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May 4, 2019

Since its industrial revolution, Dubai has provided numerous opportunities for everyone looking to achieve heights of success, and it is continuing to do so as of 2021. Today, Dubai has become an international hub where people from all backgrounds are competing against each other. In order to cope up with the growing industrialization and infrastructure demand, it becomes very important to set a bar of standards for ensuring safety and security. The government of Dubai has handed over this responsibility to Trakhees.

It is worth noting that if you are planning to set up your own project in Dubai (under Trakhees Jurisdiction), you have to follow certain rules and regulations set by Trakhees. Moreover, you need to have a permit or approval for commencing the construction work. But the matter of fact is that sometimes the whole process of getting Trakhees approval can be a bit difficult if you have not followed the procedures properly. Let’s make it simple for you and discuss what you need to do so that you can get approvals easily:

Procedure For Getting a Building Permit 2021

You cannot commence any construction work at your site before getting a building permit from Trakhees. You must follow the given procedure in order to get Trakhees Approval:

  • Pre-Approval Formalities: Before applying for Trakhees Approval, your contractor or consultant has to first get NOC for concept design. This design is then submitted online via e-permit to obtain a Building Permit application ID. A building permit fee notification will then be sent to your consultant and the specified payment is to be made.


  • Application Submission: Once the payment is made to the Trakhees cashier, your consultant has to submit the application at Trakhees Helpdesk along with the payment receipt. However, the documents and the application form are to submitted on a CD containing the documents in pdf format. If the CD contains all the documents as per the requirement, it is accepted and your consultant will receive a submission serial number sent through the mail. If the documents are not complete, Trakhees has the full right to reject your application.


  • Document Distribution: Once your application is accepted for Trakhees Approval, a copy of your documents is sent to a structural engineer who then forwards them to an architect, quality engineer, and an HVAC specialist. The Structural engineer will check your drawings and documents for the desired structural calculation. The architect will cross-check your drawings as per various applicable standards. The quality engineer will examine the drawings as per the quality guidelines, and thermal load calculations will be checked by an HVAC specialist. Once all the engineers review the documents and drawings of your project, they will send a copy of their review to the Structural engineer who will then prepare a feedback summary report. This report will be then forwarded to the permit admin, who will then send the letter of Trakhees Approval to your Engineering consultant in Dubai. If the feedback summary report suggests any changes, then you will be required to resubmit your documents after making the specified changes.


  • Drawing Uploaded to Server: If your application and documents are as per the guidelines, the structural engineer, architect, quality engineer, and HVAC specialist will sign and stamp your drawings and will upload them to the server. Permit admin will then prepare the NOC for the building permit and will attach all the recommendations to the permit. Your Engineering consultant in Dubai will be notified if any payment has to be settled by your side. The structural engineer and Sr. Manager Permits will sign the building permit.


  • Permit Issuance: Once you have paid the additional fees (if any), the Director of Civil Engineering Department will sign the permit and your Engineering consultant in Dubai will receive a notification from the permit admin for collecting the CD. This CD will contain the building permit, signed drawings, and construction recommendations. It is important to comply with all the recommendations provided in the CD.


  • Points to Remember: At this stage, you will have a building permit from Trakhees, but still you have to take care of certain things. They are as:
  1. From the date of issuance, your building permit will be valid for 6 months.
  2. You have to commence your construction work as per the recommendations provided by Trakhees.
  3. You must also have approvals from Trakhees EHS, DEWA, Etisalat, and DU before commencing any work at the site.
  4. All construction work should be as per the standards of the Civil Engineering Department of Trakhees.
  5. After the completion of the construction work, the debris in the surrounding area should be cleaned within a week.
  6. Last but not the least, the Trakhees inspection reports and copy of approved drawings should always be available on the site.

