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May 27, 2021

DM Issuance of Villa Building Permit and Completion Certificate

The building of residences such as villas in Dubai has been consistently in demand and progressing. Choosing between different villa options according to the occupant’s needs and preferences is a luxury to everyone with the variety of properties and communities found in perfect locations all over the city. Dubai Municipality approval sets requirements and procedures for issuance of building permit and building completion certificate for every type of building and structure, submission of soil test results, technical inspections of under-construction sites, and topographic maps of industrial areas.

Adaptable Villas in Dubai

A ravishing city like Dubai has so much to offer. The best shopping malls, the world’s tallest and modern buildings, high-end hotels and resorts, leisures and mouth-watering foods, diversified culture, adaptable villas in Dubai, and many more city highlights will surely serve whatever lifestyle you prefer. If you are looking for the next perfect property to own in Dubai, there are various communities in the city offers shopping center, health facilities, gyms, and eclectic restaurants and cafés. These villa communities offer empty plots and built residential structures ready for occupancy in numerous safe and perfect locations with lush greenery or even the seaside. A villa may be the first worthy investment you will have in the city. 

Procedure of Issuing Villa Building Permit & Building Completion Certificate from DM

The option of living in tranquil villa communities with safe and secured structures is very important. Dubai Municipality approval services assure quality standards and approved specifications that secure the safety of buildings and structures including villas in Dubai. The Dubai Municipality’s Building Control and Building Permits Departments have rendered a set of procedures and steps for the issuance of villa building permits and building completion certificates for residential and other building structures.

Request To Obtain Building Permit
Engineering Consultants can submit applications through Dubai BPS online portal. The applicant must attach all required drawings, documents and fill in building card information as well as pay permit fees. Subsequently, the applications are received by the Governmental Authorities relevant department through a unified Dubai BPS window to review them and upload required NOC through Dubai BPS while DM issues the Building Permit and stamps all drawings. The contractor or Engineering consultant can print them online.

Request for Structural
All application types for Structural Inspection, the Shoring Works & Foundations and Cast concrete slabs or Steel structures, can be submitted by the Engineering consultant and the contractor online and will be received through Dubai BPS. The inspection will be done on foundations only by the Building Control Department and Inspection and will be conducted through the Unified Inspection Committee which includes Dubai Municipality concerned departments such as Building Control Department and Survey Department.

Request for Final Inspection for Completion & Services Connection
The contractor and the engineering consultant must notify the Dubai Municipality that the work is completed on-site through Dubai BPS. All Completion & Services Connection applications are received online through Dubai BPS. The inspection on the new building will be conducted through a combined working team between all relevant government authorities and departments, such as the Building Control Department, Survey Department, Etisalat & Du, while the task for the Dubai Civil Defence is generated if only required. Moreover, a completion certificate will be issued and necessary connections will be made. The inspection on the decors, adjustments, or additional work will be done through the DM Building Control Department only, and the task for Dubai Civil Defence is generated if only required.

Dubai Approvals Team offers assistance on the document completion and submission of requirements for the issuance of the villa building permit and building completion certificate under the Dubai Municipality approval services. We assure a smooth acquisition process for residential or villa projects, industrial buildings, multistorey buildings, and public buildings in Dubai.

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May 8, 2021

DDA Approval on Building Modification and Permit

Countless building modifications in Dubai are very prominent all because of the continuous economic and business growth in the city. Many residential dwellings require modifications to improve the design and to install more innovative and sustainable features to upgrade the lifestyle providing comfort to the occupants. Numerous public and private facilities also need expansion of capacities, maintenance of supply, and installation of types of equipment to proffer advantage to the quality of services and maximized productivity. DDA Dubai imposes several standards and requirements to gain approval on Building Modification and Permit. All kinds of improvements, whether minor or major, in a certain facility under Dubai Development Authority clusters will need DDA approval on the required drawings and plans, submission of No Objection Certificates, and other necessary documents to acquire permits.

