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May 4, 2019

How to get warehouse mezzanine approval in Dubai?

Warehouses are required to abide by certain Building Regulations and Design Guidelines in order to get a license and Dubai Approvals for both establishments and for any subsequent Fit-out modifications done to it. The relevant Dubai Approvals for warehouses mezzanine are demarcated by various jurisdictions under different Dubai authorities. Warehouses located in Al Quoz, Dubai Investment Parks, and Ras Al Khor come under the jurisdiction of the Dubai Municipality and Dubai Civil Defence whereas, the Jebel Ali Free Economic Zone - JAFZA is required to get a Trakhees Approval. Let’s have a look at the general guidelines:

  • The locations for warehouses are required to be chosen as special areas usually set aside for industrial types of work. This is as per the Land Use and Classification and Regulations in the Emirates.
  • Unless considered otherwise by the authority, warehouses are required to provide skylight openings of at least 5% of floor area in order to provide natural ventilation and lighting.
  • The net internal height of any storage area such as a depot or a workshop must be between 4 and 9 meters in height unless indicated otherwise by the authority.
  • A maximum limit of 20% of the industrial area can be set aside to set up commercial activity. Outside of this area, commercial activity or goods display for trading cannot be carried out.
  • Provisions for canteen, pantry, and changing rooms with lockers are required to be provided for employees. People with disabilities may be employed only when special provisions for them are incorporated into the design of the space.
  • Kitchens and related cooking activities are not allowed on site.

Sanitary Provisions

  •  Wash closets (WC) and Basins (WB) are required to be provided for male and female staff at the rate of 1 per 25 staff. If the staff number exceeds 100 then WC’s and WB’s are to be provided at the rate of 1 per 40 urinals.
  • Toilet corridors need to have a minimum width of 1.2 meters with stall dimensions of 0.9X 1.25 meters.
  • Vending equipment, waste receptacles, and dispensers need to be 1 meter above the floor level with the waste receptacles embedded into the walls out of the way of people.
  • Common toilets for both sexes are prohibited and doors to male and female washrooms are to be separated well. Self-closing doors to be provided wherever possible.

Parking provisions

1 parking space per 50 square meters of office space to be provided. For vehicles such as buses, parking space provided depends on the operations carried out and the number of workers. Parking provision for visitors is 10% of the space provided for the staff.

  • Construction of perimeter fencing must be on property and must not exceed 2.4 meters in height.
  • The minimum width of all warehouse doors is 3 meters.

Mezzanine floor constraints

A mezzanine floor is simply an intermediate floor space provided above the warehouse floor. Its function may pertain to the space below or above it.

  • 100% of the mezzanine floor can be used if for the purpose of car parking or as an extension of the building’s usage purpose.
  • Balconies or terraces are not permitted to be built on mezzanine floors and second mezzanines are not permitted when the first one is being detached and used independently.
  • The internal height of the ground floor has to be a minimum of 3 meters. With the addition of a half mezzanine floor, it has to be between 2.4 – 4 meters. Finally, with the addition of a full mezzanine, the permitted internal height is between 2.6 – 3 meters.
  • Mezzanine floors installed must be done so without disturbing the existing warehouse structures.

Fire safety provisions

  • Smoke detectors are required to be fitted in every partitioned area within the building and tested by an EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety home)-Approved Fire contractor.
  • Fire extinguishers of 9-pound water type and 5-pound capacity carbon dioxide type must be provided at strategic locations on site.
  • Sprinkler systems to be provided where there is storage of fire hazardous material and sprinkler piping system is to be tested and approved by the concerned Fire department.

Any Fit-out / Modifications that are made onto existing warehouse structures require an inspection by the Trakhees authorities to obtain a Fit-out/Modification completion certificate.

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May 4, 2019

Procedure for Various Licensing Approvals of Trakhees

In the past couple of decades, Dubai has expanded its industrial and commercial market at a very rapid pace, allowing more opportunities for individuals and businesses. So, it becomes very important for Dubai authorities to manage and maintain a proper set of guidelines in order to maintain quality and safety in all the services. Trakhees has also set up various service codes, wherein every business has to follow certain rules and regulations in its operations.

Trakhees provides five types of licensing services which include New Licenses, License Amendments, License Renewal, License Cancellation, and Commercial Permit. So, in short, if you want to acquire any type of licensing service be it requesting a new license or make changes in your old license, your destination should be Trakhees. So, let’s discuss the procedure for various licensing approvals of Trakhees:

Procedure for New License: This type of procedure is used to get a new license and it is applicable for those parties who come under the jurisdiction of Trakhees. Here are the steps to apply for a new license:

1. For new licensing services, you should visit the Trakhees office.

2. Trakhees CLD provides two types of licenses – Free Zone Licenses and Local Licenses.

3. In the Trakhees office, you can request for a Trade Name Reservation. For that, you need to submit the Name Reservation Form, Passport Copy of the local owner. If you are not a local owner, then your visa copy along with the passport is required.

