, thereby preventing any losses or overheads that you may have to incur because of the delay.

Closing words

On a closing note, we can assure you of the best-in-class services from capable contractors for various projects. Take your time to go through our services and capabilities for making the final decision! Feel free to contact us anytime with your queries. 


Hire a Contractor Now



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July 25, 2019

Getting A Helping Hand For Setting Up Your Restaurant Business In Dubai

Driven by a growing population, the United Arab Emirates has experienced an unparalleled hike in the food industry. As per the facts and figures suggested by Business Registration and Licensing (BRL), Dubai witnessed a total number of 11,813 restaurants and cafes in the year 2018.
This has made it quite easy for the business holders to do business in the city with their favorite cuisines and business strategies influenced by the taste, population, interests, infrastructure, or anything else. Opening a restaurant in Dubai isn’t that easy as it seems this is why Dubai Approvals Team is there to make the approval process easy for you.

How to open a restaurant business in Dubai?

For a rookie, setting up a restaurant business in Dubai may seem to be a quite daunting task. This is why you need professional assistance to strategize each and everything accordingly. If you don’t want to be in any legal trouble with the authorities, you should always follow the rules. Here are the steps involved in opening a restaurant in Dubai. Have a look!

1. Drafting a business plan 

A professional business plan is indispensable to make your business successful in the latter days. Along with that, you need to do the SWOT analysis, prepare a contingency plan for adverse situations and finance plan, target marketing, market survey, break-even analysis, cash flow projections, and a lot more. Every factor can be a vital force to determine the success of your business, so keep these in mind before opening a restaurant in Dubai.

2. Food and Trading License

You need to acquire the food and trading license at first, and for this, you need to approach the Department of Food and Safety whereas for the trade license you need to go to the Department of Economic Development (DED) that may cost you around ED10,000 to AED12,000. Along with this, you also need to get approval from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM Dubai) as well.

3. Location preferences

The next vital step of Opening a restaurant in Dubai is to find the ideal location for your business. If you are planning to open the restaurant in the mainland area, then the approval of the DED authorities is inevitable. In this case, the owner will have 49% of the shares, while the sponsors will hold 51% of the shares. For free zones the consent of the free zone authority is necessary. Though you may gain authority over 100% of the shares, your trade will be restricted. 

4. Getting the right documents

The documents required for starting a business in Dubai include trading license, NOC from local municipality, Food and safety license, Liquor, Ramadan, Pork and permit, and common professional licenses, as well as certifications for the trained staff, can be a cherry on the top. Once all these documents are obtained, every business can function without any interference.
But all this isn’t as easy as it appears on the surface. Get in touch with the professionals of the Dubai Approvals Team and start your business within no time as you get the approvals in the minimal possible time.

5. Food Control Department

Before opening a restaurant in Dubai, it is extremely crucial to take into consideration the exact role that the Food Control Department would play. This department is mainly responsible for making sure that the restaurants and food outlets offer safe and hygienic cuisines to the customers. 
Thus its guidelines must be strictly adhered to by the new restaurant. From the very start of food production to it is presented to the customers on their table, the focus must be paid to the hygiene factor. Following the proper food code would play a vital role and help the business to have strong and long-lasting goodwill in the market.  

In case you think that the rules and guidelines of the Food Control Department would restrict the restaurant business in Dubai, you are mistaken. The specifications that have been presented by the department would guide the new restaurant to focus on the quality of the wide variety of food. 

The food code would provide the updated guidelines relating to the food safety standards and regulations so that a win-win situation could arise for the business as well as the customers. The focal points would include the protection of the health of the consumers and obtaining a safe environment. Thus some of the main areas of business processes that would have to designed to meet the food safety requirements include the availability of adequate space for making food, the sanity of the spaces including kitchen and restroom. 

Similarly, the exact location of the kitchen equipment would play a key role to make sure that healthy food items are prepared. The entry and exit passages must be used systematically so that no unauthorized individual or party could enter the kitchen premises. Hence the Food Control Department Dubai would play a key role to influence the new restaurant business.

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July 15, 2019

How to Get the Salon Approval in Dubai?

Every person wants to look their best at all times with perfect grooming. Therefore, people want to get haircuts, manicures, pedicures, and other types of grooming services from time to time for looking beautiful. This has been one of the reasons for which beauty salons are presently in high demand. You can find many beauty salons in urban areas for this reason. Surely seems like a good chance to open a beauty salon, isn’t it? 

