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Tips on getting Dubai Civil Defence Approval (DCD Approval)

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March 12, 2020

Safety and security are the most important attributes of a nation. Securing the safety of each individual in its sovereignty and implementing peace throughout the world, it will enable growth and stabilize its economy. Who would want to be in a place where chaos is all around its corners? Anyone would want to be in a safe and secure environment where they can establish a better life and can practice their own religion and culture in compliance with the regulations and laws. 

The same goes for investors and developers, they would want to build and start-up their investments in a place where the economy is booming and can provide whole security assurance for them. If proof and affirmation of safety and security are all set, businesses in the place will vastly grow and the trust of people with the government will strengthen. These traits are very important for the Dubai government, which is why they are continuously improving their system especially in terms of safety and security.


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The Dubai Civil Defence, DCD Approval, is a government organization under the Ministry of Interior of Dubai. DCD is responsible for securing every individual and properties into safety at all times and from all kinds of catastrophe. Their vision is ‘To have the United Arab Emirates as one of the best countries in the world in achieving safety and security’. They were molded to protect the country and its resources at all costs. And in order to make it possible and implemented, DCD Dubai is providing approvals for the safety and security of all businesses which is one of the important approvals to be acquired. Dubai Municipality - DM approval and Dubai Development Authority - DDA approval correlates with Dubai Civil Defence in providing approvals for safety and security. 

DM and DDA require these documents in processing their approvals which are also needed for DCD approval.

  • Trade License
  • Title Deed
  • Ejari or Tenancy Contract
  • Copy of Owner’s Passport, Emirates ID and Visa
  • Site Plan
  • Copy of drawings
  • Building management

These are the plan requirements needed to obtain safety and security approval from DCD Dubai.

  • Water Supply Layout
  • Power Layout
  • HVAC and Ventilation Layout
  • Mechanical Equipment Schedule
  • Power Layout Indicating Meter Location
  • Lighting Layout
  • Fire Alarm and Firefighting Layout
  • LPG Layout
  • Grease Interceptor for Kitchen or Restaurant
  • Coordinated Reflected Ceiling set up with Final MEP Fix Layout 
  • Load Schedule
  • Single Line Diagram 


All of these requirements should be completed and approved by the authorities. The approval process usually takes three (3) working days. In case of some faults are required to be inspected and remodeled, it should be fixed quickly and accurately to avoid disadvantages in the process and completion of the project.
To acquire approval from Civil Defence Dubai, Dubai Approvals Team layout engineering solutions for installing a fire alarm system, smoke detector system, sprinkler system, and other safety and security systems that are essential for the project.
Since there are lots of work in terms of application for DCD Approval, Engineering consultancies and approval teams are all ready to assist any client who is in need of help. Hiring a consultancy or an approval team in Dubai takes a lot of trusts because you will let them do all of the works for you. Dubai Approvals Team accepts and takes good care of the trust being handed unto us for we value every client and project we are working with. We oath to provide quality Engineering and Approval services at all times and maintain the best relationship with our clients for more future projects and to help implement the safety and security vision of DCD Dubai. 


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