4. The payment advice will be generated by the Trakhees-CLD. Make the payment, show the receipt and collect your Trade Name Certificate from the office.

5. To get the initial approval for federal licenses, you need to visit the office and make a request for the initial approval.

6. To do so, submit the Registration Licensing Application Form, the passport copy, and the Visa copy if you belong to some other nation. If you are a citizen of Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Palestine, Morocco, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Christopher and Nevis then the last six months bank statements are also required along with the Visa Copy.

7. Make the payment and collect the Initial Approval Certificate from the office.
8. To get initial approval for a free zone license, you need to submit the following documents: application for license, trade name certificate, FZ/FZCO registration form, environment health & safety form, NOC copy from the employer in case of a non-local, passport copy + visa copy of all shareholders, personal information form, board resolution, and the specimen of signature of manager or owner.

9. Trakhees will check & validate all these documents. If your application has been accepted then you need to make the payment.

10. After completing the payment transaction, you can collect the initial approval certificate from the office.

Procedure for License Amendments: If you have to make certain changes in your existing license, then you have to follow the below-mentioned steps. It must be noted that the amendments which can be made are Changing Trade Name, Changing or Adding an Activity, Change in Address or Location, Changing or Appointing a Manager, Increase in Capital, Changing the Local Agent, Adding or Withdrawing a Partner, and Changing Legal Type. Also, each type of amendment procedure takes a certain amount of time.

1. In the case of companies under Free-Zone Laws, an applicant has to visit the Trakhees-CLD office and submit the mentioned documents according to the nature of the amendment.

a. For Trade Name Changes, an applicant has to submit Board Resolution from the company, Application amendment form, Original Trade license, Original MOA, Original Share Certificate, Amendment to the Memorandum of Association
concerning the change of Trade Name, and Trade Name certificate.

b. For Changing or Adding an Activity, an applicant has to submit an FZ License amendment form, Original Trade license, EHS activity form, and Amendment to the Memorandum of Association concerning the change of activity.

c. For Change in Address or Location, an applicant has to submit an Original Trade License, FZ license amendment form, Request Letter, EHS approval, and Copy of Lease agreement registered in Ejari.

d. For Changing or Appointing a Manager, an applicant has to submit Board resolution from the company, FZ license amendment form, Copy of the new manager’s passport along with NOC if the manager is a non-local, NS approval for new manager, Accommodation agreement, Amendment to the memorandum of Association duly authenticated by the Notary public, and Personal information for the manager.

e. For Increasing the Capital, an applicant has to submit Board resolution from the company, FZ license amendment form, Original Trade license, Original share certificate, Confirmation from the bank, and Amendment to the Memorandum of Association.

2. Once the applicant is done with all the document submissions, a submission reference number will be generated.

3. The Trakhees-CLD will check all the documents and if all the requirements are fulfilled correctly by the applicant, a payment advice will be generated.

4. The applicant can submit the fees online and present the receipt to front desk offices. The printed license will be available to collect by the applicant.

There are various other options for licenses from Trakhees Approval for companies under Federal Law, General Partnership, and Simple Limited Partnerships. You can Contact Us and let our experts help you will all your license-related services.

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May 4, 2019

Requirements to Obtain Trakhees Approvals

With the rapid development in Dubai, it was important for the government to come up with an authority that will be responsible to supervise the infrastructure. In 2009, Trakhees – Department of Planning and Development was introduced in Dubai and since then it is providing various public services. Trakhees manages all the lands, complexes & areas owned by Ports, Customs & Free Zone Corporations, Dubai World, in the areas defined by PCFC, and its jurisdiction. Trakhees is also responsible for providing business licenses in special development zones and areas.


Trakhees consists of four major departments which include the Corporate Excellence Department, Commercial Licensing Department, Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Department, and Civil Engineering Department. Each of these departments is working through creativity and excellence so as to provide quality rich services.


