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Smoking Permit

Dubai has straight laws related to smoking for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. But if you need smoking approval for the sake of your business let us get smoking approval via authority easily.

Smoking Permit Dubai

The UAE government is committed to making Dubai a model city with great attention towards green energy resources and improved healthcare for the citizens. As part of the health campaign, Dubai smoking laws are constantly optimized to promote healthy living for everyone. This is important because secondhand smoking is a real threat to non-smokers making smokers a public nuisance in many cases. In such an environment, Dubai Approvals Team is experienced in obtaining smoking permit in Dubai for businesses. You may share your main concerns in this regard with our professionals to receive expert consultation and fast Dubai Approvals.

Smoking Permit

The Federal Law for Tobacco Control prohibits the sale of tobacco products to any person under the age of 20. This prevents impressionable minors from picking up this dangerous habit which may cause health complications to begin from a young age. You are also not allowed to smoke in a private car if you are with a child under the age of 12. Smoking is forbidden in places of worship as well as facilities related to education, sports, and health. Dubai smoking laws prohibit smoking in closed public spaces and advertisement of tobacco products is not allowed either.

Just like a business invests in good interior designers and managers to ensure success, it is important to consult professionals for the purpose of acquiring Dubai Municipality shisha license in accordance with Dubai smoking laws. The experts at Dubai Approvals leave no stone unturned in providing premium services for authority approvals in Dubai.


While businesses are allowed to proceed with the submission of Dubai Municipality forms in line with the Dubai Municipality smoking regulations on an independent basis, it is advisable to adopt the professional route. The unparalleled experience and knowledge that Dubai Approvals has to offer afford efficiency in this matter.

High Accuracy

As you are no doubt aware, Dubai smoking laws are quite strict and there are regular amendments to improve the quality of life in the city. The Dubai Municipality is tough when it comes to accepting applications for the smoking permit in Dubai. Therefore, we double check all the information to maintain accuracy.

Quick Acceptance

In recent years, the news has been filled with reports of shisha cafes closing down due to violations of the updated Dubai Municipality smoking regulations. The professionals at Dubai Approvals stay informed about changes in them to make sure that your business may swiftly obtain Dubai Municipality shisha license without any issues.


There are large numbers of Dubai Municipality forms available depending on your particular requirement. We review your case individually to assess what kind of a smoking permit in Dubai your establishment needs. Going by your timeline and specific demands, we draft the perfect application for you.

Contact our experts today to learn more about Dubai Municipality smoking regulations and how you may receive a smoking permit for your business in the most convenient manner through the premium services of Dubai Approvals.


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