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March 30, 2021

As of the year 2020, Dubai Civil Defence has marked its growth in transactions that mirror its efforts to provide the highest possible quality of customer service and integrate best practices as part of its vision of enhancing customer happiness. The authority continues to implementing safety and security services all over the city in accordance with UAE and international norms. DCD approval authority’s efforts on its safety preventive measures and regulations have been successful and will pursue in the upcoming years. The Department of Preventive Safety ensures the safety of the people at all costs by securing safety in all places including in and out of buildings and infrastructures.

What is the Department of Preventive Safety of DCD?

The Department of Preventive Safety is a DCD approval service tasked with implementing safety measures in engineering and construction developmental projects such as residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. This service aims to enhance building constructions according to efficiency and effectiveness standards. Dubai Civil Defence issues and renews licenses of private and public establishments as per the rules and regulations. It is a norm of the authority to conduct scheduled and surprise inspections for various establishments and factories to ensure concurrence with preventive safety measures.

Dubai Civil Defence Preventive Safety Department Services

This department includes accessible service and downloadable files of forms, standards, and regulations for various establishments and industries on categorized options such as Licensing Requirements for Building and Facilities, Reasons for Rejection, Customer Service Request Forms, and Companies Approval and Licensing

Engineering and construction sectors generally use the services under the Licensing Requirements for Building and Facilities category as major requirements to gain Dubai Civil Defence approval for developmental projects. This category includes but not limited to information, guidelines, and forms regarding services such as the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice, Drawing Submission Requirements, Facade Submission Requirements, Facade Glazing Roofing, Material Test Standards, and more as requirements for DCD approval. With the enhanced Dubai Civil Defence services, 2020 demonstrated the high prioritized places on customer happiness and its venture to implement strategic plans on preventive safety objectives that can enhance the community’s wellbeing. DCD also integrated its electronic and smart platforms that provided excellent accessibility, reliability, efficiency, and high-quality services.

Dubai is recognized as one of the safest cities in the world that proves the strong pillars of rules and regulations imposed by each and every government sector of the country including the Dubai Civil Defence. The construction and engineering industry of the city has been a milestone of innovation and Dubai Civil Defence approval high standards gave assurance of safety with the help of every relevant authority and their incredible and reliable services.

Dubai Approvals Team Dubai Civil Defence Approval Services

Dubai Approvals Team has been a run-to firm for clients who seek for a hassle-free and smooth authority approvals for engineering and construction projects around the city. We are confident to say that we have accumulated maximum experience of the Dubai Civil Defence approval process and other relevant authority approvals which upgrades our services into the best quality it can be. Our professional team assures accurate and prompt services on requirement completion and submission to approval and certificate acquisitions. 


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