Now, if you are looking forward to get Trakhees approval, depending on your business (be it an eatery, hotels, any food-related activity, or any health-related activity), you have to fulfill certain requirements. In order to not miss out on any formality, these requirements are categorized. Let’s discuss the various requirements to obtain Trakhees Approval:


  1. Regulatory Requirements: These are as follows:


  1. Following the rules of Dubai World Community Regulations, UAE Laws, and EHS rules.
  2. Following the rules of Dubai Municipality, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment and Waters, ESMA, Dubai Police, and Dubai Customs.
  3. In the case of Day-Care and Nursery services, it is important to comply with the rules and standards of Children Day Care.
  4. In the case of salon services, it is important to comply with rules and standards of Beauty Salons Cosmetic procedures/therapies guidelines from DHA, CSS, and EHS.
  5. Approval from Nakheel Asset Management.
  6. No commencement of construction work without approval from the Civil Engineering Department of Trakhees.


  1. General Conditions: These are as follows:


  1. The owner of the business/property will be responsible for waste disposal generated from the premises.
  2. Under no circumstances should the unleased area be used by the owner.
  3. Services offered should be strictly as per those mentioned in the license.
  4. The contractor should ensure the modification works does not compromise the structural integrity.


  1. Floor Area Requirements:



Activity Minimum Net Area (sq. ft) Activity Minimum Net Area (sq. ft)
Salon 400 Restaurant 1000
Gym 1500 Cafeteria 500
Spa 1000 Coffee Shop 400
Pet Shop 1000 Grocery 130
Pharmacy 500 Department Store 7000
Private Clinic 700 Supermarket 2000
Pet Salon 500 Restaurant with Shisha 1500
Veterinary Clinic 750 Kiosk 60-100
Hotel Commissary 2500 Coffee Shop with Shisha 1500
Catering 700 Fruit Seller In Supermarket 250
Other Shops 500 Fruit Seller – Stand Alone 500


There are other area requirements set by Trakhees, that need to be followed strictly.


  1. Facility Requirements: Apart from area requirements, it is important to take care of facility requirements so as to ensure safety and standard. They are as:


  1. The water supply shall only be supplied from an approved source by the authority. It is also important to ensure the water is cleaned and treated by the approved EHS third party servicing company.
  2. The lighting provided in the premises must be as per the standards set by the authority.
  3. The waste management should be up to the mark wherein it should have no adverse effect on the surroundings. Also, the drainage should be designed in a way that does not contaminate the usable water.
  4. The premises should have both natural and artificial means of ventilation. It is worth noting that, similar to water supply management, ventilation shall also be managed in such a manner that the incoming fresh air is not contaminated in any way.
  5. As per the nature of the business, the premises should provide an adequate amount of storage for storing goods.
  6. The premises must have an adequate number of handwashing stations.
  7. An adequate number of changing rooms and locker rooms should be provided for the employees working on the premises.
  8. Toilet facilities should be as per the standards. An adequate number of toilets should be provided on the premises. It is also important to provide separate toilets for men and women.


As mentioned above, you must comply with various rules and regulations so that you can get approvals from Trakhees. Even if you get the approval for your business, you still have to maintain quality and standard as per the rules and regulations of Trakhees so that you can retain your license. This is because all the authorities of Dubai are very strict when it comes to the safety and security of infrastructure and the environment. So, if you are also looking forward to getting a Trakhees approval or any other authority of Dubai, you must comply with the rules and regulations set by the Government of Dubai.


Furthermore, you can also check our Dubai Approvals services and let our team help you with your approvals. Our experts will guide you step by step so that you can easily get your job done without any hindrance.

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May 4, 2019

List of all the Approvals Provided by Dubai Municipality

Established in 1954 by Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the then crown prince, Dubai Municipality or DM looks after all the facilities provided to the people of Dubai by the Dubai government. It has jurisdiction over all the city services and provides a tremendous amount of online services to residents as well as government sectors of Dubai. In 2001, Dubai Municipality Approval started its online service portal, wherein 40 city services were provided online in its initial phase. Today, almost all the services provided by the Dubai Municipality Approval or DM Approval can be accessed online. Being a resident of Dubai, or a businessman, it might be necessary for you to avail certain services every now and then. But the question that arises is what type of services can you actually avail of depending on your requirement and category.

