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For relaxation and enjoy spare time, people love to visit the spa in Dubai, and starting up a spa business in Dubai needs Spa Approval. We are ready to help you to get fast Spa approval in Dubai.

Spa Approval | Dubai Approvals Team

Dubai is one of the biggest destinations for recreational activities and tourism where beauty salons and spas are integral for relaxation and enjoying healthy holidays. The government of Dubai has estimated an increase of 20% per year in the spa industry. No wonder, it is an investment that will never suffer and generate revenue at a good speed. However, if you are planning to invest in the beauty salon business or obtaining Spa Approval in Dubai, there are some basic requirements that an entrepreneur must know for a smooth set up of his business. Spa and beauty salons are approved by the Health and Safety Department that has set a series of rules and regulations which every applicant has to conform to get a Spa License in Dubai.

Basics and Documentation:

To get a salon license, a handful of basics and papers are mandatory for the procedure and guidelines that ensure Spa approval in Dubai. Here are the basics and documents required in a glance.

Type of Spa:

First you will need to decide what kind of facility you would like to run. Would it be a pure spa or a hair salon or would you also be providing additional beauty services such as makeup, manicures, machine procedures, and so on? You will also need to decide if you would want to cater to a specific demographic — for example, a men’s or a women’s spa or offer services to both.

Business Options:

Next step you need to consider is whether you want to build your facility from scratch, buy an appropriate construction or you wish to invest in a franchise or even buy an already functioning spa. Legal structure is also integral to consider. For example, you want to own the business or go in partnership.

License and Permits:

You must be aware of all the laws and regulations and make sure you have all the local permits, initial approvals and licenses like a basic business license, no objection certificate, and other essential certifications that are necessary for a smooth bearing of your business. The documentation will include location plan, design, and engineering plan, electrical, plumbing, lighting systems, ventilation system details and all the details required by the Dubai Municipality. A health and safety certificate has been made mandatory for salon workers in Dubai. It also ensures that the applicant meets the protocols in the Spa industry. A valid Dubai Health Authority (DHA) License for all the staff should be secured.

Spa Approval Requirements in Dubai

Here are some of the specific regulations introduced by Dubai Health and Safety Department for Spa Approval. The applicants must also have a sound knowledge of these guidelines:

  • The planning department of Dubai Municipality must approve the location of the Spa or beauty salon
  • There must be a signboard positioned in front of the facility
  • The must be ample sources of lighting and the furniture used must be sanitary and proper
  • Dressing chairs should meet the specific size of 3.0m wide x 3.5m length and strictly must not be less than that
  • The minimum height between the ceiling and the floor of the facility must not be less than 2.30m
  • There must be separate areas designated for beauty treatments such as pedicure, manicure, hair removal, and henna application
  • There must be a wash basin near the areas for facial treatments. Hand wash basins are must in hair cutting lounge and facial rooms
  • Rooms must not be less than 2×3 meters with fitted walls for proper partition. There should be no temporary partition with curtains or accordions
  • There must be cabinets and drawers to keep personal care products, cosmetics, and towels in each room
  • Fireproof supplies must be used for the preparation of hair removing materials
  • The spa must necessarily have a water heater in place
  • Personal care products, cosmetics, and hair products must be registered from consumer products safety section in Dubai Municipality
  • The Dubai Health Authoristy must permit the use of any kind of machines
  • If you wish to have the Spa at your residential premises, you will require permission from the Dubai Economic Development Department

All the relevant documents and fulfillment of the requirements set by the Dubai Health and Safety Department are must for productive results. Hence, to get professional guidance and avoid application cancellation in any phase, Dubai Approvals Team brings you convenience and efficiency in one smart suite for a thorough consultation and proper plan that will cover you from strategic space planning to documentation, inspection, and achievement of Spa Approval in Dubai.


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