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Property Snagging and Inspection

We know how to pick the right property, Dubai Approvals Team is an expert in assisting people in buying the property worth their money after every through our Property Snagging and Inspection services.

Along with various Approval Services, Dubai Approvals Team provides first-rate Property Snagging and Inspection services in Dubai for a wide range of residential and commercial properties. We have specialists who will assess a property to check for any snags. Our objective for providing Property Snagging and Inspection services is to empower real estate investors and property buyers in rightfully getting what they have paid for and to guarantee that the contractor or the developer they have engaged has properly done their job.

Property Snagging and Inspection| Dubai Approvals

What is Property Snagging?

Snagging is the systematic process of evaluating a property to identify if it has any need for repairs or existing defects that the contractor or developer might have overlooked. Snagging - Property inspection in Dubai is meant to protect investors and buyers from the burden of shouldering the responsibility and costs of fixing issues that the contractor or developer should have remedied before the property handover.

Snagging and inspection for your property is a critical step to ensure receiving your valuable asset in perfect condition. You need an independent engineering professional with a keen eye for detail to snag and inspect the workmanship and finishes that the contractor is handing over. This is to give you peace of mind that the work you are paying for is to the highest standards and that you will have minimal issues in the future. 

5 reasons why property inspection is needed.

  • Specialized tools are used by the professional qualified property inspector to find the snags in the property. In addition to this property inspector uses thermographic imaging which helps to identify hidden areas of non-compliance or of failure to adhere to finishing standards. 
  • Aesthetic errors can be seen by a normal eye, however it needs a keen eagle eye experienced professional to spot the defects of ceiling, AC, water pressure, pipes, and others. 
  • Professional property inspectors can help you detect every type of defect like health hazard, lift-threating, Fire safety measures etc. At the same time, they are able to generate a well-documented, in detail categorized report which enables landlords to preserve their legal rights with developer.
  • Having a well-documented snagging report gives landlords a solid reference document on hand once the builder claims to have rectified every single defect.
  • Developers are obligated, by law, to rectify all property defects prior to handling over properties to landlords.

Why Choose Property Inspection Service?

Are you about to receive the keys to your dream home? This happy moment might be disturbed by hidden defaults in the property, these defects can and will affect your ownership of the property, so having professional support from Dubai Approvals Team gives you the confidence that the property will be handed over in the best possible condition. We are the professional snagging company to help you build confidence and enable ease of sale.

Property investment comes with immense gains and also immense risks. One way to ensure a successful property transaction is to get a clear understanding of the true condition of the property. That's exactly what Dubai Approvals Team does for you. Our Property snagging and Inspection Service helps you to reduce future maintenance costs and increase your efficiency by checking the quality of the finishing. Most Importantly Dubai Approvals team helps you ensure higher property value and enable the ease of sale.

What we care about?

  • Foundation and Support Structure
  • Structural Integrity and Structural survey
  • Internal Fit-outs work
  • Ventilation and Central Air Conditioning
  • Power Outlets
  • Fire Safety System
  • Windows, Doors, Seals and Facades
  • MEP (Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing)
  • Security System
  • Water Heater
  • Ceiling and Wall finishing
  • Heating System
  • Materials Used
  • Paintwork and Plaster
  • HVAC check using a thermal camera
  • Full Property inspection including civil & carpentry works, skirting, lighting, fittings, fixtures, terrace, utility & balcony, dining, living, corridors, kitchen, bedrooms, and hallways.

Whether you are a financier, developer, homeowner, potential investor, real estate company, insurance agent, or property manager, our Property snag & Inspect service will ensure that your property is managed and maintained for maximum return on your investment. With our service, you can be confident that the property you are investing in will be your asset and comes with high gains. 

If you have any queries or looking for more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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