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Dubai Approvals is a company based in Dubai that provides Engineering services for getting any approval in Dubai. We have a very professional and qualified team that helps you get DEWA approval for commercial as well as residential water and electricity requirements.

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What is Dewa?

DEWA is an acronym of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. It is known as a public structure company which was founded on Jan 1, 1992. This company includes all technology innovations from energy generation to smart homes to big data management and how they solve issues and/or create new opportunities in the utility sector. This company also covers billing, customer and supplier metrics, energy usage analysis and production as well. So DEWA is known as a sole provider of electricity, sewerage and water in Dubai. In April 2015, DEWA had established capacity of 9,656 MW of electricity and 470 million gallons of desalinated water per day which has also a plan to increase this to over 10,000 MW by the year 2018. DEWA has also started to add solar power to boost up its energy. The latest start of DEWA’s solar plant has its capacity of 800 MW which will complete till the year 2020. DEWA alsohas a multidimensional plan of starting 250MW capacity pumped-storage hydroelectricity at Hatta place. DEWA has an enormous number of workforce (over 9,000 employees) for serving over 6,00,000 customers for electricity connectionand 5,00,000 customers for water connection.


Why Choose Dewa?

DEWA has a vision ofa Sustainable Innovative World – Class Utility. It objective is to provideWorld Class Customer Service. So by maintaining its motive it has developed its latest guidelines for Dubai Electricity and Water Customers for the NOC’s submission. Following are the approvals provided by DEWA:

Building NOC:

The application for this service is free of charge but the service may be chargeable. It enables the enrolled contractors to obtain electricity/water NOC for issuing a building permit.

Apply for getting Connection of Electricity or Water

This service helps to the customers to get Electricity or Water connections. Accessing this service customers can fill detailed application form through ‘One Window System’ using their User ID and Password. This application will be reviewed by the DEWA’s authority for giving confirmation of the Approval. Application service is fully free of cost while service is chargeable.

Submission of Fit-Out Application for Getting Approval

This service enables customers to obtain fit-out power connection to their shops and offices. This is also free of cost.

Submission of Infrastructure Request for Electricity and Water

Infrastructure Department and Information Department enable the enrolled contractors to submit an online application to obtain Electricity and Water Infrastructure Services. This service for applying the application is free of cost but service is chargeable.

Getting the approvals from DEWA can be quite a daunting tasks. It requires you to submit many documents and can be a hassle for you.

Dubai Approvals team help you get all the approvals from DEWA within a few days. Our highly skilled professionals provide various other approvals too in Dubai


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