Dubai Municipality Approval or DM Approval provides various services to businesses, individuals, as well as to government sectors. In order to make it easy for you to understand, let’s list down all the services available to individuals and business sectors:

Individual Services

These are the DM Approval services provided to residents of Dubai, be it citizens or visitors include:

  • Environment and Waste Services
  1. Request for NOC for well drilling
  2. Request for artisanal fishing license
  3. Request for recreational fishing license i.e., string and hooks
  4. Request for environmental clearance for industrial projects
  5. Request for waste collection services
  6. Request for bulk waste transfer
  7. Request to remove agricultural waste
  8. Request for providing and changing waste container site
  • Lab Testing and Accreditation
  1. Request for testing food items
  2. Request for training in Dubai central laboratory
  3. Request for testing consumer products
  4. Request for testing and hallmarking of precious metals and gemstones
  • Public Markets Services
  1. Request to transfer the lease to the heirs
  2. Request to present investment projects related to the services
  • Veterinary and Abattoirs Services
  1. Request for animal treatment
  2. Request for adopting a pet
  3. Request for veterinary parasite control
  4. Request for animal registration
  5. Request for veterinary health card
  6. Request for slaughterhouse services
  • Drainage and Irrigation
  1. Request for sewage withdrawal
  2. Request for disconnection of drainage services
  3. Request for a permanent connection to sewerage network
  4. Request for connection to stormwater network
  • Land Planning and Building Services
  1. Request to release blocked permits and owners
  2. Request for planning permits
  3. Request for survey site visit
  4. Request for meteorological data
  5. Request geographical data and site plans
  6. Request for hydrographic survey data
  7. Request to issue building completion certificate
  8. Request for exception
  9. Request to inquire about building violations
  10. Request for copy of approved engineering drawings
  • Public Parks and Agriculture
  1. Request to buy organic fertilizers
  2. Request for tree pruning for household
  3. Request for agricultural pests control
  4. Request to rent children city facilities
  5. Request for Dubai public parks membership card
  • Consumer Products Safety and Public Health
  1. Request for pest control services
  2. Request related to deceased people
  3. Request for issuance Free of Diseases certificate
  4. Request for testing consumer products
  • Financial and Business Services
  1. Request for issuing receipts
  2. Request for fine installments
  3. Request for Dubai municipality fine inquiry
  4. Request to refund deposited insurance
  5. Request for establishing a training lab
  6. Request for summer program training
  7. Request to purchase books

Business Services

These DM Approval services are provided to businesses in Dubai.

  • Environment and Waste Services
  1. Request for No Objection Certificate for Telecommunication Tower and Power Transmission Line
  2. Request for Permit to Store Dangerous goods
  3. Request for Environmental NOC for Desert Camp
  4. Request for No Objection Certificate for Well Drilling
  5. Request for NOC for infrastructure and construction projects
  6. Request for Waste Collection Service
  7. Request for Waste Collection Service
  8. Request for Waste Collection Service
  9. Request a Permit for Waste Management Activity
  • Lab Testing and Accreditation
  1. Request for calibration of instruments and equipment
  2. Request for training in Dubai central laboratory
  3. Request for testing consumer products
  4. Request for testing and hallmarking of precious metals and gemstones
  5. Request for block batch and Type 1 certification
  6. Request for Registration of Suppliers of Certified Products
  7. Request to participate in proficiency testing program
  • Public Markets Services
  1. Request to lease available municipal properties
  2. Request to enter and ensure parking to get into Fishmarket auction yard
  3. Request for Tenancy Contract Renewal and Termination
  4. Request approval for modifications/additions for leased properties in DM Markets
  5. Request to enter and ensure parking to get into Fishmarket auction yard
  • Veterinary and Abattoirs Services
  1. Request for veterinary item registration
  2. Request for permit to release imported veterinary shipments
  3. Request for Veterinary Health Certificate
  4. Request for slaughterhouse services
  • Drainage and Irrigation
  1. Request to reallocate sewer line location
  2. Request for connection with irrigation network system to get treated wastewater
  3. Request for a permanent connection to sewerage network
  4. Request for a temporary connection to a sewerage network
  5. Request for a permit for land drainage and dewatering
  6. Request to approve project designs irrigation systems
  • Land Planning and Building Services
  1. Request for No Objection to activate the tourism license
  2. Request to modify consultant’s registration record data
  3. Request to modify consultant registration status
  4. Request for new registration – contracting companies
  5. Request to release blocked permits/licenses-Owners
  6. Request for Building materials suppliers and manufacturers registration
  7. Request for planning permits
  • Public Parks and Agriculture
  1. Request for NOC to obtain trade license to practice horticulture activity in Dubai
  2. Request for Permit to get agricultural Soil
  3. Request for NOC to work in the cultivated areas
  4. Request to visit the Children City
  5. Filming / Promotion Request at Public Parks
  • Consumer Products Safety and Public Health
  1. Request for permit for activity or play area
  2. Request for No Objection Certificate
  3. Request for ship sanitation certificate
  4. Request for pest control identity card
  5. Request for Guard Residence Permit
  6. Request of issuance Free of Diseases Certificates
  7. Request for Free Sale Certification
  • Financial and Business Services
  1. Request for issuing receipts
  2. Request to inquire about building violations
  3. Request for Dubai municipality fine inquiry
  4. Request to refund deposited insurance
  5. Request for training in Dubai Central laboratory
  6. Request for summer program training
  7. Request to purchase books

If you are looking forward to avail any of these Dubai Approvals services, our experts will help you throughout all the steps and will guide you so that you obtain any type of DM Approval quickly and hassle-free.