Building Modifications and Permit Requirements by DDA Dubai

Dubai Development Authority - DDA, as was Dubai Creative Cluster Authority - DCCA, is the regulatory entity of various free zones, residential communities, and business parks across the city. These individual cluster environments under the authority operate numerous business developments which contribute to the economic growth of the city supporting the enhancements of lifestyle. Diverse industries in its jurisdiction promote efficient interaction and collaboration giving out partnerships and job opportunities also resulting in more business and accommodation developments. With the continuous progress around the city, DDA Dubai governs every developmental project within its clusters including building modifications and permit issuance in accordance with the standards and requirements of the authority and other relevant departments. 

If you probe to start a business or modify a residential property under Dubai Development Authority clusters, you might be needing assistance from engineering consultants and contracting companies in Dubai. These experts will help you complete necessary drawings and documents from their part. There are also experienced firms that offer approval process assistance, such as completion and submission of every requirement from both engineering consultants and contractors to DDA Dubai. For more ideas on the process, here is a list of the requirements needed to gain DDA approval on building modifications and permit.

In the case that you plan to apply through the DDA customer service center, a Building Modification Approval Application document is a prerequisite. Take note that the validity of an Approved Design is only for 6 months. Fees and charges for normal submission are AED 1500 and an additional AED 1 per square foot to the total relevant build-up area. Moreover, additional fees apply per transaction such as AED 10 for Knowledge Dirham and AED 10 for Innovation Dirham. The process duration for a completed application of Design and Permit Request or Design Request will be within 5 working days. And the process duration for a completed application of Permit Request will be within 2 working days.

Requirements for Design and Permit Request by the Appointed Contractor
Approved and stamped set of drawings and proposed drawings highlighting the changes in accordance with Circular No. 229
No Objection Certificate from the Building Owner
Contractor Appointment Letter from the Building Owner or Tenant
Approved and stamped Proposed Project Details Sheet duly signed by the Consultant
Soft copy of Structural calculations and models 
No Objection Certificate from Dubai Civil Defence
The layout of Site Mobilization

Requirements for Design Request by the Appointed Consultant
Approved and stamped set of drawings and proposed drawings highlighting the changes in accordance with Circular No. 229
No Objection Certificate from the Building Owner
Consultant Appointment Letter from the Building Owner or Tenant
Approved and stamped Proposed Project Details Sheet signed by the Consultant
Soft copy of Structural calculations and models 
No Objection Certificate from Dubai Civil Defence

Requirements for Permit Request by the Appointed Contractor
Contractor Appointment Letter from the Building Owner or Tenant
The layout of Site Mobilization

Dubai Approvals Team will definitely help you in your DDA approval application for building modification and permit. We are confident to offer our services for your convenience with our breadth of expertise in the process of any relevant authority approval acquisition for your engineering projects in Dubai.

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April 19, 2021

Dubai Silicon Oasis on 2040 Master Plan Development

Dubai Silicon Oasis is designed as a cutting-edge environment that offers comprehensive benefits and known to be one of the best IT and technology free zones in the city. DSO Dubai is a globally recognized free zone and with an integrated technology park that provides both a living and working community in the region allowing people to live, work and play in a versatile and safe environment. This free zone promotes modern technology-led industries, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a well-designed urban community.

What does Dubai Silicon Oasis offer?

DSO Dubai is a coveted location that is set to promote technology and ventures in a transparent and secure environment developing complete integration of sustainability through collaboration and innovation. It is meant to build a productive and innovative environment along with diversified cultures to increase values of lifestyle. Dubai Silicon Oasis is an amazing suburb that highlights the technology and innovation of commercial sectors and is seamlessly referred to as a centrally located community of diversity.

Affordable residential complexes and gated sub-communities in an ideal location perfect for a comprehensive lifestyle. Considered as a city within a city, DSO Dubai is balanced with self-sufficient facilities and sustainability features of commercial spaces and a variety of residential properties offered to residents and investors. Dubai Silicon Oasis is a well-connected neighborhood with broad road networks spreading to three main sectors, the innovative technology park, villa complexes within the technology park, and residential towers marked all over the area. It is also a home of bustling tech start-ups attracting professionals from all over the world to try their luck in finding a suitable job in the tech industry or, even better, set up a business in the area. The wide range of commercial establishments and versatile building projects give them a variety of options for their venture within the free zone.

