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September 12, 2020

The United Arab Emirates has outgrown many challenges in its history and is now considered one of the world leaders in many sectors. The population growth in the UAE, as many people all around the world are looking forward to the many business and career opportunities and advantages UAE offers. This population growth allowed opportunities for job and business sectors including the healthcare field in public and private hospitals and clinics. The Dubai government’s commitment towards providing its residents with the best medical facilities and healthcare service. And in order to provide quality healthcare services in the country, the Dubai government established the Dubai Health Authority that contributes to healthcare and also rules on Clinic approval and other healthcare establishments under the standards of DHA approval. This initiative emphasizes the availability of safe healthcare facilities for the multicultural population of  Dubai and the whole UAE.

Clinic Approval

To acquire a Clinic Approval in Dubai, one needs to have a medical degree or have to be a Director with a relevant profession and qualification. Requirements such as an international diploma or degree need to be subjected to attestation following the certification procedure in the UAE to open a private hospital or clinic in Dubai. Every medical personnel and professional must also be certified by all means by the Dubai Healthcare Authority or DHA. Proficiency in the English language in verbal and written is also mandatory for all the medical personnel.

DHA Approval

Dubai Healthcare Authority has 4 branches namely, Healthcare, Education & Research, Investment, and Regulatory, which all contribute to overall licensing and approvals for medical professionals and centers to maintain the best practice in healthcare delivery in the largest healthcare Freezone in the world, the Dubai Healthcare City. Dubai Health Authority approval or DHA Approval in Dubai includes services for all kinds of clinic.
6 Steps in obtaining a DHA approval and license for opening a private clinic or private hospitals in Dubai.
Reserve A Trade Name
Obtain Initial Approval From The DED
Obtain Approval From The DHA
Submit The Documents
Get Final Approval From The DED
Get A License From The DHA

The Initial approval prerequisites the following requirements for the Clinic Approval application.
Copies of Passport and Visa of the owner and partners
Emirates ID of the owner and partners
Layout or floor plan for the facility, duly approved by the municipality
Proposal letter from the owner or partners, or whoever has a power of attorney
Affection plan from Ejari or Dubai Municipality
A copy of the facility’s trade name reservation letter from the Department of Economic Development or Free zone
DHA undertaking letter, signed by the owner or partners, or whoever has a power of attorney

The owner should submit all the accomplished documents, a photocopy of the initial approval, and the registration fee, along with the following for the Final approval.
No Objection Certificate or NOC from the owner to assign Medical Director (MD)
Final trade license issued by the Department of Economic Development or Free zone Authority
Medical Director and healthcare professionals Information List
A valid building contract
Acquiring Clinic Approval from Dubai Healthcare Authority is a precise process that assures to preserve the goal to regulate and supervise the actions of all the medical professions, hospitals, clinics, and other medical service providers. Every medical professional or business investor who probes to start a private hospital or clinic in Dubai is required to obtain Dubai Health Authority approvals.


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