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May 4, 2019

In the past couple of decades, Dubai has expanded its industrial and commercial market at a very rapid pace, allowing more opportunities for individuals and businesses. So, it becomes very important for Dubai authorities to manage and maintain a proper set of guidelines in order to maintain quality and safety in all the services. Trakhees has also set up various service codes, wherein every business has to follow certain rules and regulations in its operations.

Trakhees provides five types of licensing services which include New Licenses, License Amendments, License Renewal, License Cancellation, and Commercial Permit. So, in short, if you want to acquire any type of licensing service be it requesting a new license or make changes in your old license, your destination should be Trakhees. So, let’s discuss the procedure for various licensing approvals of Trakhees:

Procedure for New License: This type of procedure is used to get a new license and it is applicable for those parties who come under the jurisdiction of Trakhees. Here are the steps to apply for a new license:

1. For new licensing services, you should visit the Trakhees office.

2. Trakhees CLD provides two types of licenses – Free Zone Licenses and Local Licenses.

3. In the Trakhees office, you can request for a Trade Name Reservation. For that, you need to submit the Name Reservation Form, Passport Copy of the local owner. If you are not a local owner, then your visa copy along with the passport is required.

4. The payment advice will be generated by the Trakhees-CLD. Make the payment, show the receipt and collect your Trade Name Certificate from the office.

5. To get the initial approval for federal licenses, you need to visit the office and make a request for the initial approval.

6. To do so, submit the Registration Licensing Application Form, the passport copy, and the Visa copy if you belong to some other nation. If you are a citizen of Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Palestine, Morocco, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Christopher and Nevis then the last six months bank statements are also required along with the Visa Copy.

7. Make the payment and collect the Initial Approval Certificate from the office.
8. To get initial approval for a free zone license, you need to submit the following documents: application for license, trade name certificate, FZ/FZCO registration form, environment health & safety form, NOC copy from the employer in case of a non-local, passport copy + visa copy of all shareholders, personal information form, board resolution, and the specimen of signature of manager or owner.

9. Trakhees will check & validate all these documents. If your application has been accepted then you need to make the payment.

10. After completing the payment transaction, you can collect the initial approval certificate from the office.

Procedure for License Amendments: If you have to make certain changes in your existing license, then you have to follow the below-mentioned steps. It must be noted that the amendments which can be made are Changing Trade Name, Changing or Adding an Activity, Change in Address or Location, Changing or Appointing a Manager, Increase in Capital, Changing the Local Agent, Adding or Withdrawing a Partner, and Changing Legal Type. Also, each type of amendment procedure takes a certain amount of time.

1. In the case of companies under Free-Zone Laws, an applicant has to visit the Trakhees-CLD office and submit the mentioned documents according to the nature of the amendment.

a. For Trade Name Changes, an applicant has to submit Board Resolution from the company, Application amendment form, Original Trade license, Original MOA, Original Share Certificate, Amendment to the Memorandum of Association
concerning the change of Trade Name, and Trade Name certificate.

b. For Changing or Adding an Activity, an applicant has to submit an FZ License amendment form, Original Trade license, EHS activity form, and Amendment to the Memorandum of Association concerning the change of activity.

c. For Change in Address or Location, an applicant has to submit an Original Trade License, FZ license amendment form, Request Letter, EHS approval, and Copy of Lease agreement registered in Ejari.

d. For Changing or Appointing a Manager, an applicant has to submit Board resolution from the company, FZ license amendment form, Copy of the new manager’s passport along with NOC if the manager is a non-local, NS approval for new manager, Accommodation agreement, Amendment to the memorandum of Association duly authenticated by the Notary public, and Personal information for the manager.

e. For Increasing the Capital, an applicant has to submit Board resolution from the company, FZ license amendment form, Original Trade license, Original share certificate, Confirmation from the bank, and Amendment to the Memorandum of Association.

2. Once the applicant is done with all the document submissions, a submission reference number will be generated.

3. The Trakhees-CLD will check all the documents and if all the requirements are fulfilled correctly by the applicant, a payment advice will be generated.

4. The applicant can submit the fees online and present the receipt to front desk offices. The printed license will be available to collect by the applicant.

There are various other options for licenses from Trakhees Approval for companies under Federal Law, General Partnership, and Simple Limited Partnerships. You can Contact Us and let our experts help you will all your license-related services.

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