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May 4, 2019

How to Get Approval from Trakhees

Since its industrial revolution, Dubai has provided numerous opportunities for everyone looking to achieve heights of success, and it is continuing to do so as of 2021. Today, Dubai has become an international hub where people from all backgrounds are competing against each other. In order to cope up with the growing industrialization and infrastructure demand, it becomes very important to set a bar of standards for ensuring safety and security. The government of Dubai has handed over this responsibility to Trakhees.

It is worth noting that if you are planning to set up your own project in Dubai (under Trakhees Jurisdiction), you have to follow certain rules and regulations set by Trakhees. Moreover, you need to have a permit or approval for commencing the construction work. But the matter of fact is that sometimes the whole process of getting Trakhees approval can be a bit difficult if you have not followed the procedures properly. Let’s make it simple for you and discuss what you need to do so that you can get approvals easily:

Procedure For Getting a Building Permit 2021

You cannot commence any construction work at your site before getting a building permit from Trakhees. You must follow the given procedure in order to get Trakhees Approval:

  • Pre-Approval Formalities: Before applying for Trakhees Approval, your contractor or consultant has to first get NOC for concept design. This design is then submitted online via e-permit to obtain a Building Permit application ID. A building permit fee notification will then be sent to your consultant and the specified payment is to be made.


  • Application Submission: Once the payment is made to the Trakhees cashier, your consultant has to submit the application at Trakhees Helpdesk along with the payment receipt. However, the documents and the application form are to submitted on a CD containing the documents in pdf format. If the CD contains all the documents as per the requirement, it is accepted and your consultant will receive a submission serial number sent through the mail. If the documents are not complete, Trakhees has the full right to reject your application.


  • Document Distribution: Once your application is accepted for Trakhees Approval, a copy of your documents is sent to a structural engineer who then forwards them to an architect, quality engineer, and an HVAC specialist. The Structural engineer will check your drawings and documents for the desired structural calculation. The architect will cross-check your drawings as per various applicable standards. The quality engineer will examine the drawings as per the quality guidelines, and thermal load calculations will be checked by an HVAC specialist. Once all the engineers review the documents and drawings of your project, they will send a copy of their review to the Structural engineer who will then prepare a feedback summary report. This report will be then forwarded to the permit admin, who will then send the letter of Trakhees Approval to your Engineering consultant in Dubai. If the feedback summary report suggests any changes, then you will be required to resubmit your documents after making the specified changes.


  • Drawing Uploaded to Server: If your application and documents are as per the guidelines, the structural engineer, architect, quality engineer, and HVAC specialist will sign and stamp your drawings and will upload them to the server. Permit admin will then prepare the NOC for the building permit and will attach all the recommendations to the permit. Your Engineering consultant in Dubai will be notified if any payment has to be settled by your side. The structural engineer and Sr. Manager Permits will sign the building permit.


  • Permit Issuance: Once you have paid the additional fees (if any), the Director of Civil Engineering Department will sign the permit and your Engineering consultant in Dubai will receive a notification from the permit admin for collecting the CD. This CD will contain the building permit, signed drawings, and construction recommendations. It is important to comply with all the recommendations provided in the CD.


  • Points to Remember: At this stage, you will have a building permit from Trakhees, but still you have to take care of certain things. They are as:
  1. From the date of issuance, your building permit will be valid for 6 months.
  2. You have to commence your construction work as per the recommendations provided by Trakhees.
  3. You must also have approvals from Trakhees EHS, DEWA, Etisalat, and DU before commencing any work at the site.
  4. All construction work should be as per the standards of the Civil Engineering Department of Trakhees.
  5. After the completion of the construction work, the debris in the surrounding area should be cleaned within a week.
  6. Last but not the least, the Trakhees inspection reports and copy of approved drawings should always be available on the site.

