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A high standard of healthcare is essential for everyone. Our Dubai Approvals team will take care of everything on behalf of you and get you a DHA Approval quickly.

As the population is increasing day by day, demand of medicine practitioners is also getting a hike.The fastest growing economy Dubai has high demand for qualified working professionals. With its advanced culture and working environment, the city every year welcome many doctors, nurses, and medical interns to advance their career in health industry. 

Although, there are some essential guidelines that one hasto follow in order to get a license to practice medicine in the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates is different from other countries as there isn’t one single license for all types of healthcare professionals. There are four different licenses; MOH, DHCC, DHA, HAAD. The license is valid during their clinical practice and must be related to concerned field of healthcare department. 

The DHA (Dubai Health Authority) has authority over licensing in the mainland of Dubai. It includes basically all territory of the Dubai except Dubai Healthcare City free zone. DHA is a health regulator as he owns and operates four government hospitals in Dubai.

Getting DHA approval in Dubai:

To work in the mainland of Dubai as a healthcare professional you need a DHA license. Getting healthcare approval in Dubai is not easy unless you contact the right license approval authorities. You need to go through huge paper work and presentation of accurate documents. A well-established company in this field can unload your approval burden.

Healthcare professional can apply for two types of DHA licensure:

Full license

Provisional license: those who do not fulfill the requirement of the full license can opt for provisional license where they will work under the supervision of the specialist or consultants 

The DHA issues license to doctors in three categories

General practitioners




Getting started with the clinic:

Getting DHA license is one of the steps in the procedure that start with registration of trade name: for this online application and submit to Department of Economic Development (DED). To get approval from the DED take following things into consideration:

NOC from the owner to assign Medical Director

A building contract

List of healthcare professionals who are going to work in your clinic.

A valid passport copy. The visa requirement for entering in Dubai can change without warning, so it is advised to keep yourself up to date with the latest provided information.

Understanding the processof DHA approval in Dubai:

UAE has highly developed healthcare infrastructure. Modern medical facility offers a high standard of care both in government and private sectors.
The purpose of DHA approval in Dubai is to ensure the safe delivery of high standard healthcare services to the citizen of the country. 

The DHA approval in Dubai is a step wise process that entirely goes online. On an average, the approval takes 2 months but in some cases the process can go by up to 1 year. The overall cost, if you take care of every step that comes to your pocket is about AED 5000. You can go through the whole process by yourself or you can hire a company to ease your work. 

Initial requirements:

Layout your plan before the concerned authority. 

Don’t forget to attach the affection plan from Dubai Municipality and copy of the trade name reservation letter from the DED.

Dubai Municipality approval for your playout plan is also necessary to get the desired approval from the said department.

Proposal letters from the partners if any.

Correct submission of papers.

This is the foremost thing you need to keep in mind while applying for DHA approval in Dubai. Be familiar with the licensing process before setting up your clinic in Dubai is very important. Find a service provider to smooth going of the procedure.

As an owner of the clinic you need to provide a complete list of medical professionals and consultants who will be working in your hospital.

The work of DHA approval in Dubai is to examine each document carefully and verify the same with their underlined procedure. 

A medical fitness will also be conducted if applicant age is 65 and above if any of your given applicant falls in this category.

Once the process is complete, you can get your DHA Approval in Dubai and start your clinic. 


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