Procedure for Getting an Environmental Permit 2021

Before discussing how to get an environmental permit, it should be noted that there are various types of environmental permits and each of them has its own specific applicability. They can be listed as:

  • Harbor / Open Sea Discharge Permit: Applicable for projects disposing treated wastewater to open sea.
  • Irrigation Permit: Applicable to projects using wastewater for irrigation purposes.
  • Air Emission Permit: Applicable for projects using fuel-burning stacks with air pollution control equipment.
  • Cutting and Relocation of Trees Permit: Applicable for projects that require tree cutting or relocation.
  • Marine Mammal related activity: This category includes a permit to operate a captive marine mammal facility, permit to transport marine mammals, permit to conduct scientific research on marine mammals, and permit to import/export marine mammals. This permit is applicable to projects involving marine mammals.
  • Aquatic Animals related activity: This category includes a permit to operate an aquarium facility, permit to transport aquatic animals, permit to conduct scientific research on aquatic animals, and permit to import/export aquatic animals. This permit is applicable to projects involving aquatic animals.
  • NOC for Marine Area Management: Applicable for projects managing marine areas.
  • Coral Translocation Permit: Applicable for projects performing coral translocation activity.
  • NOC for Dredging and Reclamation: Applicable for projects performing dredging and reclamation activity.
  • NOC for Conditional Environmental Activity: Applicable for projects performing activities related to environmental issues.
  • Sand Transportation Permit: Applicable to those involving shifting transportation of sand from one construction site to another.


The step by step procedure for getting environmental approval from Trakhees is as follows:

  • Application Submission: Depending upon the type of permit you require for your project, a permit application form is to be submitted along with the documents mentioned on the form. After you fill-up the form, it is to be submitted to EHS Main Office Reception. You can also submit the application should e-mail. Remember to submit all the documents as mentioned in the form, or else your application will be rejected.


  • Review of Application: The environmental department will review your application form and you will be notified in case of clarification from your side. You may also be required to submit some additional documents.


  • Site Inspection: When your application is reviewed and everything is done, an officer from the environmental department will visit your site for an inspection. You will be notified of the inspection so that you can coordinate with the officer and agree upon the date & time of the visit.


  • Permit Approval / Rejection: After considering all the facts, the environmental department will approve or reject your permit application. If it is approved, a permit will be issued to you.


  • Payment: You are required to pay an amount towards your permit issuance and each permit requires a specific amount of payment to be made. No permit will be issued unless you do not make the payment. Below is the required amount of payment to be made for each type of permit:



Type Of Permit Amount To Be Paid Per Approval
Open Sea Discharge Permit AED 500
Irrigation Permit AED 500
Groundwater Discharge Permit AED 500
Air Emission Permit AED 500
Permit to Cut and Relocate Trees AED 1000 for Application fees.


AED 500 for every 10 trees to be cut.

Permit to Operate Captive Marine Mammal Facility or Public Aquarium Facility AED 1000 for Application fees.


AED 5000 for Approval Fees.

Permit to Transport Marine Mammal or Aquatic Animal AED 1000 for Application fees.


AED 500 for Approval Fees.

Permit to Conduct Scientific Research
on Marine Mammal or Aquatic Animal
AED 1000 for Application fees.


AED 200 for Approval Fees.

Permit to Export / Import Marine
Mammal or Aquatic Animal
AED 1000 for Application fees.


AED 500 for Approval Fees.

Coral Translocation Permit AED 1000 for Application fees.


AED 10,000 for Approval Fees.

NOC for Dredging and Reclamation AED 1000 for Application fees.


AED 500 for Approval Fees.

Permit to Transport Sand AED 500


  • Renewal: In the case of Harbor Discharge Permit, Irrigation Permit, and Air Emission Permit, forty-five to sixty days prior to the permit expiry date, the environmental department will initiate the renewal process. This will be followed by a surprise site inspection and the inspection reports will be released within five working days for Air Emission, seven working days for Irrigation, and eight working days for harbor water, from the date of inspection. You will then be required to submit the application along with the specified payment amount and a renewed permit will be issued to you.


If you follow the procedure as per the given guidelines, it will be easy for you to get Trakhees Approval. Let us help you with your Dubai Approvals procedures wherein our experts will help you anytime and anywhere so that you do not have to deal with the re-submission of your application. Not only that, but we also help you with DEWA approval, Dubai Municipality Approval, Jafza Approval, and approvals from many more authorities of Dubai. So, feel free to visit us and allow us to serve you for easy approvals.

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