Dubai is known for its high standards of living and disposable income per capita. So, people in Dubai spend considerable amounts of money on maintaining their looks. These factors clearly show that a salon business would provide better returns on your investment! However, many people are not aware of how to open gents or ladies salon in Dubai. This discussion would aim at providing details about the requirements for starting a salon in Dubai. 

Choose the type of salon you want

First things first, you need to get the basics in place before getting a ladies or gents salon approvals in Dubai. The foremost aspect which you should decide is the type of salon and the business options that you prefer for the salon. Regarding the type of salon, you need to verify the different types of services that you will provide in the salon. Also, you have to specify whether you want a men’s only salon, a ladies salon, or a unisex salon. 

You should also decide clearly about whether you need to start a salon business on your own, or you want to buy an existing salon franchise. Apart from these two options, you could also choose to purchase a functioning salon. Most important of all, it is essential to decide the type of involvement in the business, i.e., as an owner or as a partner. 

Money is always important!

The next important basic which you should focus on before the salon approval is the estimation of preliminary costs to start the salon business. This estimate could help you in planning the approach to obtain the money needed for the initial stages of a salon business. Furthermore, a clear and comprehensive plan to obtain the required finances for your salon business in Dubai could also help in the expansion of the business in the long term. 

The other essential factors which you should emphasize before obtaining a salon or even spa approval in Dubai include the location and awareness of legal implications. The awareness of legal precedents regarding a salon business in Dubai could help in refraining from unnecessary worries. In addition to the need for legal compliance, you should also focus on finding out the perfect location for the salon. 

Mandatory requirements to get salon approval in Dubai

Till now, we have taken note of the basic aspects required for starting a salon business in Dubai. Let us look at the mandatory requirements from a salon to get approval. 


  • You need to get approval for the location of your salon from the planning department of Dubai Municipality.
  • The salon should have sufficient lighting alongside appropriate and clean furniture in place. 
  • The minimum dimensions of the dressing chairs in the salon should be 3.5m in length and 3.0m in width. 
  • The minimum distance between the floor and the ceiling for a beauty salon should be 2.30m.
  • The essential facilities which should be included in the salon include the use of fireproofing materials for the preparation area for the hair removing materials. A water heater, as well as cupboards and drawers for storing cosmetics and towels, are also mandatory requirements. You also need to have a washbasin near the facial treatment area.  
  • You need to have a separate area for different beauty treatments such as hair removal, manicures, and pedicures. The minimum dimensions of this area should be 2.50m x 1.50m along with a proper partition in place.

With all the information presented above in this discussion, it could be a simple task to start your salon business in Dubai!             

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July 10, 2019

Helpful Information for Obtaining an Emaar Approval Easily

The option for purchasing or renting property in Dubai could be simple now with the assistance of Emaar approval. A few years back, if you are a foreigner in Dubai, then it could have been difficult to get ownership of a property. However, times have changed, and foreigners could easily buy property in Dubai. On the other hand, there are certain concerns which you should focus on to get the job done simply.

You should have comprehensive awareness about the mandatory factors needed to apply for an Emaar approval as well as the guidelines related to it. The following discussion would illustrate information such as reasons to choose Emaar and the requirements to get approval for Emaar properties.

Dubai is gradually gaining recognition for its world-class infrastructure. Starting from skyscrapers to luxury residential properties as well as business establishments, Dubai has it all! The industrial revolution in Dubai has been a formidable driver for increasing the number of visitors.

Job seekers, tourists, and aspiring business ventures are finding their way to Dubai in large numbers. Therefore, it is most likely that the demand for real estate would increase gradually. As a foreigner, individuals should know how to apply for real estate approval with Emaar properties.

Reasons to choose Emaar

Now, you would be thinking about the exact reasons for which Emaar approval is essential for owning a property in Dubai. Emaar has been a prominent player in guiding the development of Dubai since 1997 and has been involved with various notable projects.

Some of the projects of Emaar which you could find attractive are the Dubai Mall and best of all, the Burj Khalifa! Most important of all, an understanding of the guidelines to obtain Emaar approval is crucial. After all, Emaar is the one company that has helped foreign investors to purchase or invest in properties in Dubai.

