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May 4, 2019

The Dubai Municipality has come a long way since its establishment on February 28th, 1957 by the first decree. It provides Dubai Municipal Approval and other services to the population of Dubai and its work includes urban planning, construction supervision, environmental protection and improvement, public parks conservation, regulating and ensuring international quality standards compliance in aspects such as

  • construction and building materials
  • food & consumable items
  • professional services in laboratory certification and accreditation.

Having begun with just 3 operating employees, it has grown into an organization having more than 15,000 staff working in 32 organizational units, making it a major driving force in the development of Dubai City. With a vision of “Developing a happy and sustainable city,” the Dubai Municipality Approvals or DM Approval is also instrumental in maintaining the architectural heritage of the emirate by revival and maintenance of many cultural landmarks.

The Dubai Municipality is currently composed of 34 departments under six sectors, namely:

  1. Communication & Community Sector
  2. Corporate Support Sector
  3. General Support Sector
  4. Environmental Health & Safety Control Sector
  5. Environment & Public Health Services Sector
  6. Engineering & Planning Sector

The services offered by these sectors are segregated into individual, government, and business-centric, with the focus of DM Approval quality control on areas such as: Environment and waste, Financial and business, building and land planning, lab testing and accreditation, Public health and consumer safety, drainage and irrigation, veterinary, agriculture and public markets services.

An example in planning assistance by DM

The Dubai Municipality or DM has a planning division that allows streamlined submissions to be made from the user end and a legislative system in place to demarcate its jurisdiction. One example of planning assistance is guidelines for submission of Masterplan for building plan proposals. Here, the applier submits a draft proposal for preliminary assessment that covers ownership, on-site and surrounding region description. Following this, a final assessment submission requires Non-Objection Certificates from the concerned local authorities (Dubai Police, Civil aviation, Road transport authority, Dubai Electricity and water authority, etc.) Finally, the DM Approval provides a “sign off sheet” to all service authorities for their approval of the master plan.

After completing all these procedures, a follow-up application needs to be filed online at which consists of paying the application fee as well. A tutorial to filing this online application is available here. 

Non-Compliance crackdowns – Serious Quality Assurance

The year 2011 was a dramatic one for the DM. This was primarily due to the disconnection of utility services to many residential, industrial and commercial buildings as a result of illegal modifications, partitions, and additions that were made. Warning notices were first sent following which heavy fines were levied to discourage non-compliance. Repeated offenses meant that utility services to the offenders were cut through the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). Sometimes unauthorized changes to buildings also run the risk of lack of fire exits or basic health requirements and ambiance quality like lighting and ventilation. Once the corrective action was taken, the services were restored to these locations.

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