Dubai 2040 Master Plan for Dubai Silicon Oasis

DSO is one of the five areas in the city that were subjected and included in the Dubai 2040 Master Plan aiming to be developed through innovation and sustainability over the next twenty years. This recent urban plan visions to make Dubai the best city in the world that provides the highest quality of lifestyle that will continue the succeeding paramount of residential and economic developments in the city. Among these plans is Dubai Silicon Oasis development to a higher level of an innovative technology hub creating the best possible environment to support the greatest goal to enhance lifestyle and the wellbeing of the diverse population.

Dubai 2040 Master Plan for Dubai Silicon Oasis is to create a superb comprehensive environment focusing on sustainability through an innovative approach that will inspire each member of the diverse communities to realize their creative and innovative potentials to create a better place to live. DSO was established inclined with the objectives of promoting and facilitating modern technology-led industries that support tech ventures in the country. These objectives will be strengthened through the new master plan of the government and with the help of the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority mandating and imposing DSO approval regulations. 

As one of the most popular and affordable free zones in Dubai, the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority will surely fortify its public services along with the future developments that await. Companies and offices operating within DSO jurisdiction will benefit from the incentives and services of the zone. Like most of Dubai, it will serve as one of the points of pride of the United Arab Emirates and inspiration for other countries. A world-class environment open to accommodate and rise the diverse nationalities and cultures that completes the country.

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March 30, 2021

DCD Implements Preventive Safety Services

As of the year 2020, Dubai Civil Defence has marked its growth in transactions that mirror its efforts to provide the highest possible quality of customer service and integrate best practices as part of its vision of enhancing customer happiness. The authority continues to implementing safety and security services all over the city in accordance with UAE and international norms. DCD approval authority’s efforts on its safety preventive measures and regulations have been successful and will pursue in the upcoming years. The Department of Preventive Safety ensures the safety of the people at all costs by securing safety in all places including in and out of buildings and infrastructures.

What is the Department of Preventive Safety of DCD?

The Department of Preventive Safety is a DCD approval service tasked with implementing safety measures in engineering and construction developmental projects such as residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. This service aims to enhance building constructions according to efficiency and effectiveness standards. Dubai Civil Defence issues and renews licenses of private and public establishments as per the rules and regulations. It is a norm of the authority to conduct scheduled and surprise inspections for various establishments and factories to ensure concurrence with preventive safety measures.

Dubai Civil Defence Preventive Safety Department Services

This department includes accessible service and downloadable files of forms, standards, and regulations for various establishments and industries on categorized options such as Licensing Requirements for Building and Facilities, Reasons for Rejection, Customer Service Request Forms, and Companies Approval and Licensing

Engineering and construction sectors generally use the services under the Licensing Requirements for Building and Facilities category as major requirements to gain Dubai Civil Defence approval for developmental projects. This category includes but not limited to information, guidelines, and forms regarding services such as the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice, Drawing Submission Requirements, Facade Submission Requirements, Facade Glazing Roofing, Material Test Standards, and more as requirements for DCD approval. With the enhanced Dubai Civil Defence services, 2020 demonstrated the high prioritized places on customer happiness and its venture to implement strategic plans on preventive safety objectives that can enhance the community’s wellbeing. DCD also integrated its electronic and smart platforms that provided excellent accessibility, reliability, efficiency, and high-quality services.

Dubai is recognized as one of the safest cities in the world that proves the strong pillars of rules and regulations imposed by each and every government sector of the country including the Dubai Civil Defence. The construction and engineering industry of the city has been a milestone of innovation and Dubai Civil Defence approval high standards gave assurance of safety with the help of every relevant authority and their incredible and reliable services.

Dubai Approvals Team Dubai Civil Defence Approval Services

Dubai Approvals Team has been a run-to firm for clients who seek for a hassle-free and smooth authority approvals for engineering and construction projects around the city. We are confident to say that we have accumulated maximum experience of the Dubai Civil Defence approval process and other relevant authority approvals which upgrades our services into the best quality it can be. Our professional team assures accurate and prompt services on requirement completion and submission to approval and certificate acquisitions. 