One of the prominent factors for which you would need Emaar approval is the provision of sophisticated properties for clients. You can get some of the best properties in Dubai with the help of Emaar and that too at reasonable prices! Furthermore, the easy payment plans of Emaar can also be taken into account for choosing Emaar.

How to apply?

The process to apply for Emaar approval is quite simple, and it starts with accessing the Emaar online portal. You need to create an account first on the online portal and then register your account with all the necessary credentials. The online portal is your one-stop solution to gain Emaar approvals. The Emaar online portal can be used to apply for the Title Deed through the online application, request for NOC as well as applications for approvals to modify villas or any properties of Emaar.

Understanding the mandatory requirements for Emaar approval

It is also essential to observe the basic requirements needed for getting Emaar approval. Just to make the process easy, you can use this information for preparing to get an Emaar approval. Foreigners have to submit a copy of their passport and locals are required to submit a copy of their passport as well as copies of their Emirates ID and visa. In addition to this, investors would have to give almost 10% of the property’s value as a down payment. During the registration process, investors would have to pay four percent of the property’s value as well as 3000 AED to the Dubai Land Department (DLD).

Guidelines for Emaar approval

The basic guideline to apply for Emaar approval is to follow the steps mentioned above for application carefully. Also, you need to have the right documents with you along with their copies to prevent any sort of confusion. The other guidelines that can help you get through the Emaar approval process easily can be presented as follows.

After understanding the basic requirements to apply for Emaar approval, it is reasonable to focus on the necessity of choosing an agency that could get you the approval easily. Professional agencies dealing with services for approvals from notable government authorities in Dubai can be a helpful support. Their experience in real estate, as well as the activities of Emaar, could be a source of advantage for investors.

Also, the agencies could provide clear details about the essential requirements to obtain Emaar approval. It is highly important to adhere strictly to the regulations established by the Emaar Alterations Department to get the approval. Furthermore, investors could be able to get insights into the suitable property options in different areas of Dubai. This surely seems like a way to get the best out of your investment in real estate in Dubai, doesn’t it?

On a closing note, you could be able to get an Emaar approval easily by following the information mentioned above. However, don’t forget to get the services of an expert approval agency.  

Also, read How to Get Approval from Trakhees

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May 27, 2019

Sneakpeak at the Latest Preparations for Dubai Expo 2020

The most highly anticipated event of next year has been in the making for a long time. It happens only once every 5 years so it’s not surprising that the Dubai Expo 2020 master plan includes one-of-a-kind incredible projects. You’ll have the chance to explore the marvels of 190 countries from every continent of the world. Just imagine the cultural delights you could experience! It’s not just about culture, of course. During those unforgettable 6 months, everyone will get to witness firsthand the wonders of modern architecture and engineering. The professionals at Engineering Consultants in UAE are just as thrilled as you to see original works from the top engineering companies from all over the world. Of the 25 million attendees expected, an estimated 70% are going to be from outside the UAE.

Economic Development

One of the many reasons to celebrate the Dubai Expo 2020 is the countless number of jobs it is creating for those residing in the UAE. The government is always working towards eliminating unemployment and leading the nation to prosperity. Not long ago, the Global consultancy EY released a report with great news! From the time of winning to bid to wrap up the event, the Dubai Expo 2020 will have generated a staggering $33.4 billion for the UAE and its contribution towards GDP would be satisfactory at 1.5%.  

Welcome to the Future

The global campaign, Welcome to the Future, lead by the UAE in relation to the Dubai Expo 2020 is based on revisiting historic successes and boosting international cooperation. This has been designed to be supported in video format which is a powerful tool for today’s promotional activities, particularly on social media. Its slam poetry narration hopes to strike a chord with inventors around the world. The main idea behind Welcome to the Future is to make the world realize that every person on earth is valuable to global progress. It urges nations to utilize human resources intelligently to ensure even more amazing achievements in the future. As the Deputy Chief Visitor Experience Officer of the Expo 2020 Dubai, Sanjive Khosla explained that this campaign represents the inspiringly “positive and progressive spirit” that allowed the UAE to become what it today.

Transport and Security

So, how’s the construction coming along? Mattar Al Tayer, director-general and chairman of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) that provides RTA Permit and Approval has expressed his satisfaction at the superior project management displayed by those in charge of various phases of the Dubai Expo 2020. Just today, the main bridge leading to the site was opened up. In order to review safety measures and maintain tight security at the premises, a meeting was held yesterday. The Director-General of the Dubai Expo 2020 Bureau, the Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, and the Security Committee were in attendance to go over security concerns.

