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Celebrate the joy of Ramadan festivals or any other event without worrying about anything. Dubai Approvals can get you tent approval quicker than anyone.

Ramadan tent approval in Dubai

Do you need to set up temporary tents in Dubai in the month of Ramadan? It is quite a noble thought for helping out people with a temporary space for gathering together and offering their prayers to the Almighty Allah. However, some obligations should be followed while setting up temporary tents in Dubai including Ramadan tent approval to stay away from any legal trouble. 

Any person or business intending to erect Ramadan tents should get the necessary Tent approval. This guideline was issued by the Dubai Municipality in a statement that was released on May 1, 2018. The guideline clearly outlined the different authorities from where people or businesses should get tent approvals in Dubai. 

The authorities include the Dubai Municipality, Dubai Civil Defense, traffic authorities as well as utility providers. There is more to know about obtaining tent approvals, and the following discussion is aimed at shedding light on some of the essential things related to guidelines for setting up temporary tents in Ramadan. 

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Legal backing

The requirement for tent approvals in Dubai is backed by the Law No. 16/2009, which is responsible for monitoring construction projects in the Abu Dhabi emirate. Article 13 of the law restricts the establishment of temporary installations without necessary approvals. Article 13 also implies the violators would have to pay fines and ensure removal of the temporary installation at their expenses. 

Authorities providing tent approvals

Since the Municipality is directed towards providing the most effective levels of security and safety in temporary tents in Ramadan, it also focuses considerably on obtaining tent approvals in Dubai from the General Directorate of Civil Defence. The General Directorate of Civil Defence would review all the security and safety factors in the installation of the tents before providing approval. 

Furthermore, the compliance to security and safety standards and precautions would also be taken into account for providing the approvals. In addition to this, utility providers such as the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company should also provide the necessary approvals for electrical installations and connections. 

Traffic authorities such as the Traffic and Patrol Department should also approve if the tents are set up in a public parking space or a public road. These approvals are essential for taking care of public safety and ensuring the well-being of community members.

Understanding the application process

If you want to set up temporary tents in Dubai, then you should start with submitting an application to the Abu Dhabi City Municipality in the prescribed format. You must submit all the supporting documents as well as an undertaking to follow all the guidelines set by the Municipality along with the application. 
The documents required to apply for tent approvals in Dubai include a valid license, application form, or the permit request and a comprehensive description of the planned event. Interestingly, the Municipality provides tent approvals as a complimentary service, and you wouldn’t have to pay any fees for getting approvals. 
Essential guidelines for the tent setups

In addition to ensuring the submission of all relevant documents for obtaining tent approvals in Dubai to set up temporary Ramadan tents, you should also take care of some guidelines in the construction of the tents. 

  • The tent setup should not interfere with or cause damage to utility lines, streets, or sidewalks. 
  • The tents should not be set up on utility lines and various types of extensions.
  • The tent should not impact the ability of pedestrians to move freely, and so it should not block emergency exits, streets, entry points to buildings, roads, and car parks.
  • Most important of all, the tents should not be established on the private property of another individual or business. 

Be ready for inspections

You should keep in mind that no one can get away with violations of the requirements mentioned above to set up temporary tents in Dubai for Ramadan. Inspectors assigned by the Municipality would verify all the requirements in the tent set up so that you can obtain the necessary approvals. Furthermore, inspection tours by the Municipality after establishing the tent would be expected to verify if the standards and specifications are being held up by the applicants.

On a closing note, the necessary approvals for setting up temporary tents can surely make Ramadan an enjoyable experience for everyone in the community!     


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