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March 20, 2021

DM Approval Authority for Dubai 2040 Master Plan

Dubai has unlocked huge opportunities through the launching of the Dubai 2040 Master Plan. The city has again widely opened its door to more developments focusing on greener and sustainable urbanization across its jurisdiction. This endeavor gives big chances to investors, companies, professionals, skilled workers, and other individuals who want to be part of the city’s new innovative vision. Authorities will also play a big role in the implementation of the Master Plan with their respective standards and requirements in acquiring necessary approvals including from DM Dubai.

Dubai Municipality approval is one of the most important requirements to start a developmental project in the city. DM Dubai has been consistent with its approval regulations in order to set standards of innovation for high-quality projects that will benefit not only the government but the whole community. The results of the journey to innovation of the city have proven the wide range of capabilities of DM approval and other relevant authorities in giving out the highest standard of project approvals to fulfill the government’s vision. The competence of Dubai approval authorities definitely creates a huge impact on the city’s future endeavors and goals. The world has already witnessed the whole country’s rove into urbanization and now it will anticipate the continuity of this vision through Dubai 2040 Master Plan to sustainability.

DM Dubai - Approval Authority for 2040 Master Plan

Dubai Municipality or DM is one of the main authorities that holds the regulatory services for developmental projects within the city including the recent Dubai 2040 Master Plan. With the vision of the Master Plan to cater sustainable developments in five major urban areas of the city which are mostly under the jurisdiction of Dubai Municipality approval authority gives a huge responsibility to DM Dubai to raise their services to a higher level. It has been their objective to provide the highest standard of public services through innovation for many years. And with this futuristic goal, it is certain that it will set standards that will upgrade every project into the best it could be, focusing on sustainability. 

The plan emphasizes the development and progress in five main urban areas which include the three existing urban centers and two new centers in Dubai. These major areas were stated to be Deira and Bur Dubai, Downtown and Business Bay, Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence, Expo 2020, and Dubai Silicon Oasis. Focusing on the objectives of developing sustainable housing complexes, hospitals, schools, service centers, and leisure centers for the growth of the economic sector and increase job opportunities for the population. A greener environment with commercial centers and recreational facilities that aim to enhance human well-being highlights the master plan. It is a huge step to revive the huge loss of environmental features in the city and a preparation for a better and greener future. 

DM approval is expected to follow the objectives of the 2040 Master Plan for sustainable urban development across the emirate aiming to be a world-class city providing the best quality of lifestyle with the highest possible standards of urban infrastructure and facilities. For the next five decades, the plan is arranged to focus on enhancing the community’s wellbeing and quality of lifestyle. It is also set to strengthen the competitiveness of the emirate to constantly be known as a global hub for economics and innovation, and a tourism destination by providing a wide diversification of lifestyle and offer investment opportunities to citizens, residents, and visitors within two decades.

These incredible nature-friendly developments reflect the future integration of Dubai approval professionals, contractors, designers, and top engineering companies in Dubai to showcase their creativity and versatility to future sustainable and innovative projects. And its is the responsibility of DM Dubai to filter each and every proposals that are worthy of gaining Dubai Municipality approval. The consistency of outstanding urbanization through the high standards of approval authorities including DM approval admired the country and the world. Dubai proved that its diversification benefited not only the government and the citizens but also the multicultural communities that have been imparting to its economic growth and urbanization. To be a part of the Dubai 2040 Master Plan vision is a pride that every benefactor will hold on to up to the future.

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February 3, 2021

Dubai Development Authority Preliminary Design Approval Guide

Engineering and Architectural design process in Dubai involves a series of steps to create functional, versatile, and innovative buildings and infrastructures. These steps always include Design Review and Approvals from Dubai Development Authority, applicable for clusters under DDA’s jurisdiction. We will then run through the guidelines on how to apply and acquire preliminary design review and approval from DDA.

What is DDA Dubai Preliminary Design Approval?

The Building Services under the Zoning category of Dubai Development Authority regulates the Preliminary Design Approval, Final Design Approval, Design Revision, Building Permit, and many more DDA Approval services that aims for an overall development of all engineering projects under its jurisdiction.

Preliminary design begins by thoroughly evaluating the project site or any existing drawings that the client may have, and field measure and photograph the existing structure or project site. Substantial input from the clients is determined for the project goals, budget, and design objectives. It is also significant to develop a scale and to fully illustrate the scope of the proposed project, the project’s major spaces, and their connection to each other.