Spanish Pavilion

Meanwhile, this week Spain has revealed exciting details about the pavilion planned for the Sustainability District. Renowned architects are putting their best foot forward to make it a resounding success. The core design concept of the Spanish Pavilion revolves around the conservation of resources including energy and building material. That explains their choice of exhibiting in the Sustainability District. The wood, metal, and cloth being employed can be easily recycled. The thermal and acoustic insulation in the exhibition area will be acquired owing to its location in the basement.    

Ukraine Pavilion

This is the first time that each of the 190 countries participating in the World Expo will have dedicated pavilions. If you have never been to Ukraine, the Dubai Expo 2020 invites you to discover the rich heritage and superior engineering technology of the country. There’s exciting news about the Ukraine Pavilion being constructed in the Opportunity District. The developers have highlighted innovative ideas that present feasible solutions to improve the quality of daily life. The design base is green technology making it attractive for every nation of the world. You’ll be stunned by the imagination used in their highly efficient e-bike, energy-generating solar blinds, and 3D printer for ceramics.  

 US Pavilion

With the announcement of unbelievable projects like 'What Moves You' by the US Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020, it is the one event that cannot be missed! Fans of science fiction franchises worldwide are rejoicing as they get to have this amazing experience similar to how characters in their favorite films traveled. Top engineers will be recreating the hyperloop ride as a futuristic means of transport. You will not be disappointed because this thrilling project stimulates multiple human senses. The aim is to create an immersive experience that allows you to truly feel as if the real world has dissolved around you leaving only elements of the hyperloop ride.

Saudi Arabian Pavilion

The aptly titled pavilion of Saudi Arabia, Window to the Future, lives up to its name covering an area equal to two football fields making it the largest pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020 after the Dubai pavilion. This visual masterpiece is absolutely breathtaking in its ingenuity and creativity. The design may appear to be a path to the infinite skies reflecting the sky-high ambitions of the nation. After being wowed by the fantastic exterior, you will be welcomed into the exhibitions held inside showcasing the rich heritage of Saudi Arabia and its openness to building economic ties with other countries.

Chinese Pavilion

Standing at a jaw-dropping 4636m2, the Chinese pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020 has announced the theme “Building a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind – Innovation and Opportunity”. The concept of design maintains a proud Chinese core with elements of modernization linked to Western inventors. Symbolizing all things positive, the pavilion’s exterior is spectacularly designed to flaunt a traditional Chinese lantern lending its illumination to everyone around it. The exhibitions inside revolve around developmental milestones and innovation.  

We are on the edge of our seats as announcements for other pavilions are pouring in. The organizers hope to send out the heartfelt message that they are ready to take leaps for international development.    

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May 4, 2019

Procedure for Getting DM Approvals

Before commencing any work related to the planning and construction of a project under the Dubai Municipality or DM jurisdiction, it is important to first acquire approvals from the DM. DM provides various approvals for individual, commercial, and Government services, i.e., individuals, businesses, as well as Government bodies need to acquire a permit or approval before commencing any project work in Dubai. So, let’s discuss some of the approvals provided by DM and what procedure it requires for you to get a DM approval.

New Building Permit:

  • The building department of DM provides approvals for new buildings. Any individual, business, or Government body with a proposed building plan can avail of this service and get DM approval for their project. The approval can be acquired for either a Structural plan, or Architectural Plan, or both. The various types of projects that are covered under this service include single and multi-story buildings, industrial structures, villas, and floor ratio area. Before commencing any physical on-site, it is important to get the primary DM approval in order to make sure the project work is as per the standards and guidelines of DM, otherwise, no physical work should be started. However, DM does not require you to get a primary approval, instead, you can directly apply for the final approval.

Procedure to get a New Building Permit from DM Approval:

In order to make sure you get the approval easily, you must follow the given procedure:

  • Following the approval from DM, you will get your permit from the DM website.
  • When all the documents are successfully submitted, you will be required to pay certain fees. In the case of villas and multi-story buildings (up to 7 floors), an amount of 100 AED is to paid. 150 AED is to be paid for multi-story buildings with more than 7 floors and 250 AED is to be paid for floor ratio area buildings. Once the payment is done, you will receive a payment voucher.
  • Visit the DM website and apply for the New Building permit. You will be required to submit the structural and architectural drawing as per the type of service you are applying for.
  • From the date of submission, within 3-5 working days, you will receive a reply from DM regarding the approval or rejection of your application.
  • If the application is rejected, you should then check for the amendments in your application and then re-submit your application on the DM website. The entire process of approval or rejection takes up to 5 working days.


