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Importance of Snag and Inspect for a Property in Dubai

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January 18, 2021

Purchasing a real estate home or business property in Dubai is a stride for anyone but you should know what are the considerations before buying a new property and may not be as easy as you think. Hand-picking a certain property that offers a functional architectural and engineering design features is a bit of responsibility that needs a deep knowledge about Snag and Inspect services under the construction industry. Engineering companies in Dubai offer services to help choose the right property for you. 
Before buying a new build or renovated property, you need to ensure that the property meets the standards with all the final finishes it needs prior to the completion and handover. Property inspection and creating a snagging list will help you point out any possible snags that need to be fixed by the contractor. Snag and inspect Dubai services is the best way to identify the defects that plain sight cannot spot. Snag and inspect reports are applicable for townhouses, apartments, holiday homes, villas, residential buildings and properties, and some commercial establishments.

What is the importance of a Property Snagging and Inspection Report?

A detailed snag and inspect report will then be handed to you containing a list of defects, from the tiniest to most extensive snag, present on the property. These assessments may include architectural, structural, and MEP integrities, commonly involved but not limited to walls, ceilings and flooring, roofing system, waterproofing, quality of construction work, and the compliance to the standards of the local regulations and building codes. The report should be submitted to the building, homeowner, or developer to complete the maintenance and repair issues of the property soonest.

A property snagging and inspection report is important for a successful property deal. An independent third party, it may be from Engineering companies in Dubai who are qualified professionals and accredited engineers, assists in giving a clear and accurate understanding of the property features and pinpoint objectively every issue for effective solutions.

How often do I need to do property snagging and inspection?

Property snagging and inspection is best done before you buy or acquire a property, whether you will move in or move out, and such inspection can also be commissioned prior to and subsequent to a tenancy agreement. The move in or move out does not have to be as complex if the building is maintained regularly or in case the tenant has reported serious issues.

Dubai Approvals Team as Property Snagging and Inspection Experts

Dubai Approvals Team’s snag and inspect Dubai experts conduct inspections of various kinds of properties that included but not limited to apartments, villas, multistorey buildings, residential communities, and few commercial establishments in Dubai. The most commonly requested inspection service is for villas and apartments from our most talented and experienced inspectors visited along with a number of tools required to administer the property inspection. We provide accurate details of all the issues ranging from low, moderate to high-risk categories in the property, accompanied by photos or videos, explanations, and solution recommendations from our knowledge and expertise in Dubai Municipality Approval and other relevant approvals.

Our snag and inspect services do not end with the detailed inspection report, we always aim to avoid additional overhead expenses for our clients in the future and also improve the condition and value of your property. Over the past years, we have developed a wide range of understanding of the UAE real estate market and engineering industry process that helped us build good relationships with developers in the region, especially in Dubai. We have established our means of communication to reach the respected department and help us acquire immediate remedy for every kind of snag and inspect Dubai.


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