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December 8, 2020

Dubai is definitely a travel destination because of what the city offers. Its year-round sunshine, stretch of white-sand beaches, luxury shopping malls, world-class hotel and restaurants, and of course, entertainment and recreational facilities with events that attract more and more visitors locally and internationally. Being known as a travel and tourist hub in the Middle East, the city proves and increases its popularity through successful events all over the city, especially during the holidays, festivals, and winter season. The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing or DTCM Dubai provides DTCM permit to event organizers and clients as part of the requirements for an effective and successful event with the aim to raise the yearly tourism rate of Dubai.


DTCM works on Tourism Industry

Hotels, resorts, and other commercial establishments and organizations sponsor events that will attract more tourists and residents to engage more with the city’s charitable and entertainment happenings. These events also allow entrepreneurs, marketers, and investors to showcase and discover varieties of products, performances, and services from the country’s multicultural society. Dubai’s tourism is constantly in a good condition proving that the UAE has led to build a fast-growing travel and tourism industry up to the present. Beyond this development, is the productive event management and approval services of DTCM Dubai that aims to have safe and productive events yearly. DTCM Permit Dubai services include e-Permits, e-Ticketing, Walk-in ticketing, Hotel classification, Holiday homes, Tour guide training, DCT Admissions, Dubai Way, and DTCM Connect, all available on their website with the same purpose of providing quality service and continue to enhance the tourism industry of the country.


DTCM Event Regulations during Covid-19 Pandemic

If you probe to start up any kind of event and functions in Dubai, know first the guidelines, precautions, and approvals that need to be done prior to the event. This will help you to prepare the necessary documents and requirements ahead of time. During this pandemic, there are certain restrictions and precautions all around the country. Though Dubai has eased some of the restrictions to help the people and businesses get back on track, safety measures are strictly implemented. Events under DTCM Permit Dubai are carefully managed following rules and regulations as per the government's mandate. Standard safety rules such as limitation of number of people allowed in both private and public events, strict implementation of social distancing, mandatory and proper wearing of masks, and visibility and accessibility of hand sanitizer to everyone. More safety regulations may be provided by the relevant authorities depending on the kind and purpose of the event. Fines and charges may apply to those who will not follow the safety measures given by the authorities even the organizers of the simplest to the grandest events are not exempted. 


DTCM Permit Dubai along with relevant authorities from the government work together for the safety of the people while providing the best living experience in Dubai. DTCM continues to enhance its services to effectively bring forth quality and world-class events in Dubai. They make sure that every venture bears meaningful purpose to the people, whether local or tourist, and to the country as well. Professionals also offer event planning, management, and approval services to practically help clients with the processing of their events. So, start-up planning your functions with DTCM Dubai now and let us all witness the great experience that you and Dubai can offer.


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