Approval for issue or renewal of DM Plans:

  • This service is provided by the Survey Department of DM and provides various sub-services like Land Boundary information, zoning regulations, approved number of floors, use of land, land area, setback area, owner of the title, etc. The most important benefit of this service is that it does not take any long duration of time, i.e., in case of renewal of villas, you can get the approval within 15 minutes, and the rest of the services take only 1 working day.

Procedure to get DM approval for new or renewal of DM plans:

In order to ensure a smooth procedure for this approval, follow the given instruction:

  • Once your application is reviewed, you will receive notifications regarding the approval or rejection from DM via SMS.
  • Visit the DM website, or call the customer care center of DM, or visit Al Manara Center on Sheikh Zayed Road, or visit Al Tawar center in Deira, or Hatta Center, and submit the application form. You will have to submit your UAE identity proof.
  • Once you submit the application, a DM plan to register land will be issued to you. For this step, you will be required to submit a copy of the Land Department plan not more than 2 years old, and a delegation letter, if your land is within government projects.
  • Now you will be required to pay the fees of 200 AED. You will receive a payment voucher that may be helpful for future queries.
  • Apart from villas, all other services take 1 working day to complete.

There are various other hundreds of approvals provided by DM which can be availed from the official website of DM or various DM approved offline centers. The procedure to get DM Approval can be very easy but understanding the nature of your project and then submitting the application for the service can be very complex. If you are also looking forward to getting DM Approval, then do not worry and leave all the difficulties and complexities to us. Our experts at Dubai Approvals Team will help you step by step so that you can get your Dubai Approvals on time without any hassle.

We also help you for getting Dubai Approvals from various other Dubai Authorities like Trakhees, DEWA, NAKHEEL, DSO, JAFZA, Food Control Department, EMAAR, RTA, TECOM and DCCA, and Warehouse approvals. So, Contact Us, save your precious time, and start working on your dreams right away.

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May 4, 2019

General Guidelines for Warehouse Approval

Warehouses are required to abide by certain Building Regulations and Design Guidelines in order to get a license approval for both establishment and for any subsequent Fit-out modifications done to it. The approvals are demarcated between 2 jurisdictions. Warehouses located in Al Quoz, Dubai Investment Parks, and Ras Al Khor come under the jurisdiction of the “Dubai Municipality and Civil Defense” whereas, the Jebel Ali Free Economic Zone (JAFZA) are required to get a Trakhees license.

Let’s have a look at the general guidelines:

  • The locations for warehouses are required to be chosen as special areas usually set aside for industrial types of work. This is as per the Land Use and Classification and Regulations in the Emirates.
  • Unless considered otherwise by the authority, warehouses are required to provide skylight openings of at least 5% of floor area in order to provide natural ventilation and lighting.
  • The net internal height of any storage area such as a depot or a workshop must be between 4 and 9 meters in height unless indicated otherwise by the authority.
  • A maximum limit of 20% of the industrial area can be set aside to set up commercial activity. Outside of this area, commercial activity or goods display for trading cannot be carried out.
  • Provisions for canteen, pantry, and changing rooms with lockers are required to be provided for employees. People with disabilities may be employed only when special provisions for them are incorporated into the design of the space.
  • Kitchens and related cooking activities are not allowed on site.

Sanitary Provisions:

  • Wash closets (WC) and Basins (WB) are required to be provided for male and female staff at the rate of 1 per 25 staff. If the staff number exceeds 100 then WC’s and WB’s are to be provided at the rate of 1 per 40 urinals.
  • Toilet corridors need to have a minimum width of 1.2 meters with stall dimensions of 0.9 X 1.25 meters.
  • Vending equipment, waste receptacles, and dispensers need to be 1 meter above the floor level with the waste receptacles embedded into the walls out of the way of people.
  • Common toilets for both sexes are prohibited and doors to male and female washrooms are to be separated well. Self-closing doors to be provided wherever possible.

