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Tecom and DCCA Approval

Those who are in quest of getting fast Tecom and DCCA Approval then just let us know. Dubai Approvals Team is always open to all client inquiries and help them to get approval from authorities.

Tecom-DCCA Approval | Dubai Approvals Team

Are you looking forward to get approval of architectural, structural, structural, and MEP drawings for your house, offices, restaurants, hotels, villas etc. from DCCA Dubai and TECOM as Tecom-DCCA approval. Well worry not Dubai Approvals Team is here to save you from all the fuss of getting all the approval letters from the related authorities.

Tecom and DCCA Approval Dubai

Dubai Creative Clusters Authority or DCCA is established in Dubai with the sole purpose of developing creative industries in Dubai along with supporting Dubai strategy for innovation. It came into existence in the year 2000 with its headquarter in Dubai Studio City, Commercial Building-2, first floor. With its establishment, it has been known to develop strategies for the development of knowledge-based industries in Dubai. It also regulates many free zone parks in Dubai. With a focus on developing creative industries in Dubai the authority has been spending almost 40 million AED annually.

We also provide help you get all the other necessary documents from these authorities with our services. You can get all the engineering help and our expertise with the most reasonable price you can get in the country. We are dedicated to produce the highest level of service standards and quality products. We are very proud with our multiple years of service and the trust we have been able to win with these high standard services.

Documents to be submitted

For Pre-construction

There are many documents and inspection process for DCCA approval (Dubai Creative Clusters Authority) required during pre-construction. Some few of them are as follows:

  • Soil investigation
  • Soil investigation- inspection
  • Soil report review
  • Design revision
  • Traffic impact study
  • MEP preliminary design
  • Infrastructure work permit
  • Preliminary building permit
  • Final building permits

The following are some of the documents you may require for starting the construction process of your work with the DCCA approval.

For construction

  • Shoring completion certificate
  • Piling completion certificate
  • Completion of structural inspection
  • Dewatering NOC
  • Final design review- post tension
  • Design revision
  • Road closure/ diversion
  • Project safety officer approval
  • Infrastructure work completion certificate

For post-construction

  • Fit-out permit
  • Fit-out permit initiation
  • Design revision
  • Facility management service provider

What is TECOM?

Previously TECOM Group was known as TECOM investment is a real estate industry in Dubai. It is a group that works in the collaboration with Dubai Government to implements its new plan and developmental work. It is mainly focused on 11 sectors in the city of Dubai. With more than 4.5 billion dollars invested the group has successfully established smart buildings, creative spaces, and laboratories from the year of its establishment.

It is TECOM approval and DCCA approval, we have a team to work together for it. So, it is written here as Tecom-DCCA approval.


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