Trakhees Approval Architectural Design Submittal Requirements

Trakhees Building Regulations and Architectural Design Guidelines

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July 25, 2021

Department of Planning and Development of Trakhees is the regulatory entity of Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation - PCFC in Dubai and the authority responsible for licensing and regulating businesses and developments in special development zones and areas. The department consists of six main service sections for Trakhees approval which are Civil En​​gineeri​ng, Licensing, Inspection, Innovation and Excellence, Business Support, Research and Development. These regulations are made to provide minimum building Architectural design requirements for all types of developments, such as residential, commercial, recreational, industrial, and institutional developments that are required for approval from the authority.

Dubai upholds a breathtaking environment that contributes to the exceptional lifestyle and premium properties it offers. And to ensures that the city presents great developmental opportunities, the authorities such as Trakhees keep up with the environmental standards and regulations of the country. These approval regulations and standards also ensure that building and other infrastructure developments within their respective jurisdictions are integrated with the natural environment to enhance land and property values and to promote the health, safety, and well-being of the whole community.

Trakhees Approval Architectural Design Submittal Requirements

These submittal stages must follow a custom PDF format of electronic copy and must be bound on a single sequence. Every page of the file must be saved in a unified size and direction, and the title block presentation must be as per Trakhees approval standards. The Architectural Drawings Submission process consists of three main stages as Concept Design Stage, Building Permit Stage, and Revision Stage.

Concept Design Stage

Project Registration on e-Permit
Acquire project ID through the e-Permit Project Registration before submitting the Concept Design Drawings for Trakhees approval.

Concept Design Documents and Drawings


1. Title sheet as per Authority standards with the project name, Owners name, plot number, coverage area, car park, total built-up area, schedule of accumulated area, colored perspectives, etc.
2. Brief project description of the design theme and building usage, anticipated building population, and the environmental impact on its surroundings.
3. Set of documents including the affection plan, consultant's appointment letter, trade license, and other required documents. For resubmission, the Authority's previous comments should be included.
4. Title sheet, colored perspectives, detailed area calculations sheet, and main setting out or development plans, all with the Owner's signature.
5. Project's required population and facilities calculation.
6. Every calculation and measurement must be in Metric System.
7. Consultant's stamp and signature must appear on every page of digital drawings.
8. Detailed area calculation with entire plan's floor layout, highlighting the area for calculation on all floors, in gross, service, net, and total built-up areas.
9. Criteria and calculation for parking, garbage, and sanitation provisions as per standards and regulations.

Architectural Drawings

All architectural drawing layouts must provide detailed information such as dimensions, levels, slopes, furniture, etc. If those drawings were not accommodated on one sheet, a key plan must be submitted with a partial drawing layout highlighting the enlarged portion.

1. Layout Plan
2. Setting Out Plan
3. Plans
4. Elevations
5. Sections
6. Detailed Area Calculation
7. Colored Perspective Images
8. Traffic Study

Schematic Landscape Plan

Topographical Plan

Building Permit Stage

Architectural and Structural Drawings along with calculations in addition to service drawings such as mechanical, electrical, water supply, drainage, etc. which should be conforming with the Trakhees approval and relevant Authority codes. The building permit proposal must accurately present the following requirements.


All requirements of Concept Design Stage in addition to the following:
1. Approval letter of the Concept Design issued by the 
2. Required No Objection Certificate from relevant Authorities
3. Verification of the provision in Environment, Health and Safety - EHS Regulation

Architectural Drawings

1. Layout Plan 
2. Setting Out Plan 
3. Plans 
4. Elevations
5. Sections
6. Fences and Walls 
7. Schedule of External and Internal Finishing Materials
8. Necessary Construction Details

Landscape Drawings

Typographical Drawings

Detailed Drawings of Utilities

Garbage Calculations and Drawings

Environmental  and  Traffic  Impact  Assessments
1.  EIA - Environmental Impact Assessment
2.  TIA - Traffic Impact Assessment

Revision Stage

Revisions are submittals of any modification from previously approved drawings during the construction stage before issuing Building Completion Certificate - BCC includes revised architectural drawings along with approved drawings by the Authority. 

If the submission is a revision or an alteration during the construction stage there is no need for registration on e-permit. The submittal of a soft copy of revised drawings along with documents is required.


1. Title sheet with the project name and Owners name, plot number, accumulated area schedule, total built-up, car park areas, coverage area, and other necessary features with revisions highlighted from the approved. 
2. Document sheets that include the affection plan, consultant’s appointment letter, trade license, building permit letter, and other documents as required.
3. Title sheet, revised detailed area calculations sheet, and main setting out or development plans with the Owner’s signature.
4. Consultant’s stamp and signature must appear on every sheet of digital drawings.
5. If the revisions in the car park area, garbage, and sanitation, including the revised calculations and criteria must be re-submitted highlighting the changes from the approved documents.

Architectural Drawings

1. The affected areas on the previously approved drawings are to be highlighted in yellow and revised areas to be highlighted in red.
2. Any revision must be submitted on every related drawing such as plan, section, and details.
3. A copy of the latest approved architectural drawings by the Authority must be attached for reference.
4. The scale of the drawings must be as per Trakhees standards.


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