Parking provisions:

  • 1 parking space per 50 square meters of office space to be provided. For vehicles such as buses, parking space provided depends on the operations carried out and the number of workers. Parking provision for visitors is 10% of the space provided for the staff.
  • Construction of perimeter fencing must be on property and must not exceed 2.4 meters in height.
  • The minimum width of all warehouse doors is 3 meters.

Mezzanine floor constraints:

  • A mezzanine floor is simply an intermediate floor space provided above the warehouse floor. Its function may pertain to the space below or above it.
  • 100% of the mezzanine floor can be used for the purpose of car parking or as an extension of the building’s usage purpose.
  • Balconies or terraces are not permitted to be built on mezzanine floors and second mezzanines are not permitted when the first one is being detached and used independently.
  • The internal height of the ground floor has to be a minimum of 3 meters. With the addition of a half mezzanine floor, it has to be between 2.4 – 4 meters. Finally, with the addition of a full mezzanine, the permitted internal height is between 2.6 – 3 meters.
  • Mezzanine floors installed must be done so without disturbing the existing warehouse structures.

Fire safety provisions:

  • Smoke detectors are required to be fitted in every partitioned area within the building and tested by an EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety home)-Approved Fire contractor.
  • Fire extinguishers of 9-pound water type and 5-pound capacity carbon dioxide type must be provided at strategic locations on site.
  • Sprinkler systems to be provided where there is storage of fire hazardous material and sprinkler piping system is to be tested and approved by the concerned Fire department.

Any Fit-out / Modifications that are made onto existing warehouse structures require an inspection by the Trakhees authorities to obtain a Fit-out/Modification completion certificate. We can help you in getting a Trakhees approval as well apart from the Warehouse Approval.

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May 4, 2019

Tips On Getting Trakhees Approval In Dubai

Dubai is one of the countries that has been recording immense development over the years. Many industries have been coming up yearly creating a big job market for many Dubai people thus the growth of the economy of Dubai. With this immense economic growth, there arose a need to have a body that will oversee the management of infrastructure. The rapid growth of buildings and other infrastructure requires strict guidelines to ensure that quality is not compromised. For this reason, Trakhees regulations and standards were then created, in 2009, with the main intent of guarantying the development of very sustainable and environmentally friendly structures.

Trakhees is in charge of various entities such as lands, port areas, Dubai World, and other areas within its mandate. Additionally, Trakhees are also responsible for the issuance of business licenses and approvals in the development of certain areas in Dubai. Trakhees is comprised of four sections that all ensure quality and efficiency are maintained in infrastructural development. These sections include Environment, Health and Safety Department, Commercial Licensing Department, Civil Engineering Department, and Corporate Excellence Department.

If you wish to get Trakhees Approval, you have to follow a few guidelines listed below:

Regulatory Requirements:

  • No construction work should start without approval from the Civil Engineering Department of Trakhees,
  • Approval from Nakheel Asset Management.
  • Adherence to rules of Dubai World Community Regulations.
  • Day-care and nursery amenities should comply with guidelines for Children Day Care

General Guidelines:

  • The owner of any premises is solely responsible for all waste management and disposal.
  • The unleased area can never be used by the owner.
  • Services offered should be in line with those detailed in the license given.
  • Any modification work should not compromise the quality of the building.
  • Salon facilities should adhere to the rules and guidelines of Beauty Salons Cosmetics as per EHS.

Facility Requirements:

  • Workers should be provided with adequate lockers and changing rooms within the premises.
  • Washroom facilities on the premises should be up to standard and both men and women should have separate washroom amenities.
  • According to the type of business, there should be adequate space.
  • Lightning standards should be adhered to as set by the authority.
  • The premises should have well-structured means of ventilation both artificial and natural such that fresh air is never contaminated.
  • Water is supplied by a supplier who is approved by the necessary body. Water is treated by a body approved by the Environment, Health and Safety Department.
  • There must be adequate handwashing sites for workers on that premises.

Adherence to these rules is a must if you are looking forward to getting a Trakhees approval. Other than the mentioned rules, you must also observe the space area, various business facilities are accorded different floor cover. Even after getting Trakhees approval for your business, that’s not all, you still need to ensure that you continue complying with these rules day in day out. Trakhees online will help you understand these rules and regulations in a better way.

Dubai Approvals team can help you get Trakhees approval easily without any hassle. Contact us today to know more.

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