The preliminary design phase usually includes floor plan, site plan, primary exterior elevation studies, preliminary construction cost estimate of the project, and other major emphases on civil, mechanical, and architectural design. A set of drawings are then completed to present the design concepts. The drawings required is strictly based upon the size and complexity of the project.

DDA Approval Preliminary Design Review

Dubai Development Authority - DDA, formerly known as Dubai Creative Cluster Authority - DCCA is committed to direct engineering and construction developments that will further benefit the economic growth and set global standards on real estate development and urban planning. DDA Dubai organization has a broad control on the mandate of authority to the Emirate’s engineering industry development over selected free zone and other community clusters. The DDA Approval authorizes regulatory and licensing services governing all strategic projects and industries within its jurisdiction, which includes Preliminary Design Approval under Building Services.

Guide to Acquire Dubai Development Authority Preliminary Design Approval

Documents Required
I. Preliminary Design Approval Request (In case of applying through customer service center, check image no. 1 below)

II. Preliminary Architectural Design Drawings (as per Circular No. 229)

Authority Cover Sheet
Schedule of Drawings
Project Documents
Project Zoning Exceptions (if any)
Shaded Area Diagram (Built-Up Area calculation)
Shaded Area Diagram (Gross Floor Area calculation)
Required Calculations (Parking, Garbage, Plot coverage, Projection, etc.)
Room Types & Layouts (Unit Matrix)
Setting-out Plan
Floor plans (from Basement to the Top Roof floor)
Building Elevations (Front Elevation)
Building Elevations (Rear Elevation)
Building Elevations (Side-1 Elevation)
Building Elevations (Side-2 Elevation)
Building Sections (Section-AA)
Building Sections (Section-BB)

III. Project Details Sheet stamped & signed by the Consultant (check image no. 2 below)

IV. Gate Level Confirmation provide by Master Developer / Infrastructure Consultant / RTA

V. Consultant Appointment Letter from the Owner

The request will be accepted only if the Site Plan is valid.
The design must follow the “Accessibility Code for the Built Environment in the Clusters”.
The approved design is valid for 1 year only.

Normal submission: Not applicable
Renewal Fees: AED 2,000

Additional fee:
Knowledge Dirham: AED 10 per transaction
Innovation Dirham: AED 10 per transaction

A maximum of 4 working days for completed application.

Expert Dubai Approvals Team for gaining DDA Design Approvals

DDA Dubai offers approvals and service categories such as Registration & Licensing Services and Zoning Services, which can be accessed through the DDA E-service portal. And indeed, needs a long process with various required documents, however, there is no need to distress because engineering consultants in Dubai are experienced in the Dubai Development Authority approval process and requirements.

Dubai Approvals Team has been consistent in delivering DDA Approval services generally in the Design approval under Building Services. We certainly make sure that we provide fast, quality, and accurate assistance to every client and project that we handle. Our team aims to provide accessible services on acquiring DDA Dubai approvals and assures the acquisition of any kind of needed requirements to acquire project permits and licenses.

Image No. 1
Preliminary Design Approval Request (File is downloadable from DDA website)

DDA Preliminary Design Approval Request

Image No. 2
Project Details Sheet (File is downloadable from DDA website)

Project Details Sheet - DDA Approval

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January 18, 2021

Importance of Snag and Inspect for a Property in Dubai

Purchasing a real estate home or business property in Dubai is a stride for anyone but you should know what are the considerations before buying a new property and may not be as easy as you think. Hand-picking a certain property that offers a functional architectural and engineering design features is a bit of responsibility that needs a deep knowledge about Snag and Inspect services under the construction industry. Engineering companies in Dubai offer services to help choose the right property for you. 
Before buying a new build or renovated property, you need to ensure that the property meets the standards with all the final finishes it needs prior to the completion and handover. Property inspection and creating a snagging list will help you point out any possible snags that need to be fixed by the contractor. Snag and inspect Dubai services is the best way to identify the defects that plain sight cannot spot. Snag and inspect reports are applicable for townhouses, apartments, holiday homes, villas, residential buildings and properties, and some commercial establishments.

What is the importance of a Property Snagging and Inspection Report?

