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Dubai Approvals Team is here to provide all kinds of engineering solutions and Dubai Approvals services. If you are looking for Trakhees approval then we can guide you with expert advice.

Trakhees Approval | Dubai Approvals

Dubai Approvals Team has been working and providing every kind of engineering solution to meet the requirement and standard of Trakhees for Trakhees approval. We take full care of environment protection, health, and hygiene which ensures a quick approval process from the Trakhees. We provide services for any kind of project big or small for offices, warehouses, or swimming pool installment. Dubai Approvals Team is the company to be remembered for instant and high-quality services. We are the hallmark of both quality and performance that ensures you to give you the best design and construction services.

Trakhees Approval | Dubai Approvals Team

Trakhees standard and regulations have been implemented with the sole purpose of developing environment friendly sustainable development. With the guidelines and regulation imposed by Trakhees Dubai is surely moving towards positive development. Some of the areas that Trakhees have set its regulations are:

Trakhees Approval and related guidelines

Building regulation and design guidelines of Trakhees approval This guideline states the minimum architectural requirements for the construction of commercial, residential, and industrial development.

Construction materials and quality control guidelines of Trakhees approval

The guideline is related to the quality of materials used in the construction of the buildings. This guideline helps to ensure the required standard of building processes as the quality of the end products.

Building regulations and design guidelines of Trakhees approval

The guideline outlines the minimum structural requirement as per the standards of the Trakhees. This guideline helps to provide with the basic idea of basic requirements to match the expected standards for all the technicians related to the building of the structure.

Regulations and minimum provision for people with disability

This guideline ensures the building of disable friendly structures as it regulates the minimum structure for the convenience of people with disabilities. The regulation has helped to maintain integrity among people with disabilities as it ensures the structure is safe and convenient for disabled people.

Building regulations and design guidelines

There are certain services design requirements for the buildings which are clearly mentioned in this guideline of the Tarkhees.

Urban planning and MEP services regulations and design guidelines of Trakhees approval

This guideline focuses on the developmental concept of the Dubai government and ensures the structure being built is well within the parameters according to the expectation of the Dubai government.

Fresh concrete testing in the field

This helps in ensuring the concrete used to build the structure is according to the international standard. Since the concrete is related to the strength of the structure this regulation helps to ensure a strong structure.

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