Procedure for Getting an Environmental Permit 2021

Before discussing how to get an environmental permit, it should be noted that there are various types of environmental permits and each of them has its own specific applicability. They can be listed as:

  • Harbor / Open Sea Discharge Permit: Applicable for projects disposing treated wastewater to open sea.
  • Irrigation Permit: Applicable to projects using wastewater for irrigation purposes.
  • Air Emission Permit: Applicable for projects using fuel-burning stacks with air pollution control equipment.
  • Cutting and Relocation of Trees Permit: Applicable for projects that require tree cutting or relocation.
  • Marine Mammal related activity: This category includes a permit to operate a captive marine mammal facility, permit to transport marine mammals, permit to conduct scientific research on marine mammals, and permit to import/export marine mammals. This permit is applicable to projects involving marine mammals.
  • Aquatic Animals related activity: This category includes a permit to operate an aquarium facility, permit to transport aquatic animals, permit to conduct scientific research on aquatic animals, and permit to import/export aquatic animals. This permit is applicable to projects involving aquatic animals.
  • NOC for Marine Area Management: Applicable for projects managing marine areas.
  • Coral Translocation Permit: Applicable for projects performing coral translocation activity.
  • NOC for Dredging and Reclamation: Applicable for projects performing dredging and reclamation activity.
  • NOC for Conditional Environmental Activity: Applicable for projects performing activities related to environmental issues.
  • Sand Transportation Permit: Applicable to those involving shifting transportation of sand from one construction site to another.


The step by step procedure for getting environmental approval from Trakhees is as follows:

  • Application Submission: Depending upon the type of permit you require for your project, a permit application form is to be submitted along with the documents mentioned on the form. After you fill-up the form, it is to be submitted to EHS Main Office Reception. You can also submit the application should e-mail. Remember to submit all the documents as mentioned in the form, or else your application will be rejected.


  • Review of Application: The environmental department will review your application form and you will be notified in case of clarification from your side. You may also be required to submit some additional documents.


  • Site Inspection: When your application is reviewed and everything is done, an officer from the environmental department will visit your site for an inspection. You will be notified of the inspection so that you can coordinate with the officer and agree upon the date & time of the visit.


  • Permit Approval / Rejection: After considering all the facts, the environmental department will approve or reject your permit application. If it is approved, a permit will be issued to you.


  • Payment: You are required to pay an amount towards your permit issuance and each permit requires a specific amount of payment to be made. No permit will be issued unless you do not make the payment. Below is the required amount of payment to be made for each type of permit:



Type Of Permit Amount To Be Paid Per Approval
Open Sea Discharge Permit AED 500
Irrigation Permit AED 500
Groundwater Discharge Permit AED 500
Air Emission Permit AED 500
Permit to Cut and Relocate Trees AED 1000 for Application fees.


AED 500 for every 10 trees to be cut.

Permit to Operate Captive Marine Mammal Facility or Public Aquarium Facility AED 1000 for Application fees.


AED 5000 for Approval Fees.

Permit to Transport Marine Mammal or Aquatic Animal AED 1000 for Application fees.


AED 500 for Approval Fees.

Permit to Conduct Scientific Research
on Marine Mammal or Aquatic Animal
AED 1000 for Application fees.


AED 200 for Approval Fees.

Permit to Export / Import Marine
Mammal or Aquatic Animal
AED 1000 for Application fees.


AED 500 for Approval Fees.

Coral Translocation Permit AED 1000 for Application fees.


AED 10,000 for Approval Fees.

NOC for Dredging and Reclamation AED 1000 for Application fees.


AED 500 for Approval Fees.

Permit to Transport Sand AED 500


  • Renewal: In the case of Harbor Discharge Permit, Irrigation Permit, and Air Emission Permit, forty-five to sixty days prior to the permit expiry date, the environmental department will initiate the renewal process. This will be followed by a surprise site inspection and the inspection reports will be released within five working days for Air Emission, seven working days for Irrigation, and eight working days for harbor water, from the date of inspection. You will then be required to submit the application along with the specified payment amount and a renewed permit will be issued to you.


If you follow the procedure as per the given guidelines, it will be easy for you to get Trakhees Approval. Let us help you with your Dubai Approvals procedures wherein our experts will help you anytime and anywhere so that you do not have to deal with the re-submission of your application. Not only that, but we also help you with DEWA approval, Dubai Municipality Approval, Jafza Approval, and approvals from many more authorities of Dubai. So, feel free to visit us and allow us to serve you for easy approvals.

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May 4, 2019

Dubai Municipality (DM) approval in Dubai

The Dubai Municipality or DM has come a long way since its establishment on February 28th, 1957 by the first decree. It provides municipal services to the population of Dubai and its work includes urban planning, construction supervision, environmental protection and improvement, public parks conservation, regulating and ensuring international quality standards compliance in aspects such as

  • construction and building materials
  • food & consumable items
  • professional services in laboratory certification and accreditation.