A detailed snag and inspect report will then be handed to you containing a list of defects, from the tiniest to most extensive snag, present on the property. These assessments may include architectural, structural, and MEP integrities, commonly involved but not limited to walls, ceilings and flooring, roofing system, waterproofing, quality of construction work, and the compliance to the standards of the local regulations and building codes. The report should be submitted to the building, homeowner, or developer to complete the maintenance and repair issues of the property soonest.

A property snagging and inspection report is important for a successful property deal. An independent third party, it may be from Engineering companies in Dubai who are qualified professionals and accredited engineers, assists in giving a clear and accurate understanding of the property features and pinpoint objectively every issue for effective solutions.

How often do I need to do property snagging and inspection?

Property snagging and inspection is best done before you buy or acquire a property, whether you will move in or move out, and such inspection can also be commissioned prior to and subsequent to a tenancy agreement. The move in or move out does not have to be as complex if the building is maintained regularly or in case the tenant has reported serious issues.

Dubai Approvals Team as Property Snagging and Inspection Experts

Dubai Approvals Team’s snag and inspect Dubai experts conduct inspections of various kinds of properties that included but not limited to apartments, villas, multistorey buildings, residential communities, and few commercial establishments in Dubai. The most commonly requested inspection service is for villas and apartments from our most talented and experienced inspectors visited along with a number of tools required to administer the property inspection. We provide accurate details of all the issues ranging from low, moderate to high-risk categories in the property, accompanied by photos or videos, explanations, and solution recommendations from our knowledge and expertise in Dubai Municipality Approval and other relevant approvals.

Our snag and inspect services do not end with the detailed inspection report, we always aim to avoid additional overhead expenses for our clients in the future and also improve the condition and value of your property. Over the past years, we have developed a wide range of understanding of the UAE real estate market and engineering industry process that helped us build good relationships with developers in the region, especially in Dubai. We have established our means of communication to reach the respected department and help us acquire immediate remedy for every kind of snag and inspect Dubai.

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January 3, 2021

Dubai Approvals Team 2021: Know More About What We Do

This year may have been one of the most challenging year since we started providing engineering and approval services in Dubai, contributing to UAE’s objective of becoming one of the best countries in the world that provides a world-class, safe, and secured living experience to everyone. The government has been constant with its objectives to fulfill its vision by implementing rules and standards in every aspect of its governance that includes the engineering, architecture, and construction industry. We, at Dubai Approvals Team, aim to make Dubai approvals easy for every client who needs to acquire engineering approvals, permits, and licenses from various authorities in Dubai.

What are these Dubai Approvals and Authorities?

Dubai Approvals Team has been consistent in delivering services generally in the engineering, architecture, and construction industry throughout this year. We made sure that we provided swift and quality assistance to every client and their projects. Our team never fails to provide services on acquiring Dubai approvals, and assures the acquisition of any kind of necessary requirements needed to gain project permits and licenses from various Dubai authorities. 
List of some of our services on Dubai approvals from respective Authorities

Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality approval or DM Approval is needed for any kind of development project in Dubai. Dubai Municipality approval sets planning requirements that focus to establish modern, sustainable, and unified communities showcasing the ethics and the culture of Dubai with the capability to provide a remarkable lifestyle to the people of Dubai. These Dubai Municipality approval standards and requirements comprise the cornerstones of architecture and civil engineering, housing and health facilities, and coordination sites and architecture, roads, economic and social studies, and statistical studies relevant to the growth of economy rates in Dubai.

Dubai Civil Defence

Dubai Civil Defence is one of the major authorities that provide an important role in maintaining the high-quality safety and security in industrial plants, factories, and commercial buildings in Dubai through Dubai Civil Defence approval. Engineering projects in Dubai involving industrial facilities, commercial establishments, and apartment complexes are all required to obtain DCD approval and inspections prior to, during, and after both construction or renovation projects from Dubai Civil Defence. 

Dubai Development Authority

Dubai Development Authority or DDA is the government entity that is responsible for governing the development control, municipal, and economic over various free zones, parks, and other communities by several master developers in Dubai. DDA also focuses on real estate planning and developments implementing standards on Dubai Development Authority approval on licenses and permits.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority or DEWA Approval in Dubai includes classifications of services considering the requirements of the building and the DEWA standards. DEWA approval focuses to become a leading sustainable innovative global corporation, and committed to sustain services with the latest global industrial innovation through providing effective and quality services in Dubai.

