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Swimming Pool Approval

For the construction of the swimming pool in Dubai, there are certain rules and regulations such as Swimming pool Approvals in Dubai. If you have to get a construction permit from the Dubai municipality fast, just connect to Dubai Approval Team.

Dubai Swimming Pool Approval

Dubai Municipality or DM has set certain rules and regulations which you have to comply with in order to get a construction permit for a swimming pool. Whether you are looking for a personal swimming pool on your property or a public swimming pool, you must adhere to the specific process only, so as to avoid the cancellation of your application. So, let’s take a look at the procedure for getting swimming pool approval in Dubai:

Swimming Pool Approval | Dubai Approvals Team

The applicant is required to submit an application for the swimming pool approval in Dubai Municipality or DM online portal and mention the type of swimming pool (whether private or public). After successfully submitting the application and the documents, the applicant will then have to make a payment as per the approval type. Now, the main question which arises is that what documents are required for the procedure and what guidelines one has to follow so that the application is not rejected. Let’s take a look at all the documents and guidelines required for the procedure:


  • Site plan
  • Site setting plan
  • Swimming pool detailed plan
  • Cross-sectional details of the pool clearly mentioning the slope
  • Plumbing layout plan
  • Electrical layout
  • Filtration system details
  • Outlet drainage system
  • Details of ladder, skimmer, lint & hair strainer, and diving board
  •  Inlet details
  •  Lighting system
  •  Backwash water disposal plan

It should be noted that the design of the pool should clearly state the methods of filtration and water circulation in the pool, measures of water disinfection, and other safety & hygiene measures.


The applicant should also have knowledge about all the guidelines related to the necessary equipment used for functional and maintenance purposes. These guidelines are as follows:

  • In case of pools with depth more 0.6m, steps and ladders are mandatory. The ladders should be corrosion resistant and the steps should be slip-free
  • In case of large pools, steps should be provided after every 30 m intervals
  • In case of public pools, toilet and changing room facilities should be provided
  •  If the pool is to be used at night time, proper underwater, or overhead lighting, or both should be installed so that the entire pool volume is illuminated
  • The pool should bear depth marking on the walls and deck
  • The deck of the pool should be equal to or more than the pool area. It should have a non-slip surface with a minimum slope of 1 in 40 away from the poolside. Also, sufficient drainage should be provided on the deck in order to avoid waterlogging and contamination
  • The proper outlet drainage system, hair & lint strainers, and disinfecting equipment should be in place

If you have all the above documents handy and are well-versed with all the guidelines set by the DM, only then should you apply for approval. Application submission without proper documentation may end up with delays which will return in time wastage. And, when you are working in Dubai, time is the only thing you do not want to waste. If you need further detailed information about swimming pool approvals, visit us here. Our experts will help you with your approval procedures so that you don’t have to deal with multiple resubmissions.


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