DM, having begun with just 3 operating employees, has grown into an organization having more than 15,000 staff working in 32 organizational units, making it a major driving force in the development of Dubai City. With a vision of “Developing a happy and sustainable city” the Dubai Municipality is also instrumental in maintaining the architectural heritage of the emirate by revival and maintenance of many cultural landmarks.


The DM Dubai is currently composed of 34 departments under six sectors, namely:

  1. Communication & Community Sector
  2. Corporate Support Sector
  3. General Support Sector
  4. Environmental Health & Safety Control Sector
  5. Environment & Public Health Services Sector
  6. Engineering & Planning Sector

The services offered by these sectors are segregated into individual, government, and business-centric, with the focus of DM Dubai quality control on areas such as Environment and waste, Financial and business, building and land planning, lab testing and accreditation, Public health and consumer safety, drainage and irrigation, veterinary, agriculture and public markets services.


An example in planning assistance by DM

The DM Dubai has a planning division that allows streamlined submissions to be made from the user end and a legislative system in place to demarcate its jurisdiction to acquire the Dubai Municipality Approval. One example of planning assistance is guidelines for the submission of a Master plan for building plan proposals. Here, the applier submits a draft proposal for preliminary assessment that covers ownership, on-site, and surrounding region description. Following this, a final assessment submission requires Non-Objection Certificates from the concerned local authorities (Dubai Police, Civil aviation, Road transport authority, Dubai Electricity and water authority, etc.) Finally, the DM provides a “sign off sheet” to all service authorities to get Dubai Municipality Approval for their master plan.


After completing all these procedures, a follow-up application needs to be filed online at the Dubai Municipality which consists of paying the application fee as well. 


Non-Compliance crackdowns – Serious Quality Assurance

The year 2011 was a dramatic one for the DM. This was primarily due to the disconnection of utility services to many residential, industrial, and commercial buildings as a result of illegal modifications, partitions, and additions that were made. Warning notices were first sent following which heavy fines were levied to discourage non-compliance. Repeated offenses meant that utility services to the offenders were cut through the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority - DEWA. Sometimes unauthorized changes to buildings also run the risk of lack of fire exits or basic health requirements and ambiance quality like lighting and ventilation. Once corrective action was taken, the services were restored to these locations.

Also, read Some Facts about Dubai Municipality (DM)

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May 4, 2019

DEWA – Ahead of Everything

Ask any person around you ‘where can a place with all the luxury and ultra-modern infrastructure be found?’ The answer will surely be ‘Dubai’. Isn’t it amazing to witness everything full of life when you take a peek at your surroundings? Obviously, it is!!! And the best part is that you can be a part of this experience. It can be regarded as a human psychology that once you experience something you feel is out of this world, you automatically go in a state of awe, and you start to complement the beauty.


But the matter of fact is that no one tries to compliment the efforts behind making that place worth watching. For instance, Burj Khalifa amazes everyone by the whopping height it is standing at, but no one compliments the efforts of various public bodies and authorities who worked day and night to make the project possible. One of the authorities is the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority – DEWA, which is committed to make Dubai a place full of energy and fun. Let’s take a look at how DEWA has been, and is, committed to making Dubai a place to live in luxury.


  • Defeating the Masters of the Game: DEWA has defeated the major players like the USA and UK in the global race of reducing the power and water transmission losses. The losses in power transmission and distribution as reported by DEWA are only 3.3%  while the USA and UK have reported their number at 6-7%. Also, the losses in water distribution are only 8% as compared to 15% in North America. These figures definitely prove DEWA to be a potential competitor in the global market.


  • Expanding the M-Station: DEWA is currently working to expand its electricity generation and desalination plant – M-station. The project has the current capacity to generate 10,000 MW of electricity and a desalination capacity of 470 million imperial gallons of water per day. The expansion, once completed in 2018, will boost the current capacity to 2,760 MW in order to meet the requirements of Dubai.


  • World’s largest Single-Site Solar Project: DEWA is operating the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum solar park, which is the world’s largest single-site solar project. The project was launched in 2012 and its first phase was completed in October 2013 with a capacity of 13 MW. The second phase with a capacity of 200 MW was to be completed in April 2017 but because of the hard work and efficient management of DEWA, the plant was commissioned on 22 March 2017, ahead of the official commissioning date. With a total investment of about AED 50 billion, the plant will have a capacity to produce 1000 MW by 2020 and 5000 MW by 2050.


  • Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050: His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum launched the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy in 2015. DEWA is working on this initiative wherein they are planning to provide 7% of Dubai’s total energy from clean sources by 2020, 25% by 2030, and 75% by 2050. That means the majority of the energy used in Dubai will be from clean sources by 2050.


  • Smart Dubai Initiative: DEWA has introduced three smart initiatives to make Dubai a smart city. The initiatives are the Shams Dubai initiative, The Smart Applications and Meters initiative, and the Green Charger initiative. Shams Dubai initiative focuses on builders to introduce the use of photovoltaic solar panels in order to generate electricity. The generated electricity can be used to meet the self-demand of the building and the excess electricity can be exported to DEWA. The Applications and Meters initiative promotes the efficient use of renewable energy. The Green Charger initiative focuses on Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS).


  • Future Visions: Dubai will be hosting the World Expo 2020 and DEWA has already started working on it. With a theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future', His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum believes the Expo will be the first of its kind and no one will have ever witnessed any such thing. In order to make this vision possible, DEWA has already allocated AED 3 billion to boost renewable energy projects, meet the highest international standards, and prove its excellence to the world. The Expo 2020 is set to open in October 2021 after the original opening schedule was canceled due to the pandemic. 


With time, Dubai is emerging as one of the best markets in the world. If you are looking to invest and set up your own projects, then Dubai should be your first option. So don’t waste your time any further and start your dream project in Dubai – The Dream World. You just need to get some approvals from various authorities in Dubai. Dubai Approvals will make it even easier for your DEWA Application. Our team will help you with a step-by-step process so that you can get DEWA Approvals for your projects in a short span of time and give wings to your vision.

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May 4, 2019

4 Best Engineering Projects of EMAAR Dubai

Dubai is one of the most favorite destinations of every person in the world. With new technologies and innovations being introduced every now and then, Dubai proudly holds the title of “The City of Future”. People from all around the globe come to Dubai to experience a better lifestyle but moving into Dubai was not that easy always. As Dubai was emerging as an international hub, it was attracting people from everywhere but the only problem was that foreigners were not allowed to buy properties. EMAAR made it possible for every person, irrespective of his/her citizenship, to own a property in Dubai. As most of the landmark locations in Dubai are masterpieces from EMAAR, so, let’s take a look at the 4 best engineering projects of EMAAR Dubai as of 2021:

  • Burj Khalifa: Imagine you wake up in the morning and when you look out of the window only to witness you are much higher than the clouds. That single feeling can give you happiness and confidence for the entire day. The tallest building in the world as of 2021, Burj Khalifa, was inaugurated in January 2010. It is 829.8m tall with a total of 163 floors. Initially named as Burj Dubai, Burj Khalifa was named after the ruler of Abu Dhabi – Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The construction of Burj Khalifa has created a milestone in the history of the world as it gives out a loud message of how human capabilities have no boundaries.


  • Dubai Fountain: One of the landmarks of Downtown Dubai, Dubai Fountain is the second largest choreographed fountain system in the world. EMAAR Dubai had organized a naming competition for the fountain and the name “Dubai Fountain” was selected. It was inaugurated in May 2009 with a length of 902 ft and the capacity to shoot water up to 500 ft in the air. Located in the artificial Burj Khalifa Lake, it is equipped with 6600 lights and 25 colored projectors. When it is accompanied by musical beats, Dubai Fountain leaves you with heart-full of pleasure and amusement.


  • The Dubai Mall: Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world as of 2021, inaugurated in November 2008. It is the most visited building on the planet with an average of 54 million visitors every year. With an internal floor area of 5.9 million sq. ft., it is packed with 1200 shops, 22 cinema screens, 250 luxury hotel rooms, 120 eateries, and over 14000 parking spaces. In short, it has an entire world present in itself.


  • Dubai Marina: Dubai Marina is one of the top-notch projects of EMAAR. It is an artificial canal city currently under construction. The construction of the Marina has been divided into phases with Phase 1 already been completed. When the construction will be completed, Dubai Marina will be the largest man-made marina in the world. It includes many landmark locations in itself such as The Dubai Marina Towers, Jumeirah Beach Residence, The Walk, Al Sahab, Al Majara, Marina Promenade, Marina Quays, Dubai Marina Mall, etc.

EMAAR has not only utilized its innovative ideas to construct a luxurious Dubai, rather, it has always piloted unique projects around the globe. Though based in UAE, EMAAR has extended its reach by spreading across various countries like India – EMAAR India, Egypt – EMAAR MISR, Pakistan – EMAAR Pakistan, etc. Also, Emaar Community Management is the only organization outside the USA to become an Accredited Association Management Company providing professional association and community management services.

If you are also planning to buy a property in Dubai and are confused with the approval processes from various authorities of Dubai, including EMAAR approval, we are here to help you. Dubai Approvals team will provide you step by step information for getting approvals for your projects without any hindrance.

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