Dubai Health Authority

The Dubai government is dedicated to providing its residents with the best medical facilities and access to quality healthcare services. Thus, the Dubai Health Authority approval was implemented following the fulfillment to contribute to upgraded healthcare facilities. The standards on Clinic approval and other healthcare establishments under the standards of Dubai Health Authority approval uplifts quality and innovative facilities ready to provide world-class service to everyone.

Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis is one of the several Free zones in Dubai known to be one of a kind technology park in UAE. DSO is ruled by DSO Authority by imposing standards and regulations with necessary requirements for business and engineering approvals within its mandate. The DSO Authority approval standards help to successfully achieve Dubai’s aim to be the world’s best business hub for electronics and technology with high-quality and upskilled human resources and investors.

Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing

Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing or DTCM Dubai provides a DTCM permit which is a part of permit requirements for events and other projects involving tourism and commerce. Dubai, being considered as a top travel destination in the Middle East, proves its capabilities to provide entertainment and world-class hospitality facilities with the help of DTCM Dubai regulated by DTCM permit standards.


The world’s largest Free zone, JAFZA, has boosted Dubai’s economic industry and built up a relationship with other foreign countries. And to continuously spike up the well-started economic development, Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority set regulations in gaining JAFZA approval for any engineering projects with the largest Free zones’ dominion.


Trakhees is responsible for various developments such as lands, port areas, Dubai World, and other areas within its jurisdiction, and acts as the authorized body for providing business approvals and licenses in the development of certain areas in Dubai. Trakhees approval ensures high-quality and efficient infrastructural development with the help of its professionals in sectors such as the Environment, Health and Safety Department, Commercial Licensing Department, Civil Engineering Department, and Corporate Excellence Department.

We also provide services in acquiring approval and license for shisha cafe, smoking permit, restaurant, signage, spa, tent, solar, swimming pool, and many more. This year 2021, the Dubai Approvals Team will level up our capabilities in providing high-quality approval and engineering services and cater to our clients’ needs. We will make sure to definitely make Dubai approvals easy for everyone.

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December 21, 2020

Dubai Civil Defence Approval Procedure Drawing Submission

Dubai, being recognized as one of the top 10 safest places in the world proves the well-founded rules and regulations imposed by each and every government sector of the country. The low crime rates increase the high rating of safety in the city that contributes to the global recognition of Dubai giving pride to every sector of the government including the construction and engineering industry. Dubai Civil Defence or DCD is one of the government authorities, who ensures the safety of the people at all costs by securing safety in all places including in and out of buildings and infrastructures. 

DCD Approval: Drawing Submission

The authority strictly implements the Dubai Civil Defence Approval Procedure to continuously fulfill its objectives to protect lives by providing high-quality safety and security. Industrial facilities, commercial establishments, and apartment complexes in Dubai are all required to acquire DCD approval and inspections prior to, during, and after for both construction or renovation projects.

DCD Drawing Submission: Required Drawings & Details

Clients, contractors, and engineering consultants in Dubai are obliged to complete and submit requirements as a part of the Dubai Civil Defence Approval Procedure. The necessary requirements include documents and drawings with details that should qualify under the standards of DCD approval. 

Here are the required drawings and details needed for Dubai Civil Defence Approval Procedure drawing submission.

 Cover Sheet

 Key Plan 
     Highlight units with Rev-cloud

 Existing Floor Plan 
    2-hours Fire-rated wall in Red color
    1-hour in Blue color

 Proposed Floor Plan
    2-hours Fire-rated wall in Red color
    1-hour in Blue color

 Flooring Layout 
    Example: Ceramic, Parquet, Carpet, and others.

 Ceiling Layout 
    Example: 60×60 Gypsum Tile, Plain Gypsum, Aluminum, and others.

    Showing vertical dimensions.

 Existing Sprinkler Layout
    Sprinkler Pipes are in Green color
    Sprinkler Head in Red color

 Proposed Sprinkler Layout 
    Sprinkler Pipes are in Green color
    Sprinkler Head in Red color

 Existing Smoke/Heat Detector Layout 
    Circuits are in Red color

 Proposed Smoke/Heat Detector Layout
    Circuits are in Red color

 Existing Emergency & Exit Light Layout
    Circuits are in Green color

 Proposed Emergency & Exit Light Layout
    Circuits are in Green color

 Furniture or Equipment Layout

 Device Typical Details

DCD Drawing Submission: Required Documents 

Trade license copy

Copy of Ejari or Tenancy Contract

NOC from building owner/real estate/management

 Affection plan

Drawing review charges
    AED 1020 

Existing and proposed drawings

Dubai Civil Defence upholds the vision “To have the United Arab Emirates as one of the best countries in the world in achieving Safety and Security”, which already proves its credibility with the global acknowledgments of Dubai. The assurance of safe buildings and infrastructures in Dubai concludes the capability of the government in implementing rules and regulations over the construction and engineering industry. It also gives interest to investors and developers in further engagement into the engineering sector, providing more world-class and safe apartment complexes, commercial establishments, and industrial facilities in Dubai. 

Dubai Approvals Team or DAT provides engineering and approval services from various authorities including DCD Approval. We can guarantee a swift and accurate approval process comprising requirement completion and submission, and acquisition of approval. DAT also aims to impart in the Dubai Civil Defence vision and objectives as one of the best engineering consultants in Dubai.

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December 8, 2020

Get Event Approval from DTCM Permit in Dubai

Dubai is definitely a travel destination because of what the city offers. Its year-round sunshine, stretch of white-sand beaches, luxury shopping malls, world-class hotel and restaurants, and of course, entertainment and recreational facilities with events that attract more and more visitors locally and internationally. Being known as a travel and tourist hub in the Middle East, the city proves and increases its popularity through successful events all over the city, especially during the holidays, festivals, and winter season. The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing or DTCM Dubai provides DTCM permit to event organizers and clients as part of the requirements for an effective and successful event with the aim to raise the yearly tourism rate of Dubai.


DTCM works on Tourism Industry

Hotels, resorts, and other commercial establishments and organizations sponsor events that will attract more tourists and residents to engage more with the city’s charitable and entertainment happenings. These events also allow entrepreneurs, marketers, and investors to showcase and discover varieties of products, performances, and services from the country’s multicultural society. Dubai’s tourism is constantly in a good condition proving that the UAE has led to build a fast-growing travel and tourism industry up to the present. Beyond this development, is the productive event management and approval services of DTCM Dubai that aims to have safe and productive events yearly. DTCM Permit Dubai services include e-Permits, e-Ticketing, Walk-in ticketing, Hotel classification, Holiday homes, Tour guide training, DCT Admissions, Dubai Way, and DTCM Connect, all available on their website with the same purpose of providing quality service and continue to enhance the tourism industry of the country.


DTCM Event Regulations during Covid-19 Pandemic

If you probe to start up any kind of event and functions in Dubai, know first the guidelines, precautions, and approvals that need to be done prior to the event. This will help you to prepare the necessary documents and requirements ahead of time. During this pandemic, there are certain restrictions and precautions all around the country. Though Dubai has eased some of the restrictions to help the people and businesses get back on track, safety measures are strictly implemented. Events under DTCM Permit Dubai are carefully managed following rules and regulations as per the government's mandate. Standard safety rules such as limitation of number of people allowed in both private and public events, strict implementation of social distancing, mandatory and proper wearing of masks, and visibility and accessibility of hand sanitizer to everyone. More safety regulations may be provided by the relevant authorities depending on the kind and purpose of the event. Fines and charges may apply to those who will not follow the safety measures given by the authorities even the organizers of the simplest to the grandest events are not exempted. 


DTCM Permit Dubai along with relevant authorities from the government work together for the safety of the people while providing the best living experience in Dubai. DTCM continues to enhance its services to effectively bring forth quality and world-class events in Dubai. They make sure that every venture bears meaningful purpose to the people, whether local or tourist, and to the country as well. Professionals also offer event planning, management, and approval services to practically help clients with the processing of their events. So, start-up planning your functions with DTCM Dubai now and let us all witness the great experience that you and Dubai can offer.

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