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This is the most important item before you even approach a contractor. Work with a professional designer or architect who can come up with a comprehensive plan to show your contractor so that he knows exactly what you have planned for your space. Walking your contractor through your space without a detailed plan in hand will allow the contractor to change his pricing as he goes, since the specifics were never discussed from the beginning.



If you have been working with a designer or architect and you have a complete set of drawings and complete specifications, ask that professional to recommend a few builders to whom you can send your plans for pricing. Also, ask your friends whether they have a contractor they have been happy with and send them your construction package to bid on as well.



Keep in mind that your contractor may not have priced some items for your renovation, such as closet organizers and bathroom accessories. Ask your contractor how he deals with extras. Some contractors use extras as an opportunity to make as much money as possible during a